Meet Sonja Morgan’s New 24 Year-Old Boyfriend, Model Dominik Persy


RHONY star Sonja Morgan has always had a busy love life and now she is introducing her new boyfriend to the world and he’s only 24-years-old.

“It’s been over a month now,” Sonja recently told In Touch of her relationship with model Dominik Persy, who she met while out with Countess LuAnn de Lesseps. And although he’s less than half her age, Sonja makes her guy sound as sophisticated as any 50-year-old.

“He has an Old World charm. He’s worldly, well-traveled, elegant,” she said. “He’s very well-dressed. He has a dandy style, which I like — very European!”

Page Six reports that the couple met at a midtown restaurant called Beautique.

“He kept my attention the whole night,” Sonja said. “He’s charming and elegant and well-mannered.”

“I can leave him with my pocketbook, come back, and my pocketbook is still there, and he’s still there. He hasn’t left with a girlfriend,” she said. “I like that in a guy.”


Photo Credit: Bravo/Instagram


13 Replies to “Meet Sonja Morgan’s New 24 Year-Old Boyfriend, Model Dominik Persy”

  1. She is a grotesque drunk. If he has all the virtues she says he has, then why would he be with her? She must be paying hims lots of money. Or he’s gay and likes older trannys.

  2. Sonja is a joke. She use to be fun, lighthearted crazy. Now she is just out of control. She needs to get her life together and date someone older, who will guide her and take care of her, and not Harry!

  3. Her “model boyfriend” is smart–he knows how to make people notice him–date a bravolebritity. They plant stories and always want to be in the media. he is playing it smart to make his career take off. Hopefully, he will get more jobs by paying this price.

    1. You are right Egg- and poor Sonja, who has just become more sad and pathetic each successive season of RHONY, just looks like a fool. She thinks she’s this smart, classy sexy lady and all the hangers-on and wannabes are just using her and laughing at her while they do. It’s really become rather pathetic.

  4. Honestly I like Sonja and if she/anyone wants to date a younger man (who can uck like a racehorse) I say more power to you but this is kind of ridiculous.

  5. It’s the oldest story, now it just has a name. Sugar-Mama was the 90’s. Now it’s cougar and babies. What it means is they both have something the other wants. If they are both happy, so am I.

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