Meghan Edmonds’ Husband Jim In The Midst Of a Lawsuit


For Real Housewives of Orange County newcomer Meghan King Edmonds things have been tough in terms of spending time with her former MLB star husband Jim Edmonds. Jim is always traveling to St. Louis for work and business purposes, and now Radar Online is exclusively revealing a reason why Jim is always absent from his wife.

The site is reporting that Jim was dealing with a lawsuit that could have potentially put his business and fortunes at risk.

According to U.S. district court documents, Jeff Ruby who is the owner of Cincinnati steakhouse The Precinct was suing Jim and his company for trademark infringement after Edmonds had opened up a restaurant with the same name in St. Louis.

Jeff Ruby had quoted that Edmonds has “embarked in a deliberate and willful campaign to circumvent and misappropriate Plaintiff’s exclusive rights in the Precinct Mark and the goodwill associated herewith,” he argued in November of 2013.

The site is claiming that before Jim opened his restaurant in October of 2013, Ruby claimed that Edmonds had been to his restaurant “several times” while playing for the Cincinnati Reds back in 2010.

“Edmonds became uniquely and intimately aware of Plaintiff’s iconic Precinct restaurant,” Ruby said, alleging that his competitor purposely imitated his restaurant’s name, décor, and dress,” The site claims from documents.

Ruby had asked that Edmonds shut down his venue and was seeking financial compensation for damages. Edmonds’ attorneys agreed that Jim had been to Ruby’s restaurant, but denied trademark infringement. His team filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit-and they were denied.

After a year of legal arguments both parties agreed to settle the issue out of court and was dismissed of May 27, 2015, and Jim had closed his restaurant a week prior. Jim had then reopened his venue into a private event space called Jim Edmonds’s Space 15.

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8 Replies to “Meghan Edmonds’ Husband Jim In The Midst Of a Lawsuit”

    1. What a creep. Apparently, he’s had more than one failed restaurant. But, maybe he’s like the Dublows and can throw away a million or two, without thinking about it.

  1. He doesnt seem to love his young wife. But she is a built in babysitter for his daughter. Ive seen this before with my own brother..

  2. I am remembering a movie with Farrah Faucet where she has a line that goes, “I am not a whore, now I am a fiancé'” For some reason that memory invaded my thoughts when I thought of Megan.

  3. I find her rude, arrogant, sleezy, etc. and him the same. He treats her with no respect on TV…heavens knows how he does in person. She acts like a nut when speaking to his RUDE AND UNGRATEFUL daughter. I cannot stand that kid.

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