Meghan Edmonds: Jimmy is Actually Such a Softie

Meghan Edmonds is defending her husband Jim in her blog this week. She writes that even though Jimmy acts so grumpy on RHOC, he’s such a softie and that he is in love with her. Meghan also slams Peggy Sulahian and says she doesn’t blame Tamra Judge for getting so defensive.

“This week is an exciting week for me – I was back in New York City to officially expand my new personal care collection, The King Collection, by K.Hall Designs! This working momma’s vision is multiplying and it’s so surreal!

I’m so passionate about my new collection and all of my work endeavors, so I know exactly how Shannon feels when she’s talking about opening up a restaurant. She’s so excited to finally be living out her dream and I can’t wait to see the final outcome!

I’m also happy for Lydia and Doug on the success of their Nobleman magazine launch. I know Lydia has put a lot of work into perfecting the magazine, so it was great to see it all come together and be able to help celebrate the launch. The party was beautiful and the spread featuring Peggy and Diko was very classy and chic. And Doug truly knows how to celebrate and spoil Lydia – her birthday celebration was amazing! Not one, but two cars, presented on a red carpet?! Then the jewelry and the helicopter ride with champs?! I thought Jimmy was a great gift giver, but Doug really sets the bar high!

While we were at the Nobleman party, I couldn’t believe Peggy was still standing behind pinching my lips shut and laughed about it while talking to Tamra! That was one of the worst first impressions I’ve ever encountered, so wouldn’t you want to try to forget that moment, Peggy? Her first impression with Tamra was equally as bad. The two of them had just met that night, so for Peggy to tell Tamra that she’s dwelling on a situation that she doesn’t know anything about is out of line and Tamra had every right to get defensive.

I feel that I also need to address that I have been so used to seeing breast cancer in my life (three aunts, my grandma all had breast cancer and my mom a preventative, bilateral mastectomy) that I think I have become slightly numb to hearing about cancer. Overall, my reaction to anything abruptly tragic, cancer or otherwise, is to take a deep breath, assess the situation and try my best to attack it from a factual standpoint. I feel that is one of my greatest strengths, but also a weakness because it masks my deep compassion and often times, brokenness. My defenses go up immediately and at times my reactions may come off misunderstood.

Also, despite what you see on camera, Jimmy is actually SUCH A SOFTIE. It makes me laugh that he acts like he hates Girly Girl, but he’s so obsessed with her and I always find them cuddling together. Yes, he’s grumpy and yes, he is great at avoiding anything whenever he’s hungry or stressed (which is often), but I’m madly in love with that grump and he is with me!”

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  • timhun

    Don’ tike Meghan or her husband. Wish she hadn’t come back. Tired of the way she refers to her daughter as baby Aspen. Why doesn’t she just say my daughter or Aspen. Meghan, we can see she’s a baby. You don’t have to call her baby Aspen all the time.

  • JC

    Can Meghan please take down Peggy with her fake cancer story? ha ha