Meghan Edmonds: Why Was Lydia Surprised When Kelly Showed Up?

Meghan King Edmonds is weighing in on the drama that happened on this week’s episode of the RHOC. In her blog, Meghan questions why Lydia McLaughlin was so surprised Kelly showed up at The Quiet Woman when she had invited her. Edmonds also doesn’t understand why Shannon would confide in Kelly about her weight gain.

“I think it’s safe to say that after this episode, no one is going to want to show her face at The Quiet Woman again. Talk about a hot mess! I had to watch that scene a couple times to try to figure out how and why it played out the way it did – and I still don’t get it!

First of all, Peggy’s “joke” about her husband beating her on Fridays? So freaking weird and not funny at all! Whether it be an Armenian thing or not, it was so uncomfortable. I’m sure that made for quite the first impression for Shannon and Tamra who were meeting her for the first time.

I’m actually really interested to hear everyone’s sides on how that night played out… Why did Lydia act surprised when Kelly walked in? She invited her! Why did Kelly say she had no idea that they’d be there? Lydia told her the exact restaurant they’d be at! Why did Lydia follow Shannon and Kelly to the bathroom? Part of me thinks that nothing would have exploded and turned in to what it did, had she not been in there. Also, why did Shannon immediately bring up her weight to Kelly? You haven’t seen each other in six months (and are not friendly with each other), and the first thing you decide to bring up is your weight gain? Then Lydia decided it would be a good time to pray for Shannon? So weird! Kelly had to be so drunk, right? The faces in the window at the end of the night – she’s TOO much! I guess on a positive note, Lydia and Shannon were able to make up and potentially become friends now?”

Photo Credit: Bravo