Meet Sonja Morgan’s Daughter Quincy Adams


Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan was married to John Adams Morgan. Her ex-husband is the son of Henry S. Morgan, whose grandfather founded J.P. Morgan & Company. Sonja was married to Adams for ten years and the two have a 14 year-old daughter together, Quincy Adams Morgan (pictured above).

Although Quincy has yet to make an appearance on RHONY since Sonja joined the cast in season 3, it has been reported that she has been spotted filming with her mom for season 7.


Would you like to see Sonja’s daughter on RHONY?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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  • Lala

    That poor girl. She has to be so embarrassed! I would be if Sonja was my mom.

    • Angelia

      Poor girl she needs to save herself! And go live with her father!

      • Ella

        The father who has refused to pay the divorce settlement decided by the court? Or the one who has had years to intervene and help his ex-wife who he essentially turned into the mess she is, petition for temporary custody etc…? Or step in to sort out some of the financial issues threatening their home?

        Yeah, he’s a peach.

  • funkypink2014

    Lala, I agree, poor girl.

  • JMS

    What a pretty girl..her mom bat shit crazy!

  • Sandy

    Sonja’s husband’s last name is Morgan. He is the great great great grandson of John Quincy Adams on his mother’s side. I like that they named their daughter Quincy Adams Morgan. Quincy has impressive wealth from her father as well as the famous name. I believe Sonja is not the best role model and really doesn’t seem able to find a way to put her life in order by taking care of her assets before she loses them all. She has a way about her that is like a teenager who doesn’t want to grow up. I imagine her daughter may find herself parenting Sonja. Sonja is gorgeous and those pretty genes are good to have…Quincy is a pretty girl born with a silver spoon. I imagine her father makes sure she is doing well in every way.

    • Anonymous

      JP Morgan had been involved in billion dollar scandals more than once, where they’ve been found guilty! How do you assume Quincy’s father would be a better influence than her mother, Sonja? What Sonja does when her daughter isn’t present is her business. She could be a very good mom, we don’t know. Quincy is beautiful, thanks to her mother, and is probably better raised than most by both her parents! Can’t assume/comment if you don’t know. Just saying!?

      • Mel

        Anonymous how can you say what Sonja does on her own time doesn’t affect her daughter. When you have a camera and a microphone following your every move a good mom and a healthy woman would make sure that her sexual trysts and her bad choices are NOT filmed, to end up on the Internet forever. Her daughter sees it all. She has to be embarrassed about her mothers behavior. What bugs me is that JP allows Quincy to be with Sonja at all. Sonja is a disgrace as a mother. Dating 23 year olds…. Your kidding right!!!!! Sneaking in like a sleeve with her sex toys shirt and hat on to make sure everyone knows she had sex. Sorry no sympathy

      • Deb

        Sonja is no more crazy that Ramona or Bethany (both of whom clearly have some personality quirks). She’s just having a rough period and doing her absolute best to get through it and land in a good place. Rather than offer real support and help, these ladies prefer to attack her, belittle her business efforts, judge her drinking and her thinking, attack her sanity, and generally throw her under the bus. Great friends! I think Sonja will come out on top, and her generosity, good nature, and wisdom will lead her to a very good place!

        • Melodie

          I have to disagree Deb…. yes Ramona is a pain in the ass we can all see that… BUT when it comes to business she has all her ducks in a row. She doesn’t fabricate a fashion Lifestyle brand like SOnja. COme on when someone asks you where your clothes are going to be sold you tell them the stores. You don’t tell them you can go to a website and place an order in which you may or may not receive because the manufactures won’t start production until they know they will get paid. Bethanny crazy in her personal life yep she is getting taken to the bank by her ex because she is worth almost a billion dollars and when he walked into the marriage he had nothing. We know on the show that these people are told they need to bring in ratings by creating a scene or an argument. If ratings are no good no one is gonna get paid much less stay on the show. Sonja is living in a world that she has created for herself. Illusions of grandeur that she has yacht’s and limo’s and wine and dine with royalty. She used to yes but not any more. She still brings it all up and that is why people look at her and ask her to come back to reality. Bethanny has been more than successful she has experience in what a brand is all about yet SOnja won’t discuss any dealing with Bethanny who obviously has good intentions its just coming out attached to frustration.

          • Anonymous

            Here’s the “Reality”, Betheny Frankel points to her head and says “This is how I got everything I have”. Sonja points to her crotch and says “This is how I got everything I have”.

            • Melodie

              Hysterical…. so true… SOnja’s successes always start in the crotch region.

              • Misty K

                Didn’t she say she had rejuvenation surgery on her lady parts

        • Chris

          What a gorgious girl! Sonja is a bit coocoo but it seems that she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. The ex is a different story, apparantly he owes Sonja millions but won’t pay because he’s “destitute”

      • Anonymous

        100% agree

      • I totally agree. Well said

      • Mary

        What Sonja does when her daughter isn’t present is viewed by millions of americans every week. It’s digusting and I would be very embarrassed if that were my mother. Also, the state of the home Sonja lives in gets a little worse each year and truly becoming a Grey Gardens kind of issue. I’m glad the daughter is in boarding school and hopefully spends most of her free time with her father.

      • texussgal

        I love the fact that you play “Devil’s Advocate” in these situations. By the same token, can you at least try to see Sonja’s daughter’s side in this????? Her mother’s actions are absolutely deplorable in seasons past. Just this season, she has tried to put her big girl panties on and stop drinking. Well, aren’t you just the greatest thing since sliced bread Ms. Morgan. I think it is best that all these women keep the children out of view of the cameras and just make fools of themselves. No need to bring the kids into this mess. And, poor Avery is away at college. I’m sure her friends all watch the show. Ditto with the other teenaged kids. How embarrassing for them. Maybe Mommie Dearest has to bring home the bacon, but does she have to degrade herself in doing it???? C’mon ladies, it isn’t like you are all alone in this venture.

  • Karen

    Good luck to that poor girl. Her mother is a foolish woman who is not ashamed of making a spectacle of herself on national television, and her father is a notorious skinflint who has tried to cheat her mother out if her divorce settlement. Who knows how they treat her?

    • apple

      John Adams Morgan is in investment banking and is reported to be very smart and very private. I can’t find anything that indicates he is cheap, except stuff Sonja says. There is a prenup…and supposedly he has already exceeded the amount he legally owes her. He is 33 years older than Sonja and when they met, she was a “hostess” at a restaurant where the rich and powerful dined. She is his 4th wife and he was almost 70 years old when the daughter was conceived. They have joint custody of the daughter. He also has a son Sonja’s age.

      Seems like a shake-down to me. She signed the prenup and has gotten all she was promised and more. She is a poser…and she got in over her head trying to play with the big boys. He is not going to give her anymore money.

      • Chris

        she did not get all she was promised or owed. Mr Morgan is a pos

        • Mel

          And you know that for a fact? A pre nup is a pre nup. Whatever was written is what she got. She just ” FEELS” like she should get more.

  • Mel

    Absolutely NOT the way that Sonja presents herself on the show as a middle aged slut her daughter should not be subjected to this. Sonja should have better sense then to have her daughter around any of her drinking, swearing, and just plain poor judgement. I’m sure by now Quincy has seen her mother in action. That poor girl. I never understood why JP Morgan allowed his daughter to be around sonjas disgusting behavior.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt JP is a saint either. that poor girl as you call her may be the most loved little one on the planet. no parent is perfect, but love is everything for a child. she is probably very happy.
      I don’t see that ramona acts like the model mother and avery has been on the show since its inception…and her father did cheat on her mom. do you feel the same about ramona and Mario as you do Sonja and her ex?

    • Angelia

      You forgot to mention she needs to put some underwear on her old ass!

  • true

    Well well…lets all throw stones shall we?
    I think she is a gorgeous young lady and wish her the best!!!

    • Mel

      Hey True I think you need to re read all the comments NO ONE SAID she wasn’t a beautiful girl, she obviously is ….. Everyone’s issues and concerns are about Sonjas sleeping around, acting like a man hungry animal taking her clothes off for just about any man that looks her way. There is worry in everyone’s comments because for the last 4 seasons Sonja has not made good choices.?

      • Anonymous

        Do you? Make good choices? Always?…never slip up or wish you hadn’t done something after you did it? Sonja seems like a free spirit and a little wild, sure, but I don’t see how parenting is connected? Personally, i’d love to party with her!! And I consider myself a great Mom. So do my kids.

        • I see you.

          • Angelia

            Oh please! It’s one thing to go out and have a good time then going out and getting trashed its called Respecting yourself and that I’ve done all my life

            • lynda deimler

              i doubt it.

        • SF GIRL

          Anonymous: I think you are missing the point most of these posts are trying to make. Yes I’m sure we have all made mistakes & bad decisions we regret later, but a mature, respectful mother learns from those mistakes and does not repeat them over & over, nor are we all having them filmed and aired on national television. How can you say it doesn’t affect her daughter, seriously it’s on TV for a to see including her daughter & her daughters peers. She has been on this show for several seasons and her behavior has only gotten worse with every season. She’s so intoxicated on most episodes she has no idea what she’s doing, she flaunts her Vag all over the TV along with her boy toys and I don’t know if you saw the season with the “Johnny Depp” wanna be that she was screwing in the bushes & audio made it clear it was anal sex, but how you can think that is anyway for a mother to act is absurd.. I feel so sorry for her daughter, she may be privledged financially (I’m speaking of the daughter) but she is not privledged by who her mother is and how she chooses to behave on TV for all to see what a drunken slut she is season after season. Those aren’t a bad decision or a mistake when you repeat it again and again, if she truly loved her daughter as she claims to she would get some help and clean up her act to behave like a good role model and mother her daughter could look up to, for several years she has done nothing but set a horrible example for her daughter of how women should behave..

          • Melodie

            SFGirl … Im from Marin…. YOu said everything perfectly. Sonja is making herself look like a hobag ( I did not want to use that word but I could not find one I liked better) She is a sad excuse for a mother and a woman. What self respecting man is going to fall in love with this drunken, delusional, sad, sex addict. There would be only one reason men would want her and we all know that.
            Whoever commented about Sonja needing to be on the show so she can financially take care of Quincy is a crock. Quincy will inherit millions and millions and lets hope nothing happens to her dad until after she is 18 then her mother cannot use her money. Sonja talks that she is a PR person, she promotes people, she makes millions and millions of dollars for people, she was a model in the middle east (WHAT) she now has a collection of ugly fashions to sell ( and the prices are ridiculous), so she is fine… that’s from her mouth not mine.
            You are correct it’s just getting worse and worse every season and the fact that Bravo continues to allow her on the show as she gets so drunk that she shows ALL of her va jj on national television is sad. Im so sick of listening to her and her delusional mind, and her lies she needs to come back to reality and face the music. And while Im here…. I’ll throw in a couple of others,,,, the Giudice’s why would they allow that woman and her troll husband back after they stole millions and millions of dollars from everyone they could get their grubby little hands on. I will quote Heather Dubrow. She is doing her time but no way should she be celebrated when she gets out.
            SOnja sorry your a MESS.

            • kim2020

              I’m from SF too and you two said it best. The excessive drinking and need for overt attention by flashing one’s Vag. is simply gross. Who the hell does that? I bet Mr. Morgan feels vindicated in his decision to divorce Sonja every time he watches the show.

    • Anonymous

      So what ? being “beautiful” means that you can act like a slut/ being drunk all the time /using interns as servants and pretending to be royalty when in fact you was a hostess who married a rich old man ?? She was his 4th wife, was married 7 years and she’s still using his name and fame to smooch lmoney from her relations. This woman is a fraud and an insult to all women who work hard to pay their rent !

  • starr sabga

    What a sweet, innocent faced young lady. Hopefully she’ll stay that way.

  • kathy

    Sonja is a gold digger and only holds on to her daughter for the child support. She has shown no interest in her otherwise

  • Maureensemple

    Sonia thinks she’s above everyone else. Money can’t buy you class. Never a truer word spoken.

    • Melodie

      this isn’t about money she has none. She still has not paid her 7 million dollar judgment against her by the movie people. She fakes it well but everyone see’s through all her BS. She is trailer trash…in a 15 year old Chanel jacket with the tags on.

    • Edith

      Crazy Sonia is a lier! Why is she dating a 23 yr old /her V-jay will fall off from all the guys she sleeps with! Sex addiction? ???

      • Angelia

        Why woud a 23 yr old young man want to be with someone that has so many problems?

  • anonymous

    I think the way Sonja is portrayed might be different from how she is day-to-day. I think she might be on the show to support her daughter financially. I agree with her parents choice to keep her way from the show until she is older and can chose for herself. Anyway that it might be, I wish the best for Quincy.

    • Melodie

      Even doing it for the money does allow you to make appropriate decisions when your being filmed. Her daughter is going to see this stuff and it’s going to be sooner than later. SOnja makes a mockery of motherhood and of being a woman. She chooses to act like a cheap street walker then a upstanding lady with morals and values. Quincy is going to to see all the stuff that is written and the dialogue and if I were sonja I would run and hide under the bed.

  • Jessie

    Whenever Sonja talks about her daughter, I always imagine her being a little kid, since she says she needs to stay close to her daughter’s school, etc.

  • apple

    Wow…I thought she was younger, too…though Sonja has been divorced for sometime now…so if I did the math, I guess. She is a beautiful young girl…and I wish her well…poor kid. I feel for all these kids, really. If they are on the show, the Internet trolls can be brutal about the way they look…or talk…or walk…or breath….and even if they are not on the show, they have to deal with everyone knowing their business. It’s rough…even if your mother isn’t a trashy old slut.

    • Melodie

      Or a felon like Teresa…. these kids don’t have a chance It’s so sad.

  • Sonja talks like her daughter is little girl. However, she looks older than 14. Beautiful girl.

  • imaroyce

    i hope their is a woman in her life she can look up too and learn by – please don’t take a page from your mothers book ever !!! i hope the dad has custody so she doesnt have to be subjected to too much of her crazy mother

  • Anonymous

    You PEPs are haters ‘ walk a mile in her red bottom ‘s!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quincy is just a lovely girl. She is no doubt loved by both parents. It is a real shame Sonja’s billionaire ex won’t just give her the money he was supposed to in the divorce settlement. She wouldn’t have to wear 15 year old jackets if he had because I don’t see her spending exorbitant amounts of cash on herself. It probably goes to her Daughter’s schooling and anything else she needs. New York is such an expensive place to live. I knew it was, but was stunned how much a 3 Bdr. apartment was per month. And everything else, too. Sonja’s mortgage cost’s more per month than most homes of middle class American’s are for an entire year. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make any difference whether she was a hostess in a restaurant or an executive in a banking firm. Working for a living and then meeting and marrying an older wealthy man doesn’t qualify her as a gold digger. She wasn’t his mistress, she was his wife and is the Mother of his child. That entitles her to his respect and support whether it was part of the stupid pre-nup or not.

  • Anonymous

    Quinn Morgendorffer

  • Bon Vivant

    While I believe the Bravo opportunity came along at a time when Sonja desperately needed it & been instrumental in helping her get her finances back on track, there is no way in H*** would I ever want to see Sonja’s daughter on this show. Let that child live a quiet, protected life away from the circus that is reality television, and protected from the grimy, serpentine belly that is tabloid and social media.

  • I JUST WANNA SAY I ADORE Sonja, she’s beautiful and funny has hell, she to me is the star of the show no doubt then its the lovely funny LuAnn she’s beautiful and such a lady then its of course Bethany and Ramona they are actually alike in so many levels really high energy and talk so fast.I love the show its my favorite then orange county . These two have such real life to them more than any others keep doing well I wish they had more time slot it ends too soon I need more….. thanks ladies Donna who would love to meet each of you really its on my wish list.

  • River

    I LOVE you, Anonymous!!!1

  • Anonymous 10

    I am fairly certain one or more of these posts defending Sonja are coming from her and her interns…

  • Anonymous 10

    Sonja and her behavior is despicable. I don’t care what her ex did or didn’t do. It has zero to do with how she choses to behave. I would be embarrassed by her behavior if she was my mom. She is accountable to her daughter and make no mistake, the kid see’s everything…..because Sonja is on TV. So she is basically putting her behavior out there for her daughter to take in. No mercy when you put it out there. If you don’t like the judgement or consequence, don’t be on a reality TV show.

    Also, no mercy on the money. If you can’t afford the check, stay out of the restaurant! You want me to feel bad for you. Please.

    By all accounts, Sonja is a pretentious name dropper living in the past (or her perception of the past). Get over it and live in the present. You aren’t Mrs. Morgan any longer, and if he is treating you so bad, why would you want to be? Why are you holding onto something that isn’t yours any longer? Move on from your past, be a non-Morgan and show your daughter what it is to have a mom to be proud if!

  • Ashlee Madison

    She looks traumatized…someone should call Child Protection Services

  • Micheline

    I think her ex is helping her pay her bills. On the last show she said the 7 million she owes plus a few other millions have been paid. How else would she pay it? With her phony fashion line or her ridiculous toaster oven? I don’t feel the least bit sorry for her. She is disgusting. I gave her credit for not having her daughter on the show but how do we know it’s not one of Morgan’s conditions to keep bailing her out?

    • Melodie

      JP Morgan is NOT giving her a dime of anything other than the required child support for Quincy that is it.

      • Micheline

        Good for him if that’s true but how else is she paying those millions?

        • Melodie

          Oh goodness, she has her modeling income (LOL) She has done PR all her life (LOL) she has her SOnja NY international fashion brand (that is not in any store) you have to be put on a wait list. HA HA.. Toaster ovens, Restaurant consultant (I believe the true story is she was a hostess at the Restaurant JP met her in) OH my SOnja is just an all around amazing woman… I just threw up in my mouth… Unfortunately the only word that describes her is delusional but at this point…she has been called that so many times that she actually thinks its a compliment

          • Léna

            Sonja sold her mansion in France that she got in her divorce. It took a long time bc it was run down but still worth millions. That’s how she paid that debt. As for her daughter, she’s a stunning young Sonja. Looks exact like the mom. What kind of ex husband has millions but won’t help out his daughter’s mother? He sounds like a tightwad prick.

  • The Countess of Hootersville

    She`s pretty…and I feel sorry for her

  • Micheline

    She’s pretty….nuts. I don’t feel at all sorry for her. She still has that lavish house she lives in, and just sold a multi million house in St. Tropez. She’s in love with her sorry self.

  • Mad Dog

    “Quincy! You’ve been drinking, sleeping around…where did you learn that behavior from?”
    “You, all right?! I learned it by watching you!”

  • Annie

    Sonja Morgan thinks she’s so important, but she’s a nobody. Aviva was right when she called white trash, should have said white trailer trash. You’re an old woman, act your age. What a disgraceful mum you ate to Quincy, poor kid.