Meghan Edmonds Didn’t Invite Shannon Beador To Her Charity Event


During Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador was shocked to learn she wasn’t being invited to Meghan Edmond’s charity event because of their fight in Napa. Tamra broke the news to Shannon when they were out to dinner with Vicki Gunvalson.

“I haven’t gotten an invite yet,” Shannon told Tamra and Vicki as they were discussing the event. “Did you get an official invitation?”

“She called me today,” Tamra shared, as a clip is shown of Meghan explaining she couldn’t deal with Shannon’s unpredictability. “She’s not inviting you.”

Shannon confesses, “This whole thing is ridiculous. Meghan needs to grow up! It’s an insult. It’s very judgmental. Very immature. Very uncharitable.”

“So now I’m banned from her home?” Shannon asks the girls. “And it’s a charity? True colors are showing. It’s a real shame, because I have the wine already picked out. I had it all ready. I actually went and bought a dress. I’ll have to cancel my hair appointment and everything tomorrow. This is what 30 year-olds do, they don’t think it though. It’s about the charity. It’s not about me, it’s not about you.”

Vicki shows her loyalty to Shannon by deciding that she won’t attend the event because Shannon was not invited.

Watch the show highlight below.

Should Meghan have invited Shannon? Comment below!

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  • I don’t blame her. Not after the way Shannon popped off on her.

  • Tam

    Hahahahahahah sucked in Shannon.. Should have played nice and not been a Biatch!!

  • Rain

    Meghan is. Dumb rude Barbie ! Grow s brain

  • Kirk

    I wouldn’t of invited her either. Why have someone around like that but a lot of them are fake

    • Sandra

      According to Shannon, she was sent a “Save the date” from Meghan which means she was on the invitation list. (I follow her on Twitter.) It was irresponsible of Meghan to disinvite a wealthy contributor (who also ran a charity for the same cause) after inviting her and not think of the charity first…and it wasn’t Her charity, but a worthy cause she was having a benefit for at her home. It was petty and immature.

  • Sandra

    In spite of what happened when Meg tried to ask Shannon questions without properly identifying herself or the charity that Shannon has raised funds for before…Meghan should have thought of the charity first and the fact that she already sent Shannon a save the date for the event which was essentially inviting her. Meghan is the new kid on the block in every way, and this was not the mature thing to do. She should have tried to call Shannon again using her married last name and explain more clearly, let it all slide and think of the charity first. Meghan just wanted a big party. Her public speaking skills are far from the best too. She is acting like a spoiled princess with a sugar daddy who married her, in my opinion.

    • Rain

      Great points Sandra! And since when is anyone obligated to respond to a call or text from someone they don’t know!!!! But entitled Barbie thinks everyone should drop everthng the minute they calls lol. Shannon is going through a lot with her marriage so excuse me if she doesn’t flatter your neediness little girl

      • Sandra

        Thanks. ITA with you.

      • s

        I agree with both of you – Meghan’s showing her true colors early on in the game – oh gee I married this has been with money so everyone would know who I was dah – why don’t they like me daddy oh I mean what is your name – she’s just mean –

  • starr

    I agree with all 3 of you. Meghan is NOT a child, she is a married 30 year old woman, so I cant excuse her spoilt brat ways. She is selfish & self absorbed. The world must rotate around her or else it’s temper tantrum time. She acts like an immature child on every level & thus far, leaves much to be desired. She seems entitled & I certainly do not have the tolerance for that behavior. She is definitely a wrong fit.

  • Krysti

    Shannon needs to get over it. Her and David would have spoilt it for everyone by arguing yet again. He says something innocent and she turns it into world war 3. She should have been happy to stay at home with her family instead of partying with the girls who she doesn’t like anyway except for Vicki who she seems to have a creepy obsession with. She didn’t like Vicki holding hands with Tamra and then moans like a little kid because Vicki wasn’t going to be at the wine tasting where she picked a fight with David over nothing. Why be upset over not being invited to a party when she doesn’t like the hostess anyway? Just seems to be a lot of moaning over nothing. She needs to get her priorities in order first – sort out your family and not worry over what the other ladies are doing when you don’t like them anyway. Oh and don’t rely on crystals to get your marriage back on track it doesn’t work.

    • Tam


    • Apple

      Yup! That’s how I see it, too.
      Shannon is about as much fun as a fire in an orphanage…and always the victim.
      Meghan may be young and dumb…and boring, but it’s too soon to tell in my opinion, so I am willing to give her a chance.