Meet All Eleven Of The Laurita Siblings

We have always heard Caroline Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey mention she’s one of eleven children. So we got to thinking, which of the Laurita siblings have we not seen on RHONJ? Here’s a list of Caroline, Dina, & Chris Laurita’s brothers and sisters. Meet them below!

1. Caroline Manzo

2. Claudine “Dina” Manzo

3. Chris Laurita
Married to Jacqueline.

4. Jaime Laurita
Jaime has been featured on The Real Housewives several times. We saw him marry his partner Rich in Season 4. He’s a chef and a designer.

5. Francesca “Frannie” D’Annunzio
Frannie has appeared on the show at a holiday family dinner.

6. Angela “Cookie” Rooney
Cookie has appeared on the show at a holiday family dinner. It has been reported that Cookie lives and works with Dina.

7. Joseph Laurita
Joseph is Chris’ partner of Signature Apparel Group that is currently in litigation.

8. Anthony Laurita

9. Ann Ricks

10. Dominick Laurita

11. Michael Laurita

So there you have all eleven of the Laurita siblings. Of course their mother Nettie, and father Joseph Laurita are still living and are even on Twitter! Hope you enjoyed this family tree.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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