Meghan Edmonds Doesn’t Connect With Peggy Sulahian; Regrets Bringing Kelly Dodd On RHOC

Meghan King Edmonds introduced Kelly Dodd on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but with their friendship circling the drain, how does Meghan feel about bringing her “friend” on the show?

“Yeah, totally,” she told E! News when asked if she had any regrets about Kelly. “I think Kelly has a lot of great attributes. Unfortunately, I think those great attributes are completely overshadowed by her nastiness. She just can be so nasty and I don’t like that, and I don’t understand it. I wish she could separate the two because when she is good, she is so good…but when she’s bad, it’s like you just forget about all the good stuff. It makes me sad to see my friends hurt by Kelly. That’s hard for me to see.”

Now, after her awkward introduction to Peggy Sulahian, Kelly isn’t the only one Meghan doesn’t get along with. “I thought she was fixing my lip gloss. Swear to God,” Meghan said of Peggy putting her finger to her lips. “Who does that without fixing your lip gloss, right? I thought, ‘Oh, this is nice. She doesn’t even know me and she’s fixing my lip gloss. This is sweet of her.’ No, she was trying to shut me up. She doesn’t even know me and she’s trying to shut me up.”

Edmonds admits throughout filming she never felt a connection with Sulahian. “Yeah, Peggy’s just weird. I don’t know Peggy. I like to watch the show and try to get to know her because I seriously never got to know Peggy throughout the last five months,” she said. “I can’t relate to her, we can’t have a conversation. I just don’t get her.”

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12 Replies to “Meghan Edmonds Doesn’t Connect With Peggy Sulahian; Regrets Bringing Kelly Dodd On RHOC”

  1. Oh for Pete’s sake!!! Meghan you need off this show. I am not impressed by you at all, you are too immature to be in this group of women and you are also too judgemental. AND jealous much?? Peggy has more class and social etiquette in her pinky than you have in your entire stick figure. Go away and play somewhere else!

    1. I think she has very right! We don’t all have to agree with what other’s think or feel, but just as your opinion matters to you, she has a right to her opinion. Everybody does not have to go along with all life styles. IJS

  2. I’ll tell you what I don’t like Meghan. Someone who cries because they want a baby so badly but then have a nanny take care of it 24/7 because being a mother is so hard. (insert eye roll here)

    1. I feel the same way! All Meghan did was whine about how bad she wanted a baby and in all honesty I am not seeing a genuine Mother / Child connection. All she’s done this season is complain about how hard it is. What the hell did she expect, a baby isn’t a doll that you put back in the box after playing with it. I swear her main goal for having this kid was to lock down her weird Husband. That guy seems to be about as much fun as watching paint dry, he’s soooo blah and never seems like he wants to be around in the first place. Most people would give their left leg to have a beautiful baby girl like that but no not Meghan, lets just constantly bitch about how exhausting it is when you have a freaking Nanny you spoiled little B****. And I happen to like Peggy, she is different and brings something new to this stale group of housewives.

  3. Why is Meghan upset when Kelly hurts her friends? Is Kelly not her friend also & why dosent she feel upset when her drama queen idiotic friends hurt Kelly? What’s fair for one friend, should be just as equally fair for another. I never liked this investigative dope who needs to grow up now that she’s a mother. Focus on the important—her baby. She has absolutely no coping skills at all in that department. Investigate & complain is what she knows to do.
    She is upset that Peggy put her fingers to her lips to shut her up? she deserved that 100% & further more, she & her low classed 2 so called friends deserve each other.

    1. Wow when Meghan came on the show she drove me crazy…Timhun and Sadiebaby said it all, how true and Meghan what about the trip last year to Ireland when the girls ganged up on Kelly> Huh what they can dish it out to Kelly but when Kelly dishes it back she is a horrible person..I like Kelly she says it like it is!!!

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