Meghan Edmonds Leaving RHOC?


Rumors have been circulating the web that Meghan King Edmonds will be leaving the Real Housewives of Orange County after this season and now we can confirm that those reports are true.

After a season where her marriage has been in question, Meghan will not be returning to next season of the show.

“She’s going to St. Louis to have her baby in December and that’s all I can confirm,” Meghan’s rep told RadarOnline.

But one thing she will share is how Jimmy’s other children are excited to meet their new sister.

“The little ones are so excited [for their half-sibling] and it’s so stinking cute,” the reality star told Bravo. “My 8-year-old stepdaughter just wants to be in the nursery with me all day long, put together everything there is to put together with me… she’s just being a little mother.”

“My stepson is 10 and he’s like, ‘whatever,’” she added. “He actually likes to feel the baby kick whereas my stepdaughter, she doesn’t like to feel the baby kick. She’s weirded out by it.”

Jim’s other two children, Lauren and Hayley, live in California and Meghan has revealed that she isn’t as close to Hayley since they filmed the show together, and she isn’t close with Jim’s oldest daughter.

“The first time I met Lauren, I didn’t even know I was meeting her!” she confessed. “Jimmy and I were taking his boat out for a ride in Lake Havasu and we docked it next to some of his friends’ boats. Lauren was 19. I remember meeting her and having to ask Jimmy later, ‘which one was your daughter?’”

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  1. That’s one down only Vicki, Kelly, Tamra, Heather to go. Then they can get some new women to film with Shannon. On saying that if I was Shannon I would get out as well! Close this franchise down completely it’s gone way beyond entertainment!

      1. As long as they get scumbag Vicki out and trashy Kelly I will watch again. Hopefully Tamra will calm down a bit without Vicki.

              1. Scary movies ?? LOL you’re so cute Daisy ❤️❤️❤️ You and Suze are top notch hotties xoxo
                Well I got waxed and ‘cleaned up’ yesterday so I’m feeling pretty sassy lol!

                1. Lol clean and sassy always makes for a fun time. You are also a top notch hottie. Yep I love horror movies….. I’m sick and twisted

              2. Thank you not too bad thanks! maybe we should call you scary Daisy but that doesn’t sound right. Delicious was better! Xoxoxoxxo

                    1. The problem is that my ass no longer fits into my jeans and none of my cute clothes fit . I went up a cup size in bras . That would be OK but I have a small frame so I look ridiculous with d cups . My body is going crazy just like my mind

                    2. Daisy stop bragging! D cup indeed! I barely fill out a B cup! I bet you look hot whatever size! A bigger bum is got to be more comfortable on the back of the bike!

                    3. Lol Suze it’s a bit embarrassing actually . I’ve had a few people ask when did I get them done . My seat is bigger than the Harley seat so I feel like I’m falling off . Time for a bigger Harley because I do not diet ever

                    4. Daisy, you are so funny! Good for you not dieting life’s is too short to make yourself miserable. I’m sure Bear will be delighted to get an even bigger Harley! I’m also sure he loves you just as you are! B cups are perky but that she the only benefit there are no others!

                    5. Suze Bear is so sweet . He said bull crap you haven’t gained any weight . We went to look at bike’s last weekend . That crazy man picked one out that cost more than my car . Not bragging but my car was not cheap

                    6. Well my lovely ladies sorry to leave good company but Mr Bear is taking my shopping . So I need to hop in the shower and get dolled up . Hope everyone has a awesome day

    1. What are the reasons why I stopped watching this Housewives is because of this b**** Megan I probably won’t watch it anymore but now you’re right now they need to get what’s-her-name out Heather

    1. It is toxic the worst ever! I’m glad she has gone, look after that baby that’s the most importantxoxoxoxxo

  2. Wow, I sensed this would happen too. She wants to be close to family I think. Too bad, cuz out of all of them, the only one who never screeched at anybody is her. Think about it. She has NEVER screeched at anyone like the others have.

  3. I’m sorry to see her go. Just wish it was Tamra, Vicki, Heather leaving the show. There time has up….!!!! Please Bravo!!!! Dump!!!

  4. How sad really. Reading between the lines sounds like Jim didn’t like the scrutiny. She’ll be safely tucked away in st. Louis and no more judgy eyes. Sounds like his son feels the same way about the baby that he does. I mean, the first time she met his daughter and he didn’t even introduce them? But, she is literally the only one I can stand, so I guess I’m done. Enjoying Below Deck and looking forward to VPR!

    On a parting note…in regards to big backsides…more cushion for the pushin’…and barely b cups unfortunately don’t stay perky but at least I’ll never accidentally suck them up in the vacuum while cleaning eh. JMO

  5. I already am not watching RHOBH this season due to being sick of Rinna and her fish lips. If Kelly is allowed back on that’ll be the end of RHOC for me too for the first time. It’s bad enough they let a woman back on who lied about cancer but Kelly is just trash and adds nothing to the show other than bullsh&& from the time she stepped on the yacht

  6. Best decision Meghan has made since her 1st season. She joined in with the others toxciticy then & this season, she kept away as her priorities took a big change for the better with her blessed event.

  7. This is one reason why I stopped watching this house wives because of that b**** made and thank God they getting rid of her now the next to that has to go is Shannon and Heather

  8. Meghan’s story line was kind of dumb especially in that last episode where she was looking for her relatives in Ireland. She just went up to random people and asked them about their family history. That must be how they get rid of the housewives with bad story telling.

      1. Vicki is a senior at 54? When does middle age start then, in your late 20’s? Lol. Clever though. Senior Guy could have been Senior Stud to keep with the S theme alive.

  9. From Webster’s: Full Definition of housewife
    plural housewives play \ˈhau̇s-ˌwīvz also ˈhau̇z-ˌwīvz; ˈhə-zəfs, -zəvz, -səfs, -səvz\
    1: a married woman in charge of a household
    2: a pocket-size container for small articles (as thread)

    I don’t know about the container usage (UK?) but a housewife is a married woman who takes care of the household, and who really fits this definition? Heather is married, and she is always talking about taking care of everything, so she qualifies. Shannon could as well. Meghan could meet the definition of housewife too..even if she barely sees her husband, though that should change when she moves. Tamra…married too, so she could as well. Even Kelly is married. This show has more married women than most of the Housewives shows it seems. Vicki does not qualify as a housewife by its definition.
    It is good that Meghan is leaving. I was surprised they had her on for a second season. Even her step daughter does not seem to be very close to her at all any more, and that seemed to be her biggest story when she first came on the show. Now she will be busy with a baby, and I wish her well.
    I just am so unhappy with the OC women, especially after the latest show. I cannot stomach another year of Vicki, Tamra, Heather, Kelly, and even Shannon has let me down of late, but I always liked her. 🙁

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