Meet New RHOC Cast Member Shannon Beador


The Real Housewives of Orange County are currently filming season 9 and Tamra Barney posted pictures this weekend on her Instagram account, revealing one of the new Housewives’ identity. Shannon Beador and her husband, David, will join the cast of RHOC this season and the couple hung out with Tamra and Heather McDonald at a USC game over the weekend. “Excited to be going to the game tomorrow with Shannon & David (new housewife) can’t wait to see you…” Tamra tweeted. But Bravo must have scolded Tamra for revealing the news, because she quickly deleted the tweet. Heather also confirmed Shannon as the new Housewife. “With @tamrajudge & new housewife & USC alumni shannon Beador,” she tweeted.

tweetRealityTea reports Shannon is a mother of three, including twins. She is in her 40s and lives in Newport Beach’s Bonita Canyon with her husband David. David owns a construction company.


Photo Credit: Instagram/Facebook

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