Mauricio Umansky: “Kyle & I Have No Secrets To Hide!”

Mauricio and Kyle

When it comes to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio Umansky, what you see is what you get, and that’s why their marriage works! “We’re the same, with or without cameras. We’re just super real and we know each other and we’re real,” Mauricio tells PEOPLE Friday at Cirque Du Soleil’s One Night For One Drop benefit show in Las Vegas.

The Beverly Hills couple also revealed they were worried about any secrets being leaked once they appeared on the hit Bravo show. “We don’t have any secrets to hide,” he says. “That’s one thing we talked about, the skeletons in the closet, and we can handle our worst skeletons.”

Mauricio said there’s one thing the couple can’t hide, they are both workaholics. “She likes to work. I was one to never hold her back from working, so I’ve always felt if the husband holds a woman back from working you get friction. It’s unavoidable. So when she was offered the part [on Housewives] we went for it and the show’s been good to us.”

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  • Deborah Brenner

    It always seemed to me that people that rely totally on the same few phrases in every situation such as “Amaaazing” don’t sound all that sincere. I sort of liked Mauricio before he got all girlie and inserting himself into the Brandi-Adrienne thing. I’m fairly certain, judging by his reaction to both the Camille situation and then the Maloof thing that he just goes with the one with the house he wants to list.

  • Pinky

    These 2 are so disgusting. Their pure greed for fame and money are so transparent – maybe that is why Kyle always lands at the bottom of every single pole. He is your typical salesman that puts on his “charm” and thinks he is the hottest man to hit reality tv – while he spews he gross, elementary verbage. They both need to come clean about how they screwed Kim on the Palm Springs home. They took advantage of her alcohol mental state and her lack of business knowledge. Such skanks. He lacks vocabulary and speaking skills and, I, think he likes the women, just like Camile indicated at the dinner from hell. (Even Kyle talked about her belief in a “Hall-pass” in her marriage, on her talk show round a few months back)He is a hoodrat that was given pure golden opportunities by his brother-in-law and Kyle will do ANYTHING to be the famous sister – even at the cost of her sister’s well-being and sobriety. Kim should not be on this or any reality tv. The Richard sisters are total replicas of Joan Crawford’s “What ever happen to BabyJane Hudson.” And Kyle acts just like her sick and horrible mother – read House of Hilton – interesting perspective of the Richard sisters. Kyle and Mauricio claw and interject their way through the wealthier crowd manipulating them for their realestate opportunities and connections – they are simply Transparent and, yes, they don’t hide their ugliness – they are so simple-minded and feel so famous and justified in their own minds. Dumbasses.

  • Akim

    Pinky- Wow, someone’s got a temper lol! Did Kyle & Mauricio forget to tip you?