Meghan Edmonds: Lots Of Deep, Soul Shaking Emotions are Happening


Last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County was a very emotional one. We saw a new life entering into the world, and another one leaving. The death of Vicki Gunvalson’s mother took a toll on the cast-some knew her and some did not but it was very emotional for everyone. In Meghan’s Bravo Blog this week, she opens up about how she can relate to dealing with a loss as her step-daughter Haylie’s mother is dying of cancer and how everyone reacts differently with mourning.

Life doesn’t ever turn out the way we plan, and this is evident in so many ways during this emotional episode. Lots of deep, soul shaking emotions are happening.

What struck me immediately was how differently we all reacted to Vicki’s mother dying and how a loss affects even those who may not have ever met the deceased. Heather processed it at lunch with Lizzie, Shannon immediately lent a helping hand to Vicki with her holistic remedies, Tamra struggled with being ecstatic over the birth of Ava and balancing the sorrow that her friend was experiencing. And I was thinking about how I may have to one day watch my stepdaughter, Hayley, go through some of the same emotions as Vicki. We all grieve differently and a life that is lost is felt through multiple degrees of separation.

The banter between Terry and Coco was adorable! It reminded me of how my siblings and me were with my dad when we were younger. It’s refreshing to see how normal families can be despite any amount of money or physical “things” (big or small).

I loved watching the story surrounding the birth of Ava, it was so sweet to get to see Tamra’s first look at her granddaughter. And the baby looked like what I call a “soap opera baby” – a perfect looking 3 month old!

I related to Tamra when she was talking to Ryan about the turns life can take. She said that at times she felt like a failure as a parent. But where is the point where you let your child grow up and assume their own mistakes? I struggle with this with my step kids because I don’t have any control over big decisions for them like schooling, medical care, and even finances. I can try to assert my opinion, but I can be trumped at any time by the biological parent. It’s hard to sit back and try to remain like a lighthouse – steady and constant even in bad weather – when I just want to jump into their lives at any given moment and lead them by the hand!

I thought the pre-party for Hayley would go seamlessly but alas, Hayley is still a teenager and something is bound to pop up! Like I said on the show, she is a spoiled little bugger but we do it to her. One thing that I like about Jimmy and me spending time with LeAnn and Donny is that it’s kind of like a mini support group! We all relate to one another and can tag team when dealing with Hayley.

t’s the regular moments in life that we take for granted because we expect them to happen, like a high school dance. But these are also the moments that fossilize into memories.”

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17 Replies to “Meghan Edmonds: Lots Of Deep, Soul Shaking Emotions are Happening”

  1. She owes her stepdaughter’s mother an apology for that whole thing about her relating to Meghan better than her own mother. Completely inappropriate for a stepmother, and most especially when the actual mother is busy battling cancer.

    1. I cringed at all the bragging, the “I’m the cool stepmom”, “I can talk about Instagram” nonsense. Yes, it’s a lot to take on but a little humility would be in order.

  2. She’s been in the picture for what? a year? And she knows everything? Extremely disrespectful towards the real mother. Jim is boring and crabby.

  3. I’m not a step-mom and just a little older than Megan but any good parent knows about ALL social media outlets. I am trying to give her a chance but just do not like her. I also think if you want your kids to quit acting like a brat then you tell them to quit at the beginning not at the end when taking pics. How about pull them to the side and say “hey this may be the last time you get to have this experience with your mom, this is why we went to all this trouble”. I’m usually a kids are off limits however the 17 year old chose to be on TV maybe someone should have spoken to her about how to act on camera.

  4. She never sounds or seams genuine … So annoying listen to her, I rather have any of the HW kids taking that her, they are probably smarter and funnier.

  5. Unfortunately, Meghan is not likeable & every word out of her mouth is like a very silly child trying hard to play grown-up. I would’ve slapped the brat & slap herself as well — on her way to begging forgiveness from the real mother for her ultra stupid, immature remarks. What a ditz !!!

  6. Meghan was so disrespectful when comparing herslf to her stepdaughter’s mother! Then again you can see she is all sorts of cookoo!

  7. Jim is disturbing. He acts like he hates Meghan. He leans away from her when she tries to show affection. What is up with him?

  8. Almost every scene with this couple is cringe-worthy for me. I don’t think it’s appropriate for her to publicly keep saying the 1st wife is “dying of Cancer”, especially to the daughter. She was trying to look compassionate on TV by saying to the girl that Vicki’s mom dying reminding her of what’s going to happen to this girl. Is she trying to make it worse for the kid? I also can’t stand the way her husband speaks to her. He needs a prod up his butt every time he’s disrespectful and rude.

  9. Meghan is so superficial, immature & pathetic. Get rid of her & bring Lizz back fulltime.
    Her husband just wanted a skinny, pretty, blonde on his arm, he’s a has been.He wanted someone to take care of his daughter, that’s it…

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