Meghan Edmonds Would Like Vicki Gunvalson To Take Lie Detector Test


As you probably remember, last season of the RHOC was spent debating whether or not Brooks Ayers really had cancer and then the women tried to figure out whether or not Vicki Gunvalson was in on the scam. During an appearance on WWHL this week, Meghan Edmonds revealed if she would ever want Vicki to sit down and take a lie detector test.

“Heck yeah, I would submit her,” she told a caller, who wondered if lie detector tests should be included at reunion tapings. “I mean, I can’t, but if I had the authority I would do it.” For the record, Edmonds didn’t think Vicki would ever agree to take the test.

Andy Cohen shared his thoughts on having lie detectors at reunions. “First of all, I feel like bringing lie detectors out at reunions is a dangerous precedent because I feel like we would never get through them,” he said. “We would have to allot a week because they would be like ‘Fine, I’ll take a lie detector test; you take a lie detector test.’ So I just feel like you look like Trump at the last debate. Not you [Meghan] but… so I just feel like it’s really tough.”

Meghan also revealed that she looked into Vicki’s new cancer charity, Kill All Cancer. First, she shared her thoughts about the charity with a caller.

“I thought it was weird. I thought it seemed contrived and forced and I don’t even think it’s a charity,” she told one caller on WWHL. “I think it’s, like, a fundraiser or something. I looked into it.”

Edmonds elaborated on her comments. “It’s a website where you give the website money and then the money funnels it to other charities. Or, the website funnels the money to other charities,” Meghan explained. “That’s not a charity.”

Kill All Cancer explains its mission on its website: “The purpose of #killALLCancer is to reinvent the way charities are run while building an International Cancer Killer. Raising money via bracelet sales and donations will be the main driver of funds,” the organization says in the About Us page on its website. “The organization will be [sic] ran by volunteers and there will be no salaries paid by any charitable contributions. A separate foundation will be created to hold & disperse funds.”

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