Meghan Edmonds Agrees Kelly Dodd Has Every Reason To Feel Set-Up


Meghan Edmonds is taking to her blog to reveal that she believes the dinner with the women on this week’s episode of the RHOC was weird and she agrees that Kelly has every reason to feel set-up.

“After week two of the Ireland trip, what did y’all think? Of course it had even more drama! Since I was pregnant, I couldn’t participate, and I didn’t feel well for most of the trip, but watching these episodes back, I’m grateful for my baby girl for keeping me in my room away from it all!

The highlight of the trip for me was definitely learning so much about my family’s heritage. If you ever have the chance to meet with a genealogist and tour where your ancestors lived, you should! I learned so much and can’t wait to go back some day with my family and less drama. Looking for my relatives at Greystones was not nearly as easy as I thought it would be, and it actually ended up being totally awkward and forced. Even though I did end up meeting an O’Toole, it was still awkward! I’ve actually met more family members that I didn’t know I had in and around St. Louis! (For example, Girly Girl’s trainer turned out to be my second cousin, my mom’s first cousin’s daughter). My family is so huge, so it’s hard to know more than just immediate family! Even though wandering the streets of Greystones was easier said than done, I loved being able to tour Powerscourt and learn more about my ancestors.

Watching the ladies attempt to milk the cows was hilarious. I knew when I set that up for them that it would be entertaining to see, and as much as I wish I could’ve joined them, it was nice being able to pass on that adventure.

It was strange to see Shannon asking for a double for Kelly. I don’t understand why she wanted to get her drunk? Since Kelly has a history of behaving badly when she’s drunk, I believe that she had every reason to feel set up by Shannon. I don’t know if that was the case, but that whole meal felt weird and a little forced. Of course that meal then lead to World War III later that night! That car ride to the airport was not how I wanted to end my time in Ireland – just wait until next week when you see the rest of the footage!”

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15 Replies to “Meghan Edmonds Agrees Kelly Dodd Has Every Reason To Feel Set-Up”

  1. Why is ANYONE…. listening to Meghan. She is dumb as a door knob. If she is Kelly’s so called friend she must be hard up for friends. Kelly is a passive aggressive liar. Look how she explains the situation to her husband, all of the details she spoke with him about were lies and all the stories were just fiction. She cannot tell the truth and she cannot admit that she is one CRAZY women. If this is what OC wanted her to do, she does it very well. I just hope she is a one season…. HW. Go Kelly Go Kelly Bye Bye

    1. GigiCat that’s what I’ve been thinking all along too they do not seem simpatico at all. Meghan is way more mature than Kelly at her young age too. Maybe she never really knew her all that well. And now that she’s seen her behavior I wonder if she’ll even stay friends. But she’s leaving the show so good for her.

  2. I don’t care for Meghan but in this case she is rt. All that hatred that Shannon has & she’s ordering drinks 4 Kelly! She then gets up & orders a dbl. Shannon is Satan’s Spawn! She set Kelly up at the party & she did it again. Shannon is incapable of affection. She worked it out with her husband bc she had no other choice. U need to live in a vacuum at Home with all these specifications U have 2 carry a portable hospital on trips!! That’s pure insanity! Kelly has said some stupid sh_t but never acted on anything. I have never seen such viciousness frm women in my life like TJ, HD & SB. Not even in movies. They R toxic as hell & need 2go! Bravo scraped these three monsters from the bottom of a dumpster! They R an embarrassment 2 all women. Editing is not the problem. I’m disgusted& out. Peace!

  3. Shannon seems to be real good at setting people up that stuff she did was so wrong! Especially when they were overseas the harm that could come from that alone was reprehensible!

    1. Exactly. She’s an adult, she could’ve said No. I think it’s funny she called Shannon a drunk and that’s all Kelly does is drink. She couldn’t even take the night off.

  4. I’m no Meghan fan by any means, but, she played fair in seeing Kelly was set up & Shannon was downright wrong to have even thought the thought, far less order doubles for Kelly. No means a big fat NO, Very simple explanation. Shannon is a black hearted vixen & hides behind her so called honesty & she NEVER lies. What a poor excuse of a human. Kelly is a saint next to these witches.

  5. I don’t particularly care for Meghan, but in all fairness I think she looked at this with a balanced eye. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Dodd was set up and ambushed. I was completely disgusted by what I saw on my television. Those women behaved like a pack of wolves zeroing in on a fresh kill and I applaud anyone strong enough to maintain their individuality, employ some degree of ethics when looking at this and not just fall in line with the mob mentality that tends to defend the indefensible. Fair enough, Meghan. fair enough.

    1. Well voiced, Bon. I agree, fair is fair. Right is right & wrong is wrong. I do not like the minds of these loser women. Shame on their stink behavior.

  6. Yes I believe Kelly was set up. Shannon is a strange loose canon. Tamra & Heather… a bunch of mean girls. What is bad is that they still behave like this at their age.

    1. Cin, I think they’ll be old & in rocking chairs with the same bad mentality. The skin you’re born with is the skin you live with. They will pay a price as no one will want to be in their company.

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