Meghan Edmonds Shares Why She Was Suspicious Of Brooks’ Cancer


Meghan Edmonds is dishing about this week’s episode of RHOC in her blog this week. She shares her thoughts about her conversation with Brooks and Vicki and admits she did go too far by reaching out to Brooks’ ex-girlfriend. Read what else she had to say below.

“There are two main things that I would like to address in tonight’s episode: Hayley and The Cancer.

First of all LeAnn, Donny, Jimmy, and myself were furious with Hayley for throwing a party while all of us were out of town. Additionally, LeAnn was sick at the time and didn’t have the energy to deal with Hayley’s repercussions. But the fact remains that teenagers will be teenagers whether their mom has cancer or not. Having said this, we were very angry with Hayley. And as a stepmother there is little I can do while she was living with her mom most of the time (to help LeAnn during her last months on earth). I also straddle a fine line between “friend” and “mom”. Hayley and I spoke at length about this party and she was apologetic. More than anything, however, she was scared when the party grew out of hand. Hayley is just a normal teenager who often forgets that much of her life has been in the spotlight due to her dad’s incredible baseball career and ‘friends of friends of friends’ wanted to go to “Jim Edmonds’ daughter’s party”. It got out of hand to the point where she had trouble controlling the situation. This doesn’t make what she did right, but I am glad she learned her lesson.

Secondly, I want to address The Cancer. I want to start by saying that I truly believed Brooks had cancer and I was truly concerned for his health and treatment options. Once inconsistencies with Brooks and Vicki’s story started adding up and when Vicki got immensely defensive and attacked me for unrelated topics, I began to find The Cancer suspicious. At the point in this episode, I did not believe that Brooks had cancer. Here’s some of the reasons why:

– He is on a cleanse, and thus far we have seen him drink alcohol (HELLO SUGAR) multiple times.

– He travels while on chemo. Even Briana said this was not okay.

– He skipped Shannon’s MD appointment because he got two flat tires. This is Brooks’ life! Why didn’t he take an Uber? Or reschedule?

– Heather even notes that the new MD Brooks is referring to (which Brooks himself told Heather was the same doctor she used in the past) is not an oncologist.

I searched online for information because I wanted to know the truth about The Cancer. I contacted his ex-girlfriend to find out more information. Did I go too far? Yes. I should have let it go. I am embarrassed that I dug so deeply. I didn’t trust Brooks or Vicki and I wanted to find an answer, but the way I went about it was wrong.

Vicki seems to be very concerned with loyalty when it comes to Tamra and about respecting her elders. I am concerned with truth and I believe trust needs to be earned. At this point, Vicki hasn’t earned my respect. And it’s not fair to Tamra to play the loyalty card with her. The truth is, if Vicki was loyal to Tamra she would’ve told Jimmy and me that Brooks said to HER (and not Tamra) what Jimmy supposedly said at the hockey game about our marriage (which is strange that they wouldn’t address it to my husband when I brought it up, another lie I believe Brooks told).

It is offensive to me that someone (Brooks) is potentially exploiting this platform for the sake of themselves and not the cause. Not only that, but he’s exploiting friendships (Shannon), public opinion, and spreading the word about a potentially dangerous “treatment” which I find highly unethical.

A big part of my life has been exposed to you so that cancer can get the much-needed attention it deserves. (By the way, it worked. I have been honored to have been appointed as the official spokesperson for Fight Colorectal Cancer And with any cause that is worthy of a fight I will seek answers until there is a cure, justice, or truth is exposed. From now on, the audience can decide what their truth might be.”

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33 Replies to “Meghan Edmonds Shares Why She Was Suspicious Of Brooks’ Cancer”

  1. I hate to admit this but I would have pulled the same Nancy Drew investigation. I probably wouldn’t have told everyone and would have rested with the knowledge that something very suspicious was going on and stayed as far away as possible from both of them. But she’s young and wanted to cement herself in the show.

      1. Well, my older brother died of cancer and now my husband has cancer in addition to many other people that are not family in my life that are going through treatment. You learn a lot going through it if you are curious by nature. You want to be able to talk to Dr.’s like a medical person and not have them give you the Dr. Suess description of what is wrong. Cancer is NOT something you eff around with and treat like an STD, which is what Brooks is probably comparing it to since he’s such an ignorant POS. If I were Meghan and thrust into this situation where terminology is getting tossed around ignorantly, the cancer patient won’t answer a direct question, the girlfriend shuts me down cuz I’m the new kid in town, refuses information… well my radar would be blipping. I’d start investigating. If I had someone like Vicki look at me with such contempt in their eyes since Day One the way she’s been towards Meghan (and this before the cancer talk started) I’d not be all that willing to jump on the Vicki Wagon either. And I would research because that’s how my mind is hard-wired. I’m curious by nature and I want to know WHY and I want to know the truth and when people start jacking me around, giving me half-assed answers, are defensive, screeching at me, elusive and have a history of lying.

    1. When you have a history of cancer in your family I think I would have as well! Probably with same end as you. Something is very off but who knows what!

  2. Meghan, I’ve defended your aggressive personality and for challenging Vicki’s holier than thou attitude, but now you’ve gone too far. Contacting Brook’s old girlfriend as a “cancer verification” source just defies logic. Your husband is going to dump you like a hot potato. He’s warning you on-camera to let it go. You’re ruining his reputation trying to be relevant. Mind your own business. If Brooks is lying, it will come out and it’s Vicki’s problem, not yours. At this point, I’d get a restraining order against you and get a “cease” attorney order. Can’t figure you out unless you’re just an obnoxious mean girl.

      1. Agreed.. She is a Giraffe.. Her and Jim seem very odd together.. She has a very strange personality.. Her stalking of Brooks is beyond crossing the line.. Jim, if she gets sued, it’s your money on the line.. GET RID OF CRAZY, AMAZING AMY!!! She is beyond a nut wonder she looks up to Tamara.. another nut

    1. Her husband looks like he is really sick of all this. I don’t blame him. He’s a grown man & she is acting like a school girl.

  3. Hayley’s party at her mother’s house is her parents’ business and Brooks’ issues are Vicki’s business. Meghan needs to get a life and stay out of other people’s business. Maybe a job, so she’ll be ready when her new gay husband leaves.

    1. Precisely. Brooks is not running around inserting himself into their lives, families, or livelihoods. WHATEVER is going on with him is Vicki’s problem. Meghan is crossing waaaay too many boundaries in pursuit of the issue and I don’t see any good intentions behind this.The fact that we have to see her own husband, a respected public figure & businessman on film, tell this bull-headed attention seeker over and over again to SLOW.YOUR. ROLL. STOP. DON’T PURSUE THIS. YOU’RE DOING TOO MUCH…

      it says a lot about her sense of discernment, her level of narcissism, and just her general mal-intentions as a member of the show. She’s too much for me.

    2. They both should stay out of each others business, Vicky has been on the show for ten years and has never stayed out of other housewives business. Gretchen and Slade, Tamra and Simon, Alexis and Jim and others. Vicky needs to practice what she preaches and I don’t think she deserves respect from anyone!
      As for Hayley’s party my son did the same when we went to Australia for three weeks. It got out of control and there was some damage, mainly to Garden furniture which was new. Luckily the company replaced the damaged items. My daughter broke it up and sent everyone packing! It cost me to replace neighbours garden trees! He never did it again! For Hayley it is worse as it was played out in the media. Hopefully she has learnt a lesson from this! I also hope you are wrong about their marriage but for the children’s sake more than Meghan.

  4. So Meghan crossed the line in a stalker like manner. HOWEVER she brought up Good points that probably became Brooks’s exposure and downfall.

    This will probably be the last year or two of Meghan’s marriage though.

  5. Love Meghan’s sassy behavior… she’s a good addition to the group. At least she isn’t a screaming idiot like Vicki and Tamra.

  6. Meghan is wrong on every level possible. Even if she wants to play detective, keep her findings to her flipping egg head self. When Brooks called in the couple to address the situation, Jim was once more put into a position he did not want to be in at all, he was clearly upset, but held counsel until the end when he tried to support his child bride or else she would’ve accused him of not having her deformed back. To add the icing to her cake, she literally could not wait to run & tell her cohort Tamara of Brooks comment-consider the source. Tamara was wrong & strong in her attack back, as she was the one who ran to Meghan in the first place to tell her what Vicki had shared with her in confidence. Two of the biggest trouble makers that needs to be taken down. I would hate to even be in their presence, both evil-doers.

  7. Meghan may be wrong but she found what she as looking for. Brooks and Vicky said REALLY nasty things against her marriage. She got even. Live with it Brooks.

    1. Yeah so many things, like two and judging by Jimmy’s demeanor the two things seem to be very true. Meghan never cared about Brook’s as she initially asserted, she was desperate for a storyline. Talk about exploiting cancer, she’s the poster giraffe for that!

  8. Meghan – you need to pass your posts to an editor before publishing them. You make a lot of grammatical and syntactical errors. By “a lot”, I mean over three per paragraph. It’s jarring.

    1. I agree. She tries so hard to come off as intelligent and ends up looking like a fool.
      It looked to me, when Vicki was repeating what Brooks told her, (that Jimmy had said about their “marriage of four months…”) as though instead of saying “challenging,” I thought for sure she was going to say “BRUTAL.” And I would bet that’s EXACTLY what Jimmy said originally. Instead of attacking Brooks, Meghead should’ve asked her husband what he said.

      1. Excellent points Queenie & I agree with you….I really feel Jim did say that to Brooks. He seems completely fed up & bored by Meghan’s mean girl, pointless drama.

  9. Meghan, your digging around in other people’s lives had absolutely nothing to do with finding out “more about cancer”. How does surfacing someone’s lies teach anyone more about cancer? You needed a storyline, period. Just be honest about it. (And stop wearing those mushroom-head headbands.)

  10. No matter how you slice it, Meghan is an awful, fake person. She needs to pack for St. Louis and zip it. All these histrionics due to her thirst for a storyline is boring.

  11. Meghan, Meghan, Meghan! Please do some RESEARCH on privacy and respecting your elders!! I no longer can watch this show, which was one of my favorites till now, because of your antics. I had breast cancer and didn’t want the talk about it and never wanted family around during my treatments. Has it ever occurred to you that sometimes people don’t want to hurt those around them? They would’ve been sad and I needed to be strong. Honestly, I don’t care anymore if he’s lying or not. Your behavior is rude and you are digging deeper and deeper only because Vicky attacked your marriage. You said so yourself. Let it go!! Apologize and try and be a little humble. Because believe it or not, you DONT know everything. As jim has said to you time and time again, everyone is different on how they handle these things and they have the right to. Focus on yourself and being just a wife for everyone’s sake!!

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