Mauricio Umansky, Ken Todd, & Brandi Glanville Fight Continues! Plus- Mauricio Extends Peace Offering To Ken!

Mauricio Umansky

In the previews for next week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we will see the argument between Maurcio Umansky, Ken Todd and Brandi Glanville play out. Mauricio continues to defend Adrienne Maloof, and tells Brandi she just needs to apologize to Adrienne directly. Ken continues to defend Brandi to Mauricio, saying she cannot reach out to Adrienne, because of ongoing litigation, and the stress of the argument causes Brandi to explode!

In the second video below you will see the women at another event and Mauricio extends a peace offering to Ken by bringing him a bottle of alcohol to try and make amends for their disagreement. Ken wasn’t interested in Mauricio extending any kind of olive branch, and tells him he doesn’t like it. Lisa says hello to Mauricio, which he later says he didn’t believe wasn’t a genuine hello, because they will continue to take Brandi’s side.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


3 Replies to “Mauricio Umansky, Ken Todd, & Brandi Glanville Fight Continues! Plus- Mauricio Extends Peace Offering To Ken!”

  1. Maurico knows he made a money mistakes by fighting with ken and knows that he looked bad. He is not sorry. Good for Ken for not buying it. Go way already Kyle & Mauricio!!!

  2. Maurico looked like such a desperate loser practically begging Ken to love his bottle of gin – truce gesture. Ken was like f off-but way to classy to say that. When is Mauricio gonna have his real karma start slappin him around. Dumbass was a little too confident in his bashfest against Brandi. Lisa and Ken meeting the Hiltons….too funny and loser Mauricio wants Lisa/Ken to tell them Hi – whatever Mauricio! You STEAL Kim’s house and try to STEAL Hilton’s clients. you are a HOODRAT with pisspoor english and please expand your vocabulary….you are NOT amaasaazing!

  3. I’ve always wondered how a seemingly normal man like Mauricio could be married to such an awful woman. Now, I totally get it. They deserve each other.

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