Meghan Edmonds Says Jim Has Been Helping Her Prepare For Their Baby


Meghan Edmonds is opening up about her IVF journey in a new interview. She is also sharing how the journey affected her husband Jim. She shares when they got the news that one of her babies wouldn’t make it to term, both she and her husband took the news hard.

“He was really sad and he was hopeful that maybe the doctor just missed the other baby,” Meghan said of her husband. “So for the next two ultrasounds he was like, ‘Can you look for the other one?’ And it broke my heart, but we wanted our babies. We made the decision to put two embryos in there in hopes that we would have two babies.”

Meghan announced in June that the couple was expecting a baby girl, but she explained that still had to grieve the loss of the other baby. “That was hard. I watched it again, but just once,” she explained. “I didn’t want to watch it more than that. I was watching the show with one of my friends [and was like,] ‘OK I’m going to go in the kitchen now.’ It’s a hard moment to relive. And I moved on, but that moment brings me back to all of the feelings and it was really difficult.”

“A lot of viewers have said they feel my pain, especially people that have gone through IVF,” Meghan said. “And then a lot have said, ‘Why aren’t you just happy with your one?’ Or, ‘You’re selfish’ or ‘You’re ungrateful.’ And I was really shocked by those reactions. I think that people who have experienced any kind of loss can understand that doesn’t make them ungrateful for the other happy things that they have in their lives. It’s just that they’re grieving a loss. And that’s exactly what I was doing. It had nothing to do with my baby girl and my happiness for her.”

Meghan’s due date is approaching and she is preparing for the next chapter. “I’m just taking it slow,” she said. “I’ve been trying to stay off my feet as much as possible and that’s been really hard because I get bored so easily and then Jimmy [goes,] ‘What are you doing?’ He’s so protective of the baby and me. And he just wants me to be OK.” And traveling cross country does not come without additional precuations. “Jimmy’s like, ‘Keep her in there,’ because my baby’s so low that before I came to New York the doctor was checking to make sure I wasn’t dilating or anything,” she explained. “Now that I’m in my third trimester, s**t’s getting real.”

Has Jimmy been helping her prepare? “How is Jimmy prepping me? Really? Not! He’s just like, ‘Oh, there’s going to be a lot of diapers.’ He doesn’t know anything,” she said. “He’s played baseball [while] the last four kids [were growing up]… This is the only kid that he’s not going to be playing pro baseball [while they’re growing up]. The Cardinals are out [of the playoffs], so he’s done with work. [He’s coaching me through it while I practice stretches] a little bit. But he’s actually looked at this stuff that I’ve done [and researched] for labor and delivery, [so] that’s awesome.”

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9 Replies to “Meghan Edmonds Says Jim Has Been Helping Her Prepare For Their Baby”

  1. I hope she has a healthy baby and an easy delivery. Like I said before, Jim is either really camera shy on this shit-show, or he’s just grumpy. My hubby is grumpy, I get it. I ignore it.

  2. Where was the rest of the interview I read where she compared an embryo that didn’t take during IVF to a car crash and losing one of their kids in it?!

  3. He should be helping to prepare. That’s what fathers do. Beyond that I have a horrible gut feeling that this little one won’t be the bonding glue to hold this marriage together as Meg would have hoped…and I hope to God that I am wrong.

    1. I agree. A truly loving husband, of *2*yrs, would’ve just put his arms around her, when she talked about feeling depressed. I’m thinking the depression is because the baby is a girl. But then, I also get a vibe, that she’s basically just a gold-digger. Where the heck are his older daughters, anyway?

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