Meghan Edmonds Not Surprised By Kelly Dodd’s Accusation That Her Husband Had a Girlfriend

Meghan Edmonds is taking to her blog to share her thoughts on the nasty text messages between her and Kelly Dodd. Edmonds shares why she went straight to the source when she heard a rumor about her friend. Meghan also says she was not surprised when Kelly came back with an accusation about Jimmy.

“I’m finally back in the OC with the rest of the girls and am so excited that you get to meet my cousin, Bridget this week! And yes, it might have slipped my mind to ask her for her qualifications to be a nanny, but I’ve known her my entire life and it was definitely the best decision. It turns out she’s very qualified and has been a nanny prior to working for us. I love that I’m able to have someone that I know and trust!

It was so nice to see Kelly Dodd after months of only talking via texts – even if some of the texts weren’t the nicest. I had texted Kelly after I heard a rumor and decided that I should go straight to the source to clear it up. I honestly thought that it was okay for me to ask her about the rumor because I know that Kelly has been open about her non-traditional marriage. She has talked about being publicly separated previously and being engaged to another man during the course of her marriage. I didn’t mean any harm by asking her about it, but unfortunately, that’s how it was perceived. Kelly even acknowledges that how she goes after people isn’t exactly “normal,” so I wasn’t shocked when I later got the text from her about Jimmy. Hurt? Yes. But definitely not surprised. I didn’t want the added stress of a friend being mean to me while I was pregnant, so I more or less it go at the time. Like they say, time heals all wounds – or does it? Stay tuned.

Tamra Judge’s speech at the Erasing Family event was so powerful. It was profound to see her dad and her son there with her for support. The stats on alienation are crazy – I had no idea! I’m so proud of Tamra for getting up and telling her story. Being a stepmom, I know that adults can easily be selfish and not put the kids first, so I’m happy that we don’t have that situation in our blended family.

The birthday party theme that Lydia McLaughlin chose for Stirling turned out so cute (and drama free)! That was such a fun and unique idea! It was funny to watch Vicki Gunvalson and Peggy Sulahian’s reactions to the crowns in the kitchen and the fairy dust. I’m definitely with Peggy when she said that fairy dust is hard to clean and she doesn’t want it on her – no thank you!”

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  • Barbara Moore

    Awww don’t sweat the small stuff Meghan. Bravo needs to get rid of Ms Piggy (Vickie looks like a piggy). Kelly Dodd is bery attractive but her meanness males her ugly she meeds to go. Everyone else is cool. I cant stand when those two r on camera. Lydia seems a liytle antagonizing this year butshes ok i guess. Going fown thr tubes RHOC

  • missrox

    Kelly said she made it up she was PO”D that Meg asked if she had a boyfriend

  • starr

    Meghan you should be more upset that your cold husband told you to tie your dog, girly-girl to the bumper & then drive off . Did not like that horrible remark at all.
    Meanwhile, focus on your absolutely cute baby.

  • Melp

    my head is spinning around and around and around and I cannot for the life of me figure out what the HELL BRAVO WAS THINKING by bringing this airhead back to OC. First I stopped following the show a long time ago and i watch when I get bored with nothing else on the tv. Meghan has nothing to give. Im sure that Jim encouraged her to go back to the show so she would be out of his hair. She has a baby now and jim was hoping that this would keep Meghan busy and off his back about not being home. Im still waiting to hear what the hell she brings to this show. She is really ,,,,,,,,,, Dumb…… sorry I know that is not right but it;s the truth. Meghan has no real relationship with anyone on the show and she just has NOTHING!!!!!!! Im pulling my hair out with this one.