Meet RHOBH Joyce Giraud And Carlton Gebbia’s Husbands


The new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres Monday night and there are two new additions to the cast, Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia. We will also be introduced to their husbands, David Gebbia and Michael Ohoven. Here are some things to know about each new RHOBH Husbands.

David Gebbia
1. This multimillionaire runs three separate business with his father and two brothers: investment firm StockCross Financial Services, sports management firm Rival Sports Group, and high-end custom real estate development firm Gebbia Custom Estates.

2. He keeps it all in the family: aside from working with his dad and brothers, David’s wife Carlton is the interior architectural designer for Gebbia Custom Estates. They actually built the Gothic-inspired home they currently reside in.

3. He has three children with Carlton: Destiny, 11, Mysteri, 10, and Cross, 2.

4. He produced the TV movie Pretty When You Cry starring Sam Elliot.

5. Although his wife is a practicing Wiccan, he is a non-practicing Catholic. He fully supports her beliefs however.


Michael Ohoven
1. He is an Oscar-nominated movie producer whose impressive credits include Capote, Saved!, and Push.

2. His father, Mario Ohoven, was a high-profile investment banker and is now also a producer. In fact, they have worked on several films together including The Human Stain.

3. In 2006, The Hollywood Reporter named him one of Hollywood’s “Most Prolific Producers.”

4. He was born in Germany to a well-known banking family and his mother is German socialite and UNESCO Ambassador Ute Ohoven.

5. Michael’s most recent producing credit was the TV series Siberia, which starred none other than his wife Joyce.

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2 Replies to “Meet RHOBH Joyce Giraud And Carlton Gebbia’s Husbands”

  1. I know David Gebbia very well. We were cousins through marriage, and I have a son with his Cousin from NY. David has always been a great guy. We have had so many good times through the years. I haven’t seen or spoken with him since 1997 when I was working as the Vice President of TD Waterhouse when we sold Kennedy Cabot to a Multi Billion dollar Canadian Bank. I was not thrilled with the communication process on the sale of that company and chose to remove myself from further disappointment around that lack of communication. That all said, he has done very well for himself along with his two brothers who are also extremely intelligent men. No matter what you threw at them they got the job done, and done well, which speaks to their many successes.

    I am retired now residing atop the La Mesa Foot Hills in San Diego and was super surprised to see David on the Beverly Hills Housewives as the entire family are VERY private people. David did always enjoy the camera though with his Al
    Pacino looks lol. Great guy and I wish him and Carlton every success!!!!!

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