Meghan Edmonds Researches Brooks’ Cancer Treatment


Meghan Edmonds revealed during Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County that she had been researching Brooks Ayers’ cancer diagnosis. The topic came up when she met Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador for dinner and drinks.

“I did research,” Meghan tells Shannon and Heather. “I called the doctor that Brooks is using and I got the office on the phone. I said, ‘I was referred by a friend and I have cancer and I have heard that he does this cure for cancer by using resveratrol.’ They said, ‘It sounds like you need an oncologist.’ They said, ‘This doctor does not do cancer. He does not deal with cancer at all.'”

The ladies continue to question why Brooks did not go to see the doctor Shannon recommended him to and Shannon reveals Brooks claimed he got a flat tire on the way to his appointment.

Watch the show highlight below.

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153 Replies to “Meghan Edmonds Researches Brooks’ Cancer Treatment”

  1. Well, Meghan likes her some Google I guess…. In this case, she wants answers and isn’t taking no for an answer. She isn’t suffering Vicki The Fool kindly either and she’s got some balls to back up her bite. Don’t care if I like her or not at this point, I’m just glad someone finally isn’t afraid of Big Mean Icky and I loved how Icks and Crooks were squirming. Bye Bye Brooks… And maybe Bye Bye Vicki.

  2. She’s little bit of a bunny boiler, this one. So much for listening to her husband and leaving it alone. I’m really tired of hearing about bum brooks and his story. What’s even worse is the amount of camera time this guy is getting out of pure discussion.

  3. This silly girl has absolutely nothing to do but go around getting into other people’s business and stirring up petty dramas. Also, why is her mouth always hanging open? I don’t think she’s very bright.

  4. Not that I ever loved Meghan, but as to her research, I applaud her. I would have done the same thing. Meghan, I believe, used to be in pharmaceutical sales. She had to make it a point to know the products she was pitching, so she would have to know how each medicine worked. All of this about Brooks sounded fishy since the psychic, so she delved further, especially since she has a stepdaughter whose mom was suffering the end stages of cancer at the time. Watching the woman suffer before her demise was getting to her. I am surprised she had such a bond with an ex of her husband, but she seemed to care.
    When she made the call to the doc that Brooks said he was using, she was stunned, and now we see that he is being exposed as a liar even more. The multiple lies he told his ex girlfriend, etc. all point to a man who lies to get his way and a made up cancer is not beyond his twisted, manipulating ways. I actually am on Meghan’s side. Maybe she was too pushy and wouldnt quit which certainly isnt helping her marriage, but she is persistent. She wanted the man exposed for the liar he clearly is.

      1. It isn’t like I believed the psychic. She had doubts and he influenced her that maybe her hunches were right…whether the psychic really knew or not. I admit, many “psychics” fabricate for what they don’t know.

    1. Not too far off, in the episode where Vicki asked what she did for a living before marrying Jim, I believe she said she sold medical devices.

    2. I totally agree with you, if it had been me I would have done same but maybe once I knew I would have kept it private! Talked off camera to Vicky not that she would have believed it!

      1. Yes, Meghan likes the attention and wants it all out there for us to see. She doesn’t like Vicki so much though Vicki has been so cold to her since the start too.

  5. Research is one thing. Calling someone’s doctor is a step over the line into creepy. Not to mention hunting down ex-girlfriends…that is just insane, particulary when it concerns someone you have met all of twice.

    1. It isn’t as if she actually asked anything that wasn’t appropriate. She didn’t have to say she had cancer to find out that the doc wasn’t an oncologist, but all she wanted was information about the doctor and his use of the alternative cancer treatment as per Brooks own statement. It isn’t creepy. HIPAA protects a patient’s privacy. Brooks lied.

      1. No, she didn’t ask anything that was inappropriate, but just the fact that she devoted any time at all to call these individuals and dig up any information on someone she hardly, scratch that, doesn’t know at all, is just plain ridiculous and a bit fatal attraction-ish. She has nothing to gain or lose by doing any of this. She’s just making herself look bad.

      2. But why would she care that much?? That’s the creepy part, the extreme measure she was willing to take. Ok, he lied, this doesn’t excuse the intrusion into someone’s affairs this way. I feel that she’s way over invested in this ‘investigation’ πŸ™‚ oh and hello Sandra πŸ™‚

        1. Hi Rain! If you recall, her husband’s ex wife was still alive and losing her battle with cancer. She watched this woman go downhill with no options left for treeatment, I honestly think that although reservatrol was not approved for cancer treatment, she wanted to find out if this doctor had any success with it (some hope for her friend) and if not, if maybe the doctor was giving false hope to people while making a profit…a fraud. Of course, she doubted Brooks, not understanding how he could seem so nonchalant about stopping chemo and then take the extract of red grapes? The psychic just reinforced her suspicions all along. She wanted answers. She is a detective by nature. She does her homework. With the Internet we can find out a lot…some true and some not. She wanted answers. She found them with her persistence. She is driving away her husband with her ways and clearly likes to make a scene. That part I don’t agree with, but she may want to guarantee her spot by being a troublemaker.
          Honestly, if you or your close friend had cancer and someone seemed genuinely interested in making sure they had all the latest treatment from the best physicians, would you push that person away or thank them for caring? If she was curious because she had a friend who had no more cancer treatment options, would you think she was prying when she asked about the alternative treatment?
          Meghan is too pushy. I never liked her. I think she is immature in a lot of her actions. I just think this time, she did just want the truth to be told and went about it in the wrong ways. She acts a bit like a spoiled brat.

          1. If I’m an acquaintance of Meghan and saw what lines she’s willing to cross, I’m cutting her out of my life LOL. Imagine a scenario where I’m her friend and she thought my husband was cheating, would she hire a detective to follow him? Will she hack his phone or his email account ? In the name of finding the truth , proving a point and being my friend?? No thanks πŸ™‚

            1. She never went that far. It was all online. There is so much online that it is scary.
              I see your point. She would not be my friend either based on past behavior, but if I had a relative or friend with a deadly disease and she seemed interested, that would not be a reason to push her away. Her motives, however, may be in question of she wasn’t my friend to begin with perhaps. I just think that we can all act a bit crazy when someone we love is very ill. I would excuse that behavior, knowing that person was in pain. I have worked in hospitals, especially Emergency Departments. I have seen how illness can make people (those ill and their loved ones) change. It is the way we cope. Everyone is different. We don’t know what we would do under similar circumstances unless we walked in their shoes.

                  1. Thanks, Rain. I just happened to have my computer sitting here while I watch last nights OC, and I saw the post come in. It is one of the reasons I have a strong opinion about Kim R. “needing help” But, thanks again.

                1. How sad, 3D’s. I am so so very sorry for your loss. It is the worst thing in the world to lose a child. It is such a great loss. I feel for you.
                  Please know that you did absolutely everything you could to save her, and I know she knows what a caring mother you were and still are. You would do anything and you did. It was her time, though it was too soon. She was lucky to have you as her mom for her time here. She was so loved and still is. She is an angel now and smiling.

                  1. Wow! Thanks, RealSandra. She knew she would die young from the time she was about 11. She was a child of the heavens always. And, she was so lovely. She lives in our hearts. I gain strength from folks like you and Rain.

                    1. The heavens shine brighter now too. Sending lots of love your way. No thanks ever necessary, 3D’s. ((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))

                  1. Thanks, Aunt Bee. She was only 27 when she died, just a baby. Some really bad stuff had happened when she was 22, which gives me a very strong opinion about certain things. I will fight to the death about some things. It has alway been a pleasure talking to you ever since I started stalking you on this site! I would see your name on the side and go there because there would always be something interesting to read. Thanks for your prayers, and now you know there is one angel in heaven that kinda knows you personally.

                    1. I agree about Aunt Bee. πŸ™‚
                      I always knew you had a strong motivation. Though at times we don’t agree, I understand that you are very real and never hold back your true feelings. You’re honest always, and I appreciate your sharing with us on a very personal level. Our life experiences make us who we are today. You have lived through such hardship, and you are a survivor. Take care.

                    1. 3D’s I will always remember that about your name! I still have my son so I can’t imagine what you have gone through but I have two friends who have lost their sons at similar ages to your Daughter and I know what it did to them. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Xo

                2. I am so sorry to her this 3D”S. The pain of losing a child is the hardest loss in the world. One day, you will be together in Heaven & it will feel as if no time had passed at all & that you were always together, never separated. I am 100% sure you feel her presence too. God be with you always.

    2. Nope. This is called “due diligence.” When you know what you are talking about and nobody believes you because you are the “newbie” and younger, and you KNOW the guy is a POS and drumming up sympathy or in the very least exaggerating, you do due diligence. Or vet him. Or in simpler terms, do a background check.

      1. Due diligence is what you perform when you have a stake in something. She had met this asshat twice. She barely knew his girlfriend. She has absolutely no stake in this except to be a busybody.

  6. It’s one thing to suspect, another thing to do what Meghan did! This is stalkerish OCD behavior. you’ve made your suspicions clear dummy Barbie, LET IT GO

  7. Meghan is being very invasive and definitely crossing the line on so many levels. This is not boldness, this is: Are you sure you are crazy enough to cross those lines? Some things should just be off base, period! And what is always so visible on these shows are: “Stop making me( in this case Brooks & Vickie) your STORYLINE!!!!!.” We all, especially Meghan from observation, need to get her own house in order (how it appears that her husband devalues her) before she should put so much concentration on someone else’s relationship and personal issues, especially an illness. I don’t know whether Brooks is lying or not, but his health issues are his personal business, and the doctor(s) of his choosing are his as well.

  8. I m not a fan of VICKI or Meghan but am loving watching Meghan giving it to Vic for a change. Did not like the smile she had on her face when Tam and Crooks we’re going at it. She was enjoying that too much. I laughed watching Eddie shoveling food into his mouth instead of coming to Tamra’s side during the exchange. Then on WWHL Andy asked Tam if she thought Vic and Crooks would get back together and she smiled and said yes. This whole affair is so convoluted and messed up I am tired of watching.

    1. Darn IT. I keep missing WWHL. Now I will have to go to youtube for it. I can catch up there with all of the housewives later. I also like the licking Viki is getting from Megan, even tho I didn’t like her at first. She sat there when Brooks wanted to talk without yelling or becoming angry at all! She just answered the questions simply and calmly, something Viki has yet to learn to do in all of her, what, 55 years? I forget how old she is, but way older than Megan. I might just have to change my mind about her.

    2. Vicki is NOT a nice person and that is why she can only attract a loser like Brooks that uses her. She thinks she’s so smart but all she has is a old slick hick that is her paid escort. Paid by free room, board and other benefits. Plus while he is “sick”, he can’t work, so all he can do is lounge around and relax all day. Brooks has it made.

  9. Are you telling me Meghan had better luck googling Brooks background , than figuring out how long it takes to cook Minute Rice??? Really?? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. I have found that people who hate to cook do not make any effort to try to cook better. It helps them a lot when others say, “I will cook for you then or we can go out to dinner.” Playing dumb so someone else does the work for you..Hmm, I worked with more than a few people who did just that. I have two sisters who did just that when it came to cooking. I happen to like to cook and make all kinds of rice dishes. My husband literally cannot boil water but he is brilliant. (I mean that. He thought simmer was boil.) He doesn’t care to know how…and won’t even barbecue. His family ate out a lot more than most at the time or they ate very easy to prepare dishes from prepared items, since his mom did not like to cook so much too.

      1. I’m doing the same things with my kids that my mother did with us. When we got to a certain age, she stopped cooking, except for bid meals and holidays etc, and we all had to chip in to make dinner or make our school lunches. As much as I resented her back then, I clearly appreciate what she was trying to do. My kids now could totally feed themselves and make pasta; omelettes etc, plus it takes the burden off my shoulders, especially since every single me of them has different dietary restrictions LOL.

        1. I have to feed my husband who loves meat, a son who’s vegetarian and a daughter who thinks vegan is the way to go!! So I was making 3 types of food daily! No thanks lol

          1. That is way too much. Vegan…very hard. It has to be so hard.
            My eldest was so picky and when he moved out from college to when he was out on his own, I could then cook anything, since my other son was more like his parents in eating habits. I should have taught them more. Thankfully my eldest son loves to cook…now…and even loves to bake. He even eats seafood now but used to hate it! He does love my cooking of his favorited My youngest is like his father. He knows how to reheat and maybe a little more…not much, though. No one is vegetarian. I stopped red meat for two years…now once a week only. I won’t eat or make veal and try to avoid pork, but everyone else eats it. Poultry and seafood mostly.Those PETA videos got to me a bit…and I think pigs are smart now, πŸ˜‰ TMI. Sorry!

        2. Ha! I had to cook when I was young as my mother was ill a lot, then my kids had to learn or wait for me to come home from work. My Daughter is a vegetarian and occasionally a vegan! Reading all your comments make me smile! I love that both of my kids are good cooks! Christmas this year with their partners, one vegetarian one Vegan and two who eat like a horse! I will love it but I will be exhausted!

      2. I learned to cook when I was about 10. I actually got a cookbook from a girlfriend for MY SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY. Isn’t that odd. I still have it, It is “The Pepperidge Farm Cookbook” By Margaret Rudken. It has the lovely inscription in the front from her! I cooked every day twice from the time I was about 15, then started having my kids at 20. It was just what I enjoyed and I cooked dinner every night and breakfast and lunch. I have some old cast iron skillits that were my Grandmother’s and I used them every day. I love them. Anyway, just saying I don’t cook at all now, for my husband, anyway. Only if people come for dinner. Kids have been grown for a long time and I garden now. Husband can find his own dinner after 28 years! haha. Not kidding.

        1. I love your story. How sweet. My favorite is a very old McCall’s cookbook and I have old recipes and recipe cards my mom had. I always helped her cook, but mostly prepping and I could cook on my own even so. She never taught me enough of her recipes, saying she would when I married. I told her she may never see that day…since I didn’t meet my spouse too early on…but mom left us suddenly and too soon and never met him. I still learned most of what she made on my own and with the recipes. She did have the old cast iron pans and i took one when I went on my own. They actually are healthier to eat from and naturally more nonstick! My sister is like you. She is 13 years older than me and deserves a break. She is pretty much retired from cooking, but her husband is a very good cook (and she never did cook too much, actually, but she did what she could always prepping and cleaning up.)

          1. Yes 3D and Sandra , nothing wrong with your husband or kids fending for themselves sometimes πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ . I have to say though, now when I do cook, they really enjoy it and feel special lol, YES !!! I use my pies and food to bribe my children! I said it!!! LOL . And of course for family gatherings etc , I do the cooking

            1. I love these personal tidbits – brings smile to my face. My Betty Crocker cookbook is beginning to fall apart. When my parents died I started making my two youngest siblings take turns on cooking every Thursday night. When it was my bro’s turn we ALWAYS had hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls. Surprisingly 30 some years late they are both much better cooks than I am.

              1. I LOVE pigs in a blanket. I buy those Hebrew National hot dogs, they are the best hot dog I have ever eaten. I might just make that and surprise my husband without any company! I have some in the freezer.

                1. He may wonder what you’re up to…not even a holiday?! LOL. He will smile and inhale it I am sure! My family loves pork and beans too. I do buy Bush’s vegetarian beans now…and they still love it….not advertising. It tastes good and is lower fat? LOL

                  1. I will try those. I eat Bush’s baked beans, but they have so many kinds now. I call ’em porknbeans like I call tissue, kleenex. Bush’s are the best. Not even a holiday, that’s good.

              2. How sweet of you. You were the eldest and took on the parental role. Look what a great job you did too! πŸ™‚ I loved your story Aunt Bee. Thanks for sharing.
                My cookbook and cards are yellowed and the binding is loose on the book. I still use it for a go to book during the holidays mostly.
                I love still seeing my mother’s handwriting on her recipes. She always had better handwriting than me too!

                1. I agree Sandra! I feel today today was a breakthrough for us members of this forum, including 3D and Aunt Bee. We are here almost every weekday sharing opinions and I think it’s wonderful to learn more about the woman/person behind the screen name! . We all have our stories, struggles, joys and losses. But we support and comfort each other when necessary.

                  1. Today has been great! I know I haven’t been here very long but you are all awesome. I am so grateful to you all! I had a bit of a paddy on last night thread from a comment from a troll but I did leave an apology to you all! I am loving getting to ‘know’ you all, thank you πŸ˜€

                  2. Lightens our moods and enhances our day and the best thing I have learned from reading these blogs is that I have the best family and friends – no back stabbing, screeching or yelling.

              3. I have a Delia Smith cook book that several friends bought me and signed it is very tatty now but still used! Your story is lovely! Lucky brothers and sisters! I have to say sorry I really don’t like hotdogs! Lol

              4. I’ve been cooking since I was 11. But there’s a twist. My dad is from China, so I learned how to make Chinese food. He even wrote a Chinese Cookbook way back in 1968! Then my mom, who was from Arkansas taught me Southern style cooking mixed with General American cusine. But one of my BFF’s was Italian and her Grandma was fram Italy, so she taught me some great Italian dishes. I also LOVED to experiment and try new things, still do. I love cooking. During my college years I even spent 2 1/2 years as a chef in a steak house. Which was really difficult, because back then there was ALOT of resistance for a woman being a chef.

        2. Because of my back my husband cooks his own dinner most night! Usually I last till around sixish then I flake out on the bed! I have to bake for him, shortbread of course and yesterday an apple pie, using apples from my garden! I love gardening.

            1. Thank you I will have the operation next year, I have had it done before on the discs at the top and the Neurosurgeon warned me that more would go and now three at the bottom! The Pilates helps but as I have now got a dislocated rib I’m a bit of a disaster as I can’t do Pilates!!! What a mess I am! Lol

              1. It happens to the best of us. My neck has ongoing issues, etc. I wont go into my medical issues. It is too bizarre and takes a while. Pain is a daily thing, and it seems everything hit me at once when it happened. I used to be very active, exercising 1.5 hours daily five days a week…dance classes including hip-hop, kickboxing, other moderate exercise classes, elliptical and weights. I looked and felt my best. Then everything changed. That was the end of 2009. The dance class started my sudden deafness (speaker at full volume next to me)…one ear…then vertigo..long story. I have my balance back but when I did situps my cervical discs slipped a bit…too long to say more. I had roo many odd things happen.
                I feel for you. That kind of surgery usually leads to more surgery. It is never easy. Yiu are in my thoughts.

              2. Oh, God! Dislocated ribs hurt like he–, just can’t move or sleep or sit or ANYTHING . I really feel your pain, sorry so, so much. I finally had to learn to put my one rib back in myself. It hurt like, well, you know, but it hasn’t gone out in a few years now. Knock, knock.

          1. Apples. Wow! The apple blossoms are so BEAUTIFUL. I envy you fruit trees, a lot of work, I hear, but great rewards. Nothing tastes like food from the garden, including herbs and edible flowers.

            1. I love my garden and have a huge vegetable bed but as the garden is so big I have had to employ someone. He is only here every other week but does a huge amount but I hate it! I am such a control freak! It’s been a good year for fruit I have had about 15lb of various soft fruit and still picking! My heart is my plants flowers and shrubs!
              Yes my rib hurts like billy-o!
              I’m still thinking about your Daughter! I will think of her as Dee!!!

              1. That’s close, DeAnna is her name. She was 5’11” with long almost black hair. But, as tall as she was, she wore size 5 shoes!! I have 2 pair of them still and remember her tiny feet. Thanks, Sally. The more hearts she is in, the more light shines in mine.

                1. DeAnna is a sweet name. She sounds like a model. How striking. She had petite feet yet a big heart I am sure, like her mom. πŸ™‚ (((((((((HUGS))))))))

                    1. No thanks necessary 3Ds. I love hearing about sweet DeAnna. Your fond memories keep her alive always. πŸ™‚

  10. Viki cracks me up, telling Tamra to not yell and scream! That she is a mother and a Grandmother? Wow. She really does not remember her own 10 years of screaming. And she has it on tape! She, unlike the rest of us can actually see what she said and did. She told Tamra for years that she shouldn’t let Simon go after her, and that if Don was going after Tamra and was wrong, she wouldn’t let him be wrong. Tamra was trying at that time to save her marriage, and said “he’s my husband, Vik.” She, Viki, went on and on about sticking up for “right” Now, when Brooks said that about considering the source, after Tamra had put all of her doubts away, and in the conversation at the party, did not utter one word, he says that about her. Turns out Viki, just at the CUT party was screaming acting the same fool she always does, is now accusing Tamra of that when for once she gets info. and immediately goes to the source. And she gets the usual run around. Viki acts like it was years ago that she herself had the bad grace to scream, when it was what, a week? I know Tamra has done some things. I believe her journey is real. She has always been honest about herself and the fact that she was flawed in the way she went after people. She has been doing what she thinks is the best way to retain her friendship with Viki. Not an easy task, I’m thinking. Viki is the one that said that Brooks told her that Jim told him that his and Megan’s marriage has been a struggle. Wow. Convoluted. And instead of telling Megan right then that she is the one that said it, she lets Tamra take the fall. As if she had told her something in confidence and Tamra repeated it. SHE SAID IT ON CAMERA IN FRONT OF THE WORLD NOT 10 DAYS AGO. She really lives in the height of hypocrisy. Saying to camera in her interview, even, as though we all didn’t see her doing exactly what she is saying Tamra is doing! Does she honestly believe what she is saying? It smacks of delusion. Maybe she got into his painkillers for cancer?

    1. You have said every single thing I feel about Vicky, I will not watch her anymore, as much as I disliked Gretchen She was so right about Vicky!

  11. I agree that Brooks is sketchy, but I don’t believe he is faking. Of course, I could be wrong, but I battled stage 2 cancer (with chemo) this year, and I have worked in healthcare for 15 years. After hearing the women go crazy over the statements Brooks has made this season concerning chemo, he didn’t make one comment which I couldn’t make a valid argument. (Vicki not going to appts. with him, Brooks saying the comment about “chemo cocktails,” etc.)

    I will say watching Meghan pry into this man’s personal life is infuriating to watch, but I admit I can’t look away! What Shannon, and ESPECIALLY Meghan need to understand, is that when you are diagnosed with something that serious, you will get advice from everywhere! Other friends, coworkers, family, etc. They want to help, and I think it mainly comes from a god place in most cases, but it is very upsetting for a cancer patient. You have to make a decision on your treatment very quickly at the beginning. Feeling comfortable and confident with your treatment plan and healthcare team is so important, and having people constantly tell you to “go see this guy I know…he’s the best,” or, “I saw so and so information online about _______ treatment.” It is frustrating enough to hear that from people you care about….I cannot imagine having someone semi-stalk me for details.

    Lastly, having worked in the industry also, Meghan should know that the boundaries she is crossing are getting close to breaking HIPPA. (Healthcare privacy information legislation.) Calling the office posing as someone else doesn’t seem to be illegal, but between that and her (or maybe it was Jim) asking Vicki last week “why Brooks didn’t just go get a copy of his medical records to prove it,” shows that both of them are delusional, intrusive, and need to take a seat. When Meghan called the office, I’m assuming she was smart enough to look up the number online, phone book, etc., so why did she have to ask if a doctor “treats cancer?” It should be obvious by his listing (office name, specialty, sub-specialty, specialty within a group of doctors). If, by chance, she was calling someone that administered alternative treatments for cancer, they would not be able to say that they “treated cancer” in practice because the treatment itself has to be approved to treat a certain indication (specific cancer, ailment, disorder, etc.). If it was an alternative treatment (even if approved but then FDA), unless it was approved specifically for cancer, the doc cannot advertise it as such….even through it may be used in some cancers. Nothing of this proves Brooks has cancer, but it defnitley proves Meghan (and Shannon, on a lesser scale, and with more innocent motives) is way out of line.

    Sorry this was so long, but this situation really hit home for me, and somehow I still watch it. Watching Bravo does make the time in the old chemo chair go a little faster though!

    1. Sorry to hear about your health issues~sending you good thoughts of comfort and healing.
      I agree that Meghead is walking a fine line as far as intruding into someone else’s medical records/treatment. She’d better hope this Reality TV Stardom pans out, or that she has an air-tight pre-nup with Jimboy, because I can’t see a future for her in pharma sales, after this fiasco.

      1. Thank you for the well wishes. I’m great. You brought up something I hadn’t thought about….the statements she has been making look very bad if she ever wants to get back in the healthcare industry.

  12. I have to say one amazing thing about the members of this forum and that is we managed to keep it a polite, inviting and wonderful place to discuss and comment and even disagree , without the horrible things you see on other forums. And thank you for everyone who stuck for me when a random rude person stopped by and went off xoxo

    1. I agree Rain. I like this site for that very reason, people are allowed to state their opinions without fear of someone else attacking them. That’s what’s valuable to me, as far as watching these crazy shows. It’s more of a lesson in sociology than anything.

    2. I might have already said this but I love this site because it is respectful! I cannot cope with sites where people attack each other! We get the odd troll but I think we do all come together. Sorry if it’s a repeat but it’s getting late here!

      1. ITA Sally, they either attack each other or just the language is vile!! A grown man or woman should be able to articulate without vulgarity

  13. My brother in law is fighting lymphoma. It has returned for the second time. It is a particularly virulent form of lymphoma. Interestingly enough, he is being treated by the doctors from City of Hope. He recently received a stem cell transplant in a effort to save his life. He has two kids, a daughter 8 and a son 18. Before he had the transplant however, he had chemo- like Brooks. He had “pik line” put in his arm where the chemo was administered. This was done to protect his veins from the harsh chemicals. My sister had a different type of cancer, she too had a pik line put in, I went with her to nearly every chemo appointment and every patient I saw had thier chemo bags hooked up to these pik lines. Where was Brooks pik line? Also, neither Brooks nor Vicki can keep their stories straight about much, which arouses more suspicion. But worse- if like Meghan said Brooks is lying about the success of this holistic approach- he could be giving false hope to many people, desperate people, who will spend oodles of money on snake oil products that have been sold by a con man. That would be a travesty.

          1. He was 4 and had a brain tumor the size of an egg. He’s 32 now, a college grad, but he has epilepsy associated with the trauma from the brain tumor. He struggles, but he’s making it. But like your Don, we almost lost him a couple of times, and it was a very harrowing experience. I’ll never forget the things he had to go through. Ever.

            1. Thank goodness he got through it all. Hopefully his epilepsy can be controlled and is. I had an uncle who had epilepsy since he was 3 after a fall and he lived quite a long life, and with the newer medications, he finally was able to control it after a lifetime of not.
              It had to be so difficult for you and your family. You gave him the best care you could. I wish you and yours well. He is a survivor as are you. πŸ™‚

              1. Thank s Sandra, it’s been a real battle getting the meds right, he had to participate in week long sleep study in the hospital and do all sorts of testing because they were having such a problem getting him controlled, but they seem to have found the right combination of meds now, and he’s working again, and waiting to see if can be cleared to drive.

                1. Thank goodness there is always hope. Driving would be nice as long as he is controlled. I am sure it has been difficult for your son and family. I wish him well.

            2. OMG! Karen! It is so tough when you see the kids! I won’t even go into the horror we saw when my son was ill from babies to teenagers dying! I’m so pleased your nephew made it, I know he has problems now but at least you do have him! So tough for him! Blessings to all your family!

    1. I totally see your point. My port is still noticeable, but only if I was in a bikini…which I make a point not to wear! One of the surprising things I learned with my cancer diagnosis was that you are given multiple options, and even if it’s the same type, different people choose different things. I will say that one of the hardest things to deal with emotionally is people constantly saying they think you should do this or that. If I hadn’t had it happen to me, I know I would do the same thing for people I loved. There is a point where the people that care about the patient have to accept the treatment approach that he/she has chosen with their healthcare team…..and be supportive of it. From what we have seen so far this season, Meghan doesn’t seem to be interested in his overall health; she’s only been around him a couple of times. And as someone who was so close to someone at such an impossible stage to treat in the process (Hayley’s mom), she should be ultra sensitive to respecting his decision, rather than pretending to care, calling ex-girlfriends and doctors, etc. I certainly wouldn’t cut anyone out of my life for recommending options, but I would ask them to stop after a couple of times (nicely), and if they didn’t, I would cut them out of my life. Support and attitude are important, and if you don’t have that from a friend, (sadly) there is not the energy to defend decisions that had to be made. Quite frankly, you are just too damn scared to mess with it when people cross boundaries. There are bigger fish to fry at that point….

      1. You should wear your scar like a badge of honor! That is what I told my son! I understand where you are coming from re people telling you to see this person or eat that or swing from a tree! People do that but the thing that hurt me more was the people that would cross the street rather than talk to you! I knew it was because they couldn’t handle it but it hurts! They were never my friends after and some friends were there every step of the way!

    2. Wow, there are so many things going on from this that I never would have considered. It proves it really isn’t “just a silly reality show” afterall. There are real life problems and joys for them, and it reminds us all about the real life stuff we all live. I wouldn’t have thought about the desperate, ill people and their families looking for ANYTHING to stop the pain and heart ache from this kind of illness. And maybe listening to the stuff about the red grape extract. Secondly, I want to say thank you to everyone who showed me so much kindness today and every day. It does my broken heart good to see strangers coming to give their heart felt condolences, and their prayers for everyone suffering from the different illnesses, along with their families and friends, that we have spoken about.

  14. I just want to say that for all of us on this site who are either battling cancer or live with or have dealt with a cancer patient…. First God bless all us care givers cuz it’s one tough job. Second, we are all very invested in this sketchy Brooks situation cuz we know much more than Vicki pretends she knows and it infuriates us to listen to both of them think they know so much. So to all of us, I wish us all good karma for taking care of our cancer patients and bad karma to anybody who lies about, exaggerates, pretends or minimizes cancer in any way, shape or form.

    1. Amen Gigi, and how nice of you to say it. Caregivers are so important, and we are so lucky to have them! As for those who would fake it…..I just can’t even deal with it. They probably need prayers more than anybody.

    2. Amen GiGi- been on both sides- a patient and a caregiver. Tough road either way. Breast cancer survivor for 15 years now! However, I always say I had “Cancer Lite” because my particular type of cancer (very rare only .01% of all Breast cancers) doesn’t respond to chemo or radiation. So I just told my oncologist to cut ’em off. He kind choked, but I was serious. There was a 80% chance of tumors reoccurring and I was young, had four kids and I was more interested in surviving than having boobs.

        1. Wow! Good for you Karen. Brave girl! I just had to post that earlier because there are so many of us dealing with this and to have something so oddly creepy being played out is somewhat insulting when you have the inside scoop on terminology and treatment protocol. I hope Meghan nails Vicki to the wall on this. She needs a few rungs pulled out from beneath her. I’m sorry her Mom died but why show that scene on camera? If she wants it all out there then she can’t pick and choose.

      1. Me too. Took care of both my parents and then in 1998 had endometrial cancer. Still here. It always amazes me how many survivors are out here. When I was young a cancer diagnosis almost always was a death sentence. Science is good and God is wonderful. Stay strong:)

        1. Aunt Bee, blessings to you! If my son had had NHL ten years prior we wouldn’t still have him. They treated it as they did leukemia which is a long treatment. They then realized they had to blast it very fast and that’s when the statistics started to improve!

      2. Same for my friend but only one of hers! When she was having reconstruction she asked the surgeon to perk the other one up so he did a lift!

  15. Personally, I have cancer and I’m stating to one and all, my choices and decisions are my business…NO ONE ELSES! Especially not some twit who I barely know who thinks cause this is how she would deal with it cause she knows someone…you don’t know me and NO ONE has the right to question my choices…PERIOD!!!!

    1. Justmedoubleb, So sorry, genuinely. What a terrible hand to be dealt. When you said that about it being your choice, and ditto BTW, it made me think it is why Viki was so defensive about this. For once she actually had a reason to scream! Maybe Brooks told her how he was really feeling about all of it.

  16. My issue isn’t necessarily that Megan is butting in to someone’s life it is that instead of confronting Brooks and Vicki she made sure to smear them to everyone else with her “research” so everyone questioned them. Just like running to Tamra the second the talk was over when Tamra lied in the first place about where her information came from. I understand wanting info or having doubts however who the heck has time in their lives to designate this much energy and time to something that doesn’t effect you like this. I also think before you go damage someone’s reputation you make sure you have facts not someone from a blog and a psychic. As for the doctor they legally cannot say they cure cancer with anything by chemo because of FDA, as direct marketing companies can’t say their products will cause you to loose weight legally. As for using Resveratrol there is actually a ton of studies on how it is being used in cancer treatments, not sure where Megan got her info that it is not used with cancer at all. And not hokey studies but nih, organ state, Berkeley. All of them say it has show to inhibit and kill cancer cells in a culture it is not known about the human body. I will also say we have one oncologist who gives his pts shots three times a week.

    I’m not defending Brooks because I’m not convinced he does or doesn’t as he keeps saying to wait his medical records will be shown later in the season, so I’m saving my judgment for that. I’m just saying that Megan’s not saying things that are completely true either and is quite creepy about it.

    1. Reservatrol has never been proven effective against the type of cancer Brooks may or may not have, however it may (not always) sensitize tumors, making them more susceptible to chemotherapy from what I read. If the doctor that Meghan contacted did not use reservatrol or attempt to treat cancer at all as per her phone call to him/her, then Brooks lied right there. Maybe Meghan is a lot pushy, but there is no definitive reservatrol effectiveness for what Brooks has. It may be effective with colon cancer…and they are still studying its effectiveness for other types of cancer, especially its effect on fat fed mice. In the meantime, have a glass of red wine or pomegranate juice, etc. πŸ™‚
      I cannot defend Brooks. I wanted to believe him at first, but the more I see and read about, the more I don’t believe him. Of course I know that he may have illness or be in remission, but his demeanor seems to point otherwise.

      1. Did you notice I spelled Orgon state, Organ State, don’t know if I spelled it that way or if it auto corrected. Haha. I’m just saying Megan said it does not cure cancer, it hasn’t been proved to by FDA studies, however it has shown in, not only Colon cancer but Resveratrol has been found to induce cell cycle arrest and/or apoptosis (programmed cell death) in a number of cancer cell lines. Also to fuel their rapid growth, invasive tumors must also develop new blood vessels by a process known as angiogenesis and it has shown to also aid this. I just think chemo isn’t the only way to go, I think it is the second biggest money maker in medicine proceeded by cath labs.

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