Meet Sonja Morgan’s New Boyfriend “Frenchie”

Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan has a brand new man in her life this season. Sonja reveals she’s dating a new man who she refers to as “Frenchie,” and it seems as though things are getting pretty serious.

“Yeah, how do I get into these things?” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I made a list for myself, and my list was for people I could spend the rest of my life with and settle down, now that things are settled down for myself.”

Sonja reveals that she already wanted her potential love interest to already have kids. But, as it turns out,”the Frenchie” doesn’t. “I wanted somebody who already had children,” Sonja said. “He says, ‘Oh, I don’t need to have children.’ But then Carole [Radziwill], always being so sensible, goes, ‘Oh, he’ll want children! Look what happened with Demi Moore 10 years down the road. They always want children.’”

For the rest of the details about Sonja’s man: He’s 39, he’s a hotelier, and he splits his time between NYC and France. She describes him as a “solid citizen” and “fabulous.” And added, “He’s everything on the list — except the kid thing.”

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10 Replies to “Meet Sonja Morgan’s New Boyfriend “Frenchie””

  1. Good for her…and she can’t get preggers…more power to her……ride it like you stole it !!!

  2. I don’t believe this. How much is he getting paid (whether in $$ or branding himself or just plain a$$)

    1. Not really, in the pic she has a post-coital look on her face…she wouldn´t call that a waste of time

  3. That is SO true. Men in France have an eye for older women. I was and am married, but although flattered beyond, I was surprised at the persistence of one young man. I almost had to go the hotelier and have him removed from the premises. He really thought no meant yes. I finally convinced him when I got pissed off enough to get crude about how young he was, and what an expert lover my husband is, which is true. So, that was easy to say to him. But really, everywhere we went, my sister and I, we got attention. Not just in France either, in all the European cities we traveled to! Very good for the ego.
    I do wonder if Sonja’s men are looking more toward the camera than her. I hope she isn’t too hurt if it isn’t what she thinks it is. I liked Rocco, he was her age, very handsome and had money. I thought he had a sense of style and class also.

  4. Oh gosh I LOVE Almadovar. He’s heading the jury for Cannes Film Festival this year, I’m going to be working there for 3 days. Do you know I didn’t even recognize Gael on Mozart until I was half-way through the second season???
    Mind you I’ve seen at least 4 of his movies (all the Oscar stuff and that terrible movie he did with Kate Hudson), but what he’s doing now is such a departure from his tension filled, “ac-TOR” projects it completely threw me one day when I looked up … and realized I was looking at the young machismo from “Y tú Mama, Tambien” (oh dear gawd, if you haven’t seen that one it’s so worth it)!!! He’s such a philosopher, that mind of his is just as stunning as his face .

    Oh yes, Fassbender IS good looking. Now when it comes to older…I have grown quite fond of the salt & pepper look in my middle age. Hub-Dude has healthy, thick, salt & pepper hair and I love it. I like looking at those older actor-boys with salt & pepper, too. Salt & pepper with a 5 o’clock shadow looking like they’re ready to sit down with a brandy is how I like ’em, yes M’am Sam!

  5. Being Sonja rarely writes her blog, I will say this here. I used to think Sonja was OK, if a little promiscuous. When she would get s**t faced drunk, she was off the wall. Even sober, when speaking with others, she doesn’t seem to be listening, at all. She is thinking of what she will say next. She might catch the intent of the other side of the conversation, but just enough to pound her point in.
    This season if all she has to offer is to demonstrate how to use a toothbrush on sex toys before loading them in the dishwasher, and making sure the public knows she still wears sexy panties and what each pair look like, then I have to say it’s time to say goodbye. She is not complete without a man, whether he be real or implied.
    Apparently being a designer of upscale clothing is now gone and forgotten, & maybe at reunion, will become another page in the delusion of her life. It really is sad, and a waste, because the personality she shows the viewer includes only sex, men, UES and being thought of as Mrs. Morgan still. All of the lies and the effort of trying to make the audience, and the people who know her believe she is someone she will never be must be a very heavy burden to carry.

  6. Doesn’t anyone realize he is in for the status of it, she is to old for him and she should of stuck with the age appropriate guy. This will not last and then she will be over and it will be a waste of time. Her and Romana act like they are 12 and boy crazy.

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