Meet Kim D’s New Boyfriend, Thomas Giacomaro, “King of Con”


We will never forget when Kim DePaola aka Kim “D” told Joe Gorga, “I run with the big boys!” at the infamous POSCHE fashion show during season 4 of RHONJ. And apparently she wasn’t kidding, because Kim’s new boyfriend is Thomas Giacomaro, New Jersey’s “King of Con.”

Thomas recently got out of prison after serving time for defrauding investors out of $73 million dollars, RealityTea reports. Now that he’s a free man, Giacomaro is working on a book and a movie deal and television show about his life with Kim’s help.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars went through my hands,” Thomas bragged to the NY Post. “It makes ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ look like he stole a pocketbook.”

Giacomaro’s book is titled, “The King of Con” and is currently being constructed with co-author Natasha Stoynoff.

The Post describes Thomas’ fraud scheme as: “The Wolf of Wall Street meets Tony Soprano.” Thomas managed to defraud big-name celebs, including author Mary Higgins Clark and notorious members of the mob. He got away with hundreds of millions in a pyramid scheme from over 200 investors before the federal government caught on. Thomas’ book will chronicle, “How a smooth-talking Jersey boy made and lost billions, baffled the FBI, eluded the mob and lived to tell the crooked tale.”

Thomas‘ career of fraud began in the 70′s when he started working for a trucking company that had mafia connections, including chauffeuring around Jimmy Hoffa before he was murdered.

Giacomaro was able to steal millions to funnel into a lavish lifestyle in Saddle River, NJ. “I came from a million-dollar house to a 6-by-8 cell with no maid service,” he says of prison.

He plead guilty to 3 counts of mail fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, and money laundering. He served 13 years before being released last month and is ordered to pay $69,291,511 in restitution.


Photo Credit: Facebook