Mauricio Umansky, “I Am Faithful To My Wife” Kyle Richards!


Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio Umansky were super affectionate when they attended the Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood, California, Saturday night after allegations Umansky has been unfaithful to his wife. Kyle had her arms wrapped around her husband, and he even her booty at one point! Earlier that day, Mauricio had released a statement denying claims he had a threesome with a transexual prostitute and a female escort.

‘I am faithfully and happily committed to my wife of 18 years, Kyle Richards, and our children, and am saddened to learn that someone would spread these ugly and vicious false rumors regarding me.”

Mauricio’s alleged indiscretions are rumored to be part of Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which is currently filming.

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10 Replies to “Mauricio Umansky, “I Am Faithful To My Wife” Kyle Richards!”

  1. You could not pay me enough (maybe 1 billion) money to be on any of these reality shows. Your life better be perfect ( and whose is) because dirt is all they want.

  2. Doth protest indeed. like whats with mentioning “my wife of 18 years” like that means it cant ne true because theyve been married a long time?!? Lol people only cheat in new marriages and not the long ones i guess? right after this news broke there was a RHOBH S3 marathon on over the weekend n there was a scene (the one with the gals at Adriennes party where Marisa shared the text from Brandi) were Kyle said something to the effect of flirting is ok but if anyone touches my husband i will chop there hand off! i remember thinkin tjere must b a couple one handed tranny hookers struttin around BH these days…and lmao. i was quite tickled by that one. lol

    1. I can’t say with certainty, as I have only been married 13 years, but my husband and I NEVER act that way, as if we have something to prove. We have a happy marriage, but I honestly cannot remember the last time he grabbed my ass, lol. I DO know that we are certainly comfortable around each other not to have to worry if some other woman/ man talks to one of us. We certainly don’t react like a jealous shrew. But, then again, we don’t live in Beverly Hills where cheating or trading up for a younger model is the norm either, so who really knows. We are also not featured on a Reality Tv show (shudders at that thought). I am simply a subscriber to the old adage “where there is smoke, there is usually fire”…..

  3. If that last comment was too bitchy mo need to post it. lol i read the other comments and kinda do agree that maybe tjey should get off the show. reality shows ruining marriages for sport might b too far! although dont marry if u wanna sleep around. simple as that.

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