Meghan Edmonds: Kelly Dodd Could Use Some Self-Awareness


Meghan Edmonds is glad her drama with Vicki Gunvalson has been put aside and that she could celebrate her birthday with her, but Edmonds was surprised by something Briana said on the trip. In her blog, Meghan also says she understands why Tamra wanted Heather to meet with Kelly and says Dodd could use some self-awareness.

“I’ve been loving these drama-free episodes lately (when it comes to me at least)! Like I said in the beginning of the season, I’ve been keeping my mind on “baby baby baby,” and that’s definitely been my main focus so far.

I’m glad that Vicki invited me out to celebrate her birthday with her. It feels so good to put past drama aside and move on. As for Briana saying she’s sad that her mom wasn’t invited to Shannon’s party is not what I expected from her at all. She is fully aware of their falling out and knows exactly why Vicki wasn’t invited. And then for Vicki to play along as if she was a victim to bullying? Please. It was a dramatic moment trying to make Shannon look bad. Someone tell me who would invite a non-friend to an intimate vow renewal?

I know the girls were laughing when I said I thought I was pregnant, but I swear I thought I felt my babies implant! My girl was more developed than my boy when they were transferred and that’s why I thought she implanted first. Looking back, I think I felt a leftover twinge from my left ovary (I had a couple cysts that burst which is common). As for my boy, I now think that was actually my girl implanting because the placenta was in the exact place I felt it. I don’t think my baby boy ever implanted.

I understand why Tamra wanted to try to get Kelly and Heather together to talk, but I don’t think it was too successful. I think Kelly has a tendency to get fixated on little things, like she did upon hearing that Heather was reluctant to take her child on a trip with Kelly because she was afraid of an outburst. I feel bad that Kelly was crying during the dinner, but I think if she put herself in Heather’s shoes instead of reacting defensively, she might be able to get further and heal past wrongdoings. So I have to admit that I’m with Heather on this one. She hasn’t had any favorable impressions of Kelly, so naturally she would be worried about future blowups. For Kelly not to empathize with what Heather was saying just shows me she could use some self-awareness.”

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  • Suze☕️

    I must admit I prefer Shannon stance with Vicki than Meghans. I realize it’s difficult with filming but Shannon doesn’t care and I admire her for that. I am pleased for Meghan re her pregnancy, fantastic news! She isn’t someone I would want to meet but then again Shannon is the only one on OC I would like to chat to!

    • I like Shannon too glad she’s on the show


    What favorable impressions from anger/alcoholic Kelly has there been?

  • All this unnecessary drama between Kelly vs.
    Heather,_& Shannon could have ended, if Heather would have said,” I’m sorry that I tried to kick you out of the Sushi Party.”
    For Shannon, if she would have admitted that yes, ” Nina did say u suck …….”
    The end. No more B.S. drama.

    Glad Meghan went over to Vicki’ s. It shows growth, strength, & the ability to move on.

    • starr

      Southern P, voice of peace you are. I agree.

    • DebBrenn

      It’s Kelly’s lack of civility that’s the real problem. As much as it might have overreaching her authority (what’s new?) for Heather to tell her to leave, and as much as it was tacky of that woman to say what she did about Kelly, the real problem was Kelly acts like a rabid animal.

      • Bon Vivant

        So the others are absolved of their wrongdoings?

    • patricia


  • Karen Wiltshire

    Here we go again with the poor me from Vicki and now she has Briana in on it too. Kelly hasn’t made any favorable impressions on anyone as far as I can tell. She was nasty from the very beginning of RHOC and she just continues in her downward spiral. As for being tired of apologizing……..well though stuff. With a mouth like hers and her lousy attitude, she better be prepared for MORE apologizing if she continues to open her filthy mouth and just say whatever comes to her mind and then out of her mouth. Meghan may be feeling more charitable these days since she is pregnant. Besides, she doesn’t need to get in the middle of all this crap during her pregnancy. This may be the only baby she has, so she should enjoy each and every minute of it. Was it Heather’s place to ask Kelly to leave the sushi restaurant, probably not. I probably would have done the same thing. Extricating herself was the next best option for her. As for Kelly being offended that Heather didn’t want to go on a trip with her because of what she might say in front of her children, that was only being a good mom. I don’t think any of us would put children the ages of hers in a potential situation where WE might have to react if Kelly opens her dirty, unfiltered mouth. Too much is being made of that situation, IMHO.

  • starr

    Meghan needs to focus all of her energy wholly on her pregnancy. I’m happy for her happiness.
    Even happier that she’s refraining from drama of which there’s much with this group.
    Peace could’ve reigned between Kelly & Heather at the planned dinner, but with miss know it all Heather, that was not a happening thing. Meghan above all, should have understood after her behavior last season & the way Shannon lashed out at her & she was no quiet mouse. Kelly is her friend. Point out truths to your friend privately (which she did), but don’t blindly side with Heather either who was more angry at being mimicked than anything else.
    Heather thinks she’s the voice of pure reason for these women. Her “I said it, so it is so” attitude leaves me dry.
    I agree with Meghan though that Brianna’s remark about Vicki being left out of Shannon’s bash was not only stupid, but uncalled for. Shannon & Vicki’s friendship is like a frozen ice-box that will never be defrosted.

    • Bon Vivant

      This sounds fair enough. Incidentally I’m on the fence about Briana’s comment: after work one night I kicked back to watch one of the behind the scenes specials from a season or two back; the unseen footage of Vicki and Shannon was so bittersweet given where they are now; these two were joined at the hip once with a really tight friendship dynamic, and Vicki was in Shannon’s corner like a rock when she was initially struggling with David’s betrayal. I can easily picture Briana, in a kind of hopeful naïveté, wishing Shannon was still part of her mom’s life on an intimate level. That said, I do understand why Shannon does not want to reconcile with Vicki, but Shannon purportedly is Christian, and I find her tactics of manipulating conflicts and playing freeze out games (aside from her vow renewal) problematic. I think the show is also about 2 steps away from playing the “Gaslight” game, which is a turn-off.

  • Cin

    I like Megan…. refreshing addition… As for Briana and Vicki… what on earth!!! I am truly bummed that Briana is on this show along with her thug of a husband. After viewing Briana’s husband the past couple of seasons… she has no reason to rag on her Mother about her choice of men.

  • Karen Wiltshire

    Oh Meghan, PLEASE just focus and put all your energy into your pregnancy. Kelly needs more than self-awareness. She can’t even use any self-help. She needs all the professionals her & her millionaire hubby can cram into their schedules. I find Kelly anything but someone I want to watch. She always seems to be doing or saying something to bring a LOT of attention to herself, then she is like Vicki, she plays the “oh poor me” bit and she is tired of apologizing. I find that incredibly silly & funny. If one doesn’t want to keep apologizing, one needs to put her brain in gear before opening her mouth. I have to agree with Cin……….Briana’s husband brought nothing to the show except to show how crass he was when he was speaking to Lydia’s mother. He didn’t even bother to find out who she was before he started cussing her out. Vicki should be happy now that she has Briana back in the OC and maybe she should devote her time to getting her well since she doesn’t think that Oklahoma doctors are good enough for her. What a stupid, stupid woman she is. OMG, I am sick of the OG of the OC!!!!!

    • All Megan does is whine about Jim being gone didn’t she know about his work.Jim acts like an arrogant big headed above everyone else.I don’t envy Megan and I do hope that isn’t her story line.