Meghan Edmonds: Vicki Attempts To Control Negativity


In last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, we saw Vicki Gunvalson visit her daughter Briana in Oklahoma along with her two grandsons and Briana’s husband. The end of the episode got heated between the two, leaving fans and Meghan King Edmonds in shock. In her Bravo Blog this week, Meghan gives her input on their little tiff along with taking her BRCA gene test.

“I hope you all are enjoying this Labor Day weekend. Jimmy and I just bought a vacation home in Idaho and I am typing my blog from our new cottage right now. It’s been a cold and lazy weekend here, nice to escape the hustle and bustle from OC life.

Watching Jimmy and I eat dinner alone at our house was relaxing to see. We rarely do that. We travel so much so we either eat on the go or go out and catch up with friends. I think the dinner date at home alone with your spouse is underrated – we need to do more of that!

I can relate to Briana with tornados, having grown up and still living in tornado alley myself. What I can’t relate to is the size of that storm shelter! When Jimmy and I watched this episode we both said “Oh my gosh what if a tornado comes through and a car blocks the shelter’s exit?!” Sometimes in St. Louis we will spend up to a couple hours in our tornado shelter which happens to be our finished basement complete with a family room, toys, TV, etc. I can’t imagine spending a couple hours in a tiny shelter!

I’m sure every single one of you reading this blog has known someone affected by cancer and I am no exception. Breast cancer runs in my family, so when I went in to my doctor to get my lumps checked out, I randomly took the BRCA gene test at the same time. Even with my rich family history of breast cancer, no one has been tested for this gene. My mom didn’t want me to get tested until I was ready to “take the next step” which would be a prophylactic double mastectomy (like she did) and she knew I wanted to have a baby before I had that surgery (if needed). She didn’t want me to live with a) a cloud hanging over my head that I have the BRCA gene and not getting surgery right away or b) false hope that I will never get breast cancer. In my mind, neither of these options would’ve happened to me which is why I got the test. I finally got my results and they are negative but I continue to be vigilant about doing my monthly self-breast exams.

I loved watching Heather and Terry talk to Evine about Consult Beaute. I think it speaks volumes about the effectiveness of their line that they were willing to put over a million dollars of their own money into their product. I know they’ve been very successful and if you’ve ever seen Heather without makeup you would know why – it works!

Wow. The end of this episode dropped a bomb on me. I had never seen Briana on a full episode of RHOC until this one and I have to say – I love her. She seems so real and down to earth. But when Vicki was speaking to Briana at the end of the episode something stuck out to me: when Vicki said, “Say thank you!” to Briana. I am beginning to see a pattern; Vicki attempts to control negativity (or perceived negativity) in her life by overcompensating with “positives” she can control, such as a new car or invitation to stay at her home. Therefore she becomes a victim when a sore subject arises because she deflects to all the positive she has done.”

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What is on her head, cotton candy?

LOL Judge, what an aire-head Meghan is. Thanks for the wonderful laughter.

Also, Meghan, please stop with your ridiculous attempts to psychoanalyze people. You are a spoiled brat too, no doubt, and still in the rebellious stage of adolescence even though you are thirty years old. I am sure you, too, would take a free car from your parents, then whine that they are actually secretly abusing you.

Also, one must have breasts in order to get breast cancer so I am sure you are safe.

Judge Judy,
I’ve enjoyed reading most of your posts, however this post really struck a nerve with me, I’ve been thru stageIII breast cancer, I’m a very petite woman with small breasts, breast cancer doesn’t discriminate on breast size. I don’t think u meant it the way it came off. Just saying


I knew you were trying to crack a joke. It does seem to offend, though you meant no harm. Even men get breast cancer, though it is rare. Someone in my town, actually a former band member of a quite famous band who is now an aging ex rocker publicized his breast cancer after he found a lump in one of his breasts. No one expects it. It can also spread to surrounding tissue anywhere, so it is not limited to the breast tissue at that point. I do agree that Meghan lacks a lot of female physical characteristics with… Read more »

You are so nice!

Who me? Thanks Sally! I have my moments maybe. LOL
You are too nice!!!!

Like RealSandra, I know you were making a ‘joke’ but so many people are affected whatever the size or gender of their boobs or moobs. 😀

You had to put moobs in there, didn’t you? I was thinking about moobs…but. I refrained from doing so! 😉 Also autocorrect just corrected moobs to mobs? I fixed that. Then it changed mobs to moobs? What is wrong with this autocorrect?!!?!!

Judge, I know you meant this as a joke, but honestly when it comes to health issues, if you don’t know what you are talking about, then you need to either research or shut up about it. Men get breast cancer, women with zero breasts get breast cancer. Living with someone with cancer I am very sensitive to ANYONE who makes jokes about it, mocks it or makes comments about it negatively. Cancer is a horrible disease that affects the entire family. When you get that diagnosis, all the money in the world can’t fix it. It just allows you… Read more »

Obviously, I was cracking a joke about Meghan’s flat chest. I did not bring cancer into it in any way. Aside from worrying about increasing your own reading comprehension level before you start saying ignorant things, you can also just worry about yourself in general, Gigi. I don’t take instructions from you.

I mean not in any real way that anyone with any snap would believe was a serious comment about who can and can’t get breast cancer.

Again Judge, Lol. Thanks.

Meghan you are a breath of fresh air. I wish your husband treated you better on camera though.

@katie–I don’t think Jim mistreated Meghan the way many other husbands have on these shows. Jim tried to stay out of it, try to diffuse with Vicki–which you can’t do with a rabid hothead like her, and told Meghan not to drag him into this, knowing he is on camera.

I agree with this, as him being in the middle of huge drama could cost him jobs as a sport announcer. Real TV shows like baseball today, fox sports, ESPN and so forth don’t want to employ someone like that.

And dummy Barbie continues to ramble on and on and on

I’m just sure that Jim loves that pink “do”….NOT. Just another thing for him to dislike and be rude to his wife for. UGH. These two really need to GO AWAY.

About the hair: It seems to be a trend for some from Kelly Osbourne to Kelly Ripa. I don’t happen to like it, since it reminds me of some kind of Halloween clown wig or something, but even Lisa Vanderpump put pink streaks in her hair…which I liked by the way. I liked the touch of pink here and there…and it washes out I believe. It is trendy. I do think that Meghan looks ridiculous with this color, but I don’t think that affects my opinion of her more negatively. I just never liked her much from day one, and… Read more »

I agree. And about the hair, I think it’s a very immature thing to do. I just saw a TEENAGER in my neighborhood yesterday with purple hair. But that’s some kid still in h.s., not a grown woman married to a conservative middle-aged man. I don’t see any chemistry between her and her husband either. I re-watched last week’s episode yesterday–I’ll bet he was LIVID once they got home and away from the cameras.

I’m just laughing at your comment as I go to Pilates with a lady in her late 60’s who has died her hair pink! I don’t like it and I don’t like Meghan’s but your comment just reminded me! I’m not laughing at you but at the subject!

Sally, I thought blue used to be popular with some of the older women…now pink…cool. 😉 next purple…a combo maybe?

I was glad the production chose to do the segment about breast cancer and even though I am not a Megan fan it was cool she used this to educate about tests ect.

Yes, that is always a good thing when the public is educated about disease. I agree. I just can’t warm up to Meghan even if she has her few kinder scenes. She irritates me too much and does not fit in with this group. I don’t love Vicki either, however screaming Vicki and her craziness is what has kept this franchise going in my opinion. Vicki is in her own world and everyone else is in another. 😉


Totally agree! One of the few good things about these shows!

My problem with this segment is they are acting like anyone can get the test. It’s not cheap. You may get covered by insurance if you have great coverage or have a very high risk factor. Money is no object to Meghan, the self appointed expert on all things cancer.

Well I guess that’s helpful in general but personally I do not watch silly reality TV shows to receive “education” about health or illness but for a light break from “real life.”

I liked Meghan more in this show than I have all season. Personally I kind of admire how she stands her ground with Vicki. Vicki’s railroaded everyone else and Meghan’s not budging. Meghan’s young, really young. She’s got a lot of growing to do and I don’t know if choosing to be on RHOC was a good choice for her. It was in bad taste for Vicki to talk badly about Meghan’s marriage and intentionally spread gossip.

Well, I have mixed emotions about her from last night. On the one hand I am really glad she speaks so openly about the BRCA mutations and knows what she is talking about and is pro-active about her own health. For that I say bravo. On the other hand (and yes, the hair bugs me but that’s just an indication of her immaturity), these two have the oddest chemistry, if there even is any there. I just don’t see it and I don’t know why he would marry someone who doesn’t know how to COOK RICE. How can you not… Read more »

You’re right, Gigi, Vicki does think she knows everything. I sometimes wonder if she deliberately over reacts and stirs things up to be relevant and to keep the OG of the OC status…..

Meghan & her husband cannot be married for only 4 months. I’ve yet to meet newlyweds who are so not in love. I can see why she is an irritant to him as she’s just plain irritating. Of course she’ll agree with Brianna as she sees she’s a selfish, opinionated fool herself. When she stands up for herself, she somehow sounds downright rude & spoilt. AND, What’s with the pink hair?

Annoying self entitled brat that doesn’t have an ounce of respect for anyone. Her husband radiates regret and constantly seems as annoyed by her as I am. Her hair was the only thing she had going for her and now she had destroyed that ad well. She needs to go.

I do think Vicki is quite narrow minded and naive in her thinking. I’m a couple years older than her and a businesswoman myself so for me Vicki is an oddity. I have children that are 35, 32 and 24 years old and even my baby doesn’t act or say such rubbish as Megan. She is an incredibly young 30 year old. If I were her mum, after every episode I would be calling her up and asking her, “what the hell was she thinking?” There’s no point in arguing with someone like Vicki just like there’s no point in… Read more »

I agree, Meghan seems more like twenty than thirty.

I just find her irritating. She doesn’t fit. It does remind me of if you went out on girls’ trips and someone just insisted on dragging their grown kid along. She may do very well on a show about women in her age group. Or if she understood that there is a difference and treated the older women the same way she would treat her parents’ friends. As is, she just comes across as a clueless smart mouth.

Vicki does pick on her though!

Bravo, PLEASE GET RID OF THIS PIG, MEGHAN EDMONDS!!! For ALL of our sakes, dump the bitch!

Meghan is fun and young and sassy. She’s a perfect fit.

This Meghan person should use the assistance of an editor if she doesn’t want to take the time to learn basic grammar. She doesn’t seem to know what preposition is appropriate, uses “Jimmy and I” where “and me” is correct, and more. It’s almost painful to read through her posts.

I think you meant pronoun. A preposition starts a prepositional phrase. Examples are: about, above, across, against, among, at, behind, beside, between, by, except, for, from, in, into, of, on, over, through, to, toward, under, upon, with…and I thank my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Merchant, for making me memorize the most common prepositions for life! I do agree with you about the I instead of me and pronoun misuse. Many people say “Her and me went…” for example, and they use the wrong pronouns. It does bug me too, but I can’t teach them grammar here. Someone didn’t teach them.… Read more »