Meghan Edmonds: Kelly Dodd Could Use Some Self-Awareness


Meghan Edmonds is glad her drama with Vicki Gunvalson has been put aside and that she could celebrate her birthday with her, but Edmonds was surprised by something Briana said on the trip. In her blog, Meghan also says she understands why Tamra wanted Heather to meet with Kelly and says Dodd could use some self-awareness.

“I’ve been loving these drama-free episodes lately (when it comes to me at least)! Like I said in the beginning of the season, I’ve been keeping my mind on “baby baby baby,” and that’s definitely been my main focus so far.

I’m glad that Vicki invited me out to celebrate her birthday with her. It feels so good to put past drama aside and move on. As for Briana saying she’s sad that her mom wasn’t invited to Shannon’s party is not what I expected from her at all. She is fully aware of their falling out and knows exactly why Vicki wasn’t invited. And then for Vicki to play along as if she was a victim to bullying? Please. It was a dramatic moment trying to make Shannon look bad. Someone tell me who would invite a non-friend to an intimate vow renewal?

I know the girls were laughing when I said I thought I was pregnant, but I swear I thought I felt my babies implant! My girl was more developed than my boy when they were transferred and that’s why I thought she implanted first. Looking back, I think I felt a leftover twinge from my left ovary (I had a couple cysts that burst which is common). As for my boy, I now think that was actually my girl implanting because the placenta was in the exact place I felt it. I don’t think my baby boy ever implanted.

I understand why Tamra wanted to try to get Kelly and Heather together to talk, but I don’t think it was too successful. I think Kelly has a tendency to get fixated on little things, like she did upon hearing that Heather was reluctant to take her child on a trip with Kelly because she was afraid of an outburst. I feel bad that Kelly was crying during the dinner, but I think if she put herself in Heather’s shoes instead of reacting defensively, she might be able to get further and heal past wrongdoings. So I have to admit that I’m with Heather on this one. She hasn’t had any favorable impressions of Kelly, so naturally she would be worried about future blowups. For Kelly not to empathize with what Heather was saying just shows me she could use some self-awareness.”

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