Meghan Edmonds: Why Was Lydia Surprised When Kelly Showed Up?

Meghan King Edmonds is weighing in on the drama that happened on this week’s episode of the RHOC. In her blog, Meghan questions why Lydia McLaughlin was so surprised Kelly showed up at The Quiet Woman when she had invited her. Edmonds also doesn’t understand why Shannon would confide in Kelly about her weight gain.

“I think it’s safe to say that after this episode, no one is going to want to show her face at The Quiet Woman again. Talk about a hot mess! I had to watch that scene a couple times to try to figure out how and why it played out the way it did – and I still don’t get it!

First of all, Peggy’s “joke” about her husband beating her on Fridays? So freaking weird and not funny at all! Whether it be an Armenian thing or not, it was so uncomfortable. I’m sure that made for quite the first impression for Shannon and Tamra who were meeting her for the first time.

I’m actually really interested to hear everyone’s sides on how that night played out… Why did Lydia act surprised when Kelly walked in? She invited her! Why did Kelly say she had no idea that they’d be there? Lydia told her the exact restaurant they’d be at! Why did Lydia follow Shannon and Kelly to the bathroom? Part of me thinks that nothing would have exploded and turned in to what it did, had she not been in there. Also, why did Shannon immediately bring up her weight to Kelly? You haven’t seen each other in six months (and are not friendly with each other), and the first thing you decide to bring up is your weight gain? Then Lydia decided it would be a good time to pray for Shannon? So weird! Kelly had to be so drunk, right? The faces in the window at the end of the night – she’s TOO much! I guess on a positive note, Lydia and Shannon were able to make up and potentially become friends now?”

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5 Replies to “Meghan Edmonds: Why Was Lydia Surprised When Kelly Showed Up?”

  1. Oh the tangled web we weave—
    Meghan is still investigating & trying to to solve every mystery & will not stop till she gets to the very root. She has time to waste. Dosent she have a full time job caring for her baby?
    Far as I can see, no mystery at all. They are who they are, idle, spoilt & rotten to the core. Their behavior is deplorable.

    1. Meghan is “The Investigator”, isn’t she? That’s actually what I don’t care for in her personality; she’s like a Catalonian sheep hound always on the hunt for a rabbit. I know most people like her for exposing Brooks; but for me, I remember the way she treated Shannon Beador when they first met. She has a pattern for finding targets to put in her crosshairs and Vicki just happened to be the lucky duck two seasons ago. Meghan will need fresh blood to go sniffing after soon enough, especially considering how loudly audiences have voiced that they are bored to death watching her home life, watching her not knowing when or how to hold and burp a baby, and Jim being as a non-interested in his marriage as usual (although he’s wonderful with their little Tater Tot daughter).

  2. Meghan, you are very blessed to have a great metabolism & have the time & motivation to work out. I have to think that with Shannon telling Kelly as she’s in the bathroom & is ambushed with Kelly as Shannon is coming out of the bathroom in front of Kelly as she has to expose her stomach up to her breast line like, “look @ me I’ve had a lot of surgery to make my stomach look like this. I’m skinny, you’re not!” Shannon was probably shocked & brought up the pone thing Shannon is paranoid about & is obvious she doesn’t look like herself, she doesn’t feel like herself! Shannon shares her weight gain & I’m sure regretted it but I think it was defensive, ‘you can’t say anything mean about my weight because it’s sad & I am hurt, please be empathic, please have a heart…” Kelly has intentionally hurt Shannon & others in the past. To say the only reason she came back this year was that Heather wasn’t coming back because Heather scares her? Heather is an intelligent woman, that’s what scares Kelly. Heather saw right through her & probably prioritized her life & thought, this isn’t worth sacrificing my time for my family & that realization was from a lot of things but I’m sure Kelly’s repeated attacks & negativity is what played some sort of role in her decision…not to give Kelly any credit.

    Meghan so loving your precious girl on the show, so happy for you, thank you for sharing your journey & for you & Jim congrats- she’s so adorable & one happy baby!

  3. Why is megan dumb? Lydia was “shocked” because kelly said she wasn’t going. Why would someone go somewhere if they say they’re not going? It’s surprising, shocked is a big word. And who cares, it was pretty clear kelly shoed up drunk thinking it was a good idea, and then to taunt poor shannon. Kelly is just evil to the core, no wonder she gets along with og vicki

  4. dear god meghan

    Why is it any of your business you wasn’t at the dinner

    Shut up already, peggy doesn’t take meghan sticking her lips in next week clearly when she shuts them for her

    I’m already going to love peggy I feel like it’s shahs of sunset into OC

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