Meet Brooks Ayers’ New Girlfriend

As we previously reported, Vicki Gunvalson’s ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers is currently living in Fishers, Indiana and now we can reveal that he has a new girlfriend.

According to his Facebook page, Brooks is in a relationship with Christy Groves Lindeman. It appears they’ve been together since January 2017. Lindeman is a sales director in Indiana.

The couple has posted many photos together. Check out some of those below.

Photo Credit: Bravo/Facebook



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  • Melp

    Well another Bimbo who falls for his crap. Lady your a mess. This guy is an admitted liar, cheater, leaves his children all the time to fly around and find desperate women. Time to make a standing appointment with a therapist because your going to need it. Brooks your gross and preying on young women your too old for her and if you truly loved her you would leave her be and get your ass back to your kids and stay there until they are 18. Do you realize what kind of reputation you have? It’s in the toilet and so are you.
    Run girl run

  • OverTheDrama

    Just another example that there are plenty of desperate women who are willing to “overlook” prison records, arrest records, a negative criminal history just to have a man in their bed. Hopefully she is just using him to get her 15 minutes of fame and possibly her own reality show.

  • Rain

    She looks thirsty AF ! This girl is not dumb, she knows exactly who she is and how she’ll ride him to some tv show ! And Andy gross enough to actually grant her wish

  • Daisy

    She looks like his granddaughter

    • Rain

      Daisy , happy Friday :). They’re both gross

      • Daisy

        Hi sweetie , I agree so nasty

  • RealSandy


  • Terra

    So nice of Vicki to get his teeth fixed.

    • Kelly Anne Conway

      Filling her love tank up was not free…tit for tat

  • Kelly Anne Conway

    Brooks is kind of hot…but those pleated pants need to go, they are so 80´s

  • Lady of London

    He reminds me of Winnie The Pooh.

    I’d like to see him without trousers too

  • Countess of Long Island

    He’s a delectable bear….

  • Watching In Ohio

    I hope he has moved on from the Craziness that was Vicky Gundalson! Even Brooke Ayers deserves to be happy! At least he got $10k worth of teeth implants for his trouble with Icky Vicky!! When you come together in An affair.. it never ends well! Good luck you two!

  • AuntBee

    Who the he’ll cares?????????

  • Cin

    there is someone for everyone.. Hope he has learned from this experience – and I’m sure he has. Indiana is a good place to get away from all that hollywood crapo

  • Eileen

    Yep he totally has cancer. NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a poor excure of a human being ever !!!!!

    • Eileen

      Excuse sorry