Meet Carlton Gebbia, Newest RHOBH Cast Member!


Beverly Hills designer, Carlton Gebbia, is the newest woman to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, according to RumorFix. Carlton grew up in London and was previously an actress starring in movies such as Eyes of the Serpent and Pretty When You Cry. Carlton also did some television such as Young and the Restless and Suddenly Susan.

Sources say Carlton is known for being being fun, feisty and delivering uncensored comments – sounds like she’ll fit right in with the RHOBH cast! She is married to David Gebbia, who owns StockCross Financial. They have three children, and live in a 12,800 square foot home in a Beverly Hills gated community.

RumorFix reports Carlton is one of two new women that will be joining the RHOBH cast in Season 4!


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Starcasm


8 Replies to “Meet Carlton Gebbia, Newest RHOBH Cast Member!”

      1. Are you people morons? You hate her because of her name? Get some real analytical skills, please. Or, be brave, and post your own ugly mug, so we can comment.

          1. I have met Carlton and she is not the nicest person in the world. All she wants is to be famous and she definitely married for the money. She was a porn star in England. Way to class it up, Bravo.

        1. ok, relax bellezza!! don’t know the girl, just said I don’t like her name, and the some of the names that people give their kids.

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