Meghan Edmonds: Tamra Looked Broken


Meghan Edmonds is taking to her blog to react to what happened in Ireland on this week’s episode of the RHOC. Edmonds says Kelly crossed the line by making the joke about Jewish people and looking up information about Heather’s house, as well as the comment about Tamra’s daughter.

“First Ireland episode done, two to go! Of course, being pregnant on the trip kept me from joining in the pub-crawl and partying with the rest of the ladies, but watching everything back, I’m glad I wasn’t included! I can’t wait to one day go back to Ireland with my baby girl and the rest of my family to experience the culture and our heritage together.

For starters, I feel I need to comment yet again on all of the comments about me “drinking while pregnant.” It’s really upsetting to me that people would actually think I’d put my baby girl in danger by drinking alcohol. It was actually really fun for me to try to get everyone else drunk and I purposely excluded myself from certain activities in Ireland, knowing that the only thing the girls would be doing is drinking. Doctors will tell you that it is perfectly fine to have a glass of wine while pregnant, but I thought it was extremely nice of the Irish pub to offer me non-alcoholic beer to join in the fun. It was disgusting, by the way.

I’m so glad that I was able to meet with the genealogist at the hotel! I have already done a lot of my own research on my heritage and family history, but it was exciting to learn even more from a professional. When he told me that I could be related to most of the people just five miles away, I was blown away! That would never happen in the OC or St. Louis! You’ll see next week though, that it wasn’t quite as easy to find a relative as he made it seem.

It’s hard to watch Kelly be so passive aggressive with Michael. I hate it when people act like that and I feel like Michael really seems to want to please her, but can’t. She acts the same way towards the girls, too. I don’t understand why she can’t just apologize, take ownership and move on. When she says, “I’m sorry you guys are sensitive,” that’s not actually an apology. Again, it’s passive aggressive. That whole evening Kelly continued to dig herself a hole with all of the ladies. First, the Jewish stereotype was crossing a line and then saying that Heather couldn’t afford their lots so they had to get a loan? Getting a loan doesn’t exactly mean they couldn’t afford it. And then to hear the comment she made about Tamra’s daughter? Tamra looked so broken during that scene and that never should have been brought up. When Kelly came back to the room and was filling me in on everything that happened, all I was thinking was about how happy I was that I missed everything. But at the same time Kelly truly felt attacked and if perception is reality then she has and had my empathy.

All of this went down within the first 48 hours we were there. There’s even more Ireland drama next week!”

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21 Replies to “Meghan Edmonds: Tamra Looked Broken”

  1. Meghan sure broke down Kellys behavior very well. -and YES! Kelly is like that with her own husband so it’s no shocker that she’s like that with everyone else. She is an everyday MEAN GIRL…..I think ‘passive aggressive’ is too generous of a description but since Meghan is her ‘friend’ , I’ll accept that .
    Very few people have such lack of awareness the way Kelly displays…She runs her mouth , cuts people DEEP , then either cries , plays victim OR thinks that saying sorry is enough to be forgiven . No dummy, that’s not how life works . I like nothing about this women

    Kelly and Vicki are the basket of deplorables

            1. Well!!!!! Now I am amazed, when I wrote the last reply I was thinking of Lisa, how I used to think she was the bees knees, now I know she has faults same as the rest. I just love that she has used her platform with RH for her charity work. There aren’t many others who do the same. I know Kyle does but can’t think of any others who do quite as much as Lisa.
              Anyway enough of that waffle, Just lastly I like Shannon because of you! Xoxoxoxox

    1. Correct, only I’d add Tamera to that basket as well 😀 The crazy part is that the deplorable ones always turn on each other as soon as an opportunity is given. I’ve said this before, but it proved once again true…the decibel level that these ladies take their high pitched screeching to, makes it unbearable to watch.

      1. I’ve said before that Vicki and Tamra ALWAYS end up together , no matter what. They have a dysfunctional friendship and eventually they make up and gang up on the other girls. I knew or was a matter of when not if, that Vicki will throw Kelly under the bus

        1. Oh! Did they make up? Wow, I actually missed something good by not watching anymore. Tamra has always been my favorite, who knows why we like certain people. I’ve never liked Viki, and Heather is downright weird IMO, her and her husband. It sealed the deal for me when she talked about that monstrosity of a house they built. It’s not even about the money for me. It’s about the ridiculousness of thinking that it shows how “successful” Terry is. Of course, the other side of this next comment is that people have the right to do whatever they want with their own money. But the $7,000 was it?? for the nickel plated sink for one of the 14 bathrooms would feed a starving community for an effing year. It brings to mind this one lady who was trying to raise a simple $100,000 to build a school in a country where the children, who didn’t ask to be born, go to bed hungry night after night, and she couldn’t raise it after 2 years. The balance of things just bugs me. I’ve learned happiness and peace of mind doesn’t come from money, sometimes it could come from what it buys, but not when it is a lifestyle that teaches your kids that 14 bathrooms are necessary. I simply can not wrap my mind around that, whether she has a rep as not being nasty or not.

          1. Well said 3Ds. I do dislike that bragging and mentioning the price of everything , for no other reason than to show off . I think she’s an ok woman but I wouldn’t miss her if she is gone . I would think she is class-ier if she didn’t brag so much , plus she’s a tad too uptight for me
            It reminds me of the exact moment when I disliked Kathryn on RHOBH, all the talk abour 10k bags and how every woman MUST have one lol. It’s ok if you have expensive things but it’s horrible to shame women who don’t . Not every woman priority is buying expensive things , even if she COULD afford it

  2. Did anyone notice when Kelly was talking to Megan on the bed that in one shot her hair was messy and then the next shot it was neat and then messy again, then back to brushed. Okay I know the show is staged, but it drives me crazy when they shoot these sequences over and over and try to pass it off to us as organic. Get your continuity checker to notice these inconsistencies if you want us to pretend this is reality.

  3. I’ve barely given an input with most of the RHOC women. I cant bear all the back-slamming, finger pointing, cat fights, drunken binges in the name of fun. Actually, I cant bear any for many reasons. None are nice, all rotten to the core, every last one of them. If I say anymore, it might turn into a dirty book.

    1. Hey, Starr of the Skye! You know, I hadn’t watched any of the season, then I started having some residual problems from my neck injury, in my foot though ( circulation/painful vein problems ) and have to keep my stupid foot up, so I bought the season. I didn’t have any other reality that I like to choose from. And I must say, the surprise BD party David threw Shannon, and the vow renewal made the entire thing worth it. That was so beautiful to me. Then, when Viki, who BTW, I would never be friends with, brought Ryan, who I also can’t stand, but nevertheless, she brought him home for Brianna as a surprise BD present, and that was a beautiful thing for those darling boys, and Brianna. It seems Brianna has a lot of really serious health problems, at her young age with young kids, it’s just so sad. Then Viki, the all time emotional vampire leaving her home ( Brianna ) right after the different and probably painful, frightening procedures she has to have, leaves to go to “work” just makes me even sicker of her. Then, the accident, how unbelievable. Heather was great after the actual accident. But when Viki called Brianna to see how she was after her latest tests, and Brianna said she was depressed, Viki actually said to her that she couldn’t be depressed because of the tests she is having, a chronic problem that will likely plague her throughout her lifetime at the same Viki was recovering from an accident. She hurt her back, wow. Her only Daughter is having serious chronic health problems, and her accident comes first!!! I have been in a few really serious accidents, they are a completely different ballgame than chronic health problems. What a selfish, awful bitch she is, always has been, always will be. I am curious what Viki will think when she sees Brianna’s interview where she says Viki is making more of her injury than necessary?
      And Kelly Dodd, wow, whoever said they scraped the bottom of the slime bucket for her was not overstating the facts.

  4. Now that I got the season, I confessed that I broke down and bought it in a different page, I am liking Megan more. It’s hard their first year. They are told to make a point of who you are. But entering a show after 10 seasons must be a tad difficult to navigate. I have learned to just sit back and wait for their second season, if they have one. I hope Kelly is a one off. She doesn’t belong in polite company, or in this company either. She proves how absolutely LOW one can go. Always saying she is “a great Mom” Really? The daughter is a doll for sure. Kelly is everything I wouldn’t have in a friend, or even an acquaintance. She blames people for things other people do, expects all of the people at a party to know what’s happening in every room and stick up for her, when that doesn’t happen, being it is impossible, she starts screaming obscenities at everyone. She reminds me of a 4 year old having a tantrum. “I don’t LIKE you.” “You are mean.” “I’m NOT doing what you say.” My kids didn’t get away with that more than ONCE. Apparently she got away with it her entire life, and still is, because she starts crying, and again like the child “They were all MEAN to me, waaaaaaaa” God, go away.

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