Meghan And Tamra Confront Brooks On RHOC


Things got heated on Monday night’s episode of RHOC when Tamra Judge confronted Brooks Ayers at Shannon’s Aries party.

Brooks confronted Meghan Edmonds for overstepping her boundaries by researching his cancer treatment and history and reaching out to one of his ex-girlfriends. Meghan followed up by asking Brooks if her husband Jim told him at a hockey game that two of the four months of their marriage had been rocky. Brooks denied Jim made the comment and told Meghan to “consider the source,” a dig at Tamra Judge.

When Tamra heard what Brooks had said about her, she wasn’t happy, claiming that she has been the only lady that has defended him all year and went straight to confront him.

Watch the show highlight below.

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15 Replies to “Meghan And Tamra Confront Brooks On RHOC”

  1. Well, I gotta give it to Tamra tonight for not quivering and shaking at Vicki’s demands to be quiet. Vicki really got caught tonight and, as usual, is placing blame elsewhere. I almost wanted to start clapping when Tamra confronted Crooks. He’s SUCH A CREEPY little wanna-be. This years reunion is gonna be great!

  2. Of course Meghan runs and tattles about what Brooks said immediately, stirring up petty nonsense to try to be relevant. Can’t wait ’til she is gone.

    1. That’s not called tattling JJ. When someone is slinking around, slandering you, then you have every right to get to the bottom of it and find out who said what. That’s called reality. If you say the words to someone, then you can say them to anyone otherwise don’t say them at all. She got caught.

      1. It was Viki, that ironically, said the thing about Megan. Then, as if she has said it in confidence, asked why Tamera told anyone. She said it on CAMERA. I only replied here because it reminded me who first said it. Viki once again.

  3. Would have been a classic moment if Tamara confronted Brooks in the presences ofMeghan, or if Meghan told Tamara in front of Brooks and Bicki.

  4. yep…. consider the source… Tamra is a fool and looks the fool. I’m sure Bravo wanted this to be a big story line regarding Brooks cancer but Tamra, once again, is over the top in her behavior…. she’s disgusting as a lady….and I don’t want to see her son on my tv viewing screen….

  5. Tamra is not a Brooks supporter she just lets Meghan go stalker for her LOL! Maybe Brooks doesn’t have cancer but just on the safe side should they all be going on like this against him if he does? Seriously a disgruntled girlfriend on a blog is not the strongest evidence to crucify a cancer patient. Chemo is no longer the be all it was people are going to other alternatives and surviving.

  6. Cant add more to this blog that I have not already said in the last two regarding Tamara & Meghan. Who can live with these two witches? I can forsee two divorces in next seasons episodes.

  7. I feel Megan has overstepped the boundaries of propriety and I feel she only did it to create a storyline for herself. If he does have cancer, this emotional stress is inexcusable and who does she think she is to perpetuate her doubt to everyone? I thought Brooks and Vicki kept it very civil in their discussion with her and Jim- who I must say looked completely uncomfortable that megan had put him in this position. Again.

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