Mauricio Umansky Apologizes To Brandi Glanville!

Mauricio Umasnky

After an intense episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where Kyle Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky, got involved in Brandi Glanville’s feud with Adrienne Maloof, Mauricio took to Twitter to explain his actions and apologize to Brandi for insulting her.

Mauricio tried to explain himself on Twitter saying, “I believe people can work out situations when they speak. I was merely trying to help both Brandi and Adrienne. I never insulted anyone.”

Brandi replied to Mauricio’s tweet saying, “U were MEAN but I forgive u! On and forwards. It is so hard to watch over again.”

Mauricio replied, “on and forward. My intention was not to be MEAN my sincere apologies as well. No attorneys needed :)”


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12 Replies to “Mauricio Umansky Apologizes To Brandi Glanville!”

  1. Total BS. Hope he meant it but he has been getting air of hate from twitter fans. But like he said, time to move on. Brandi showed she had class by forgiving him.

    1. I don’t think Brandi will ever have “class”. There was nothing to forgive, Brandi has the reasoning skills of a 15 year old and Mauricio obviously knew he would never be able to have an adult conversation with her, so it was easi

  2. I don’t think the Brandi needed a second round of admonishment after what she endured from Faye Resnick, who had also been on Brandi to contact Adrienne and apologize. I also think that within the culture of Beverly Hills, at least as I view it through this series, it seems more significant if a man calls a woman out (perhaps in many but not all cases because it is the men who are the source of wealth or simply because of lingering patriarchal influence). I believe this is borne out by Yoland’s remark that this is a women’s issue and she wondered why Mauricio involved himself. Thus, Ken’s springing to Brandi’s defense, to level the playing field. Ken’s intervention, in addition to fan opinion, should indicate to Mauricio that he was unnecessarily harsh in this exchange.

  3. This is why the franchise is called the Real HouseWIVES. Not husbands. There is a reason. Women fight dirty as we all know, but men change the dynamic of a group of girls. I loooooved Mauricio for the sole fact that he never got involved in his wife’s drama-most of which she starts…-but he just haaad to get his say in this time. >:( Next time, shut up and look pretty, okay?

    1. I don’t think he is losing any sleep over his business, it is booming. His wealthy clients have not even heard of Brandi, let alone care about her.

  4. This pussy only did this for all the backlash he is receiving. If this was sincere and heartfelt – he would have apolojized in person, face to face, like a man – before he realized he damaged his brand by his ignorance. I sincerely hate how he and Kyle have ruined this show – and their storyline sucks – Kyle still bashing Kim!!! I am so over these two fake wanna-be types. Ugh!

  5. Pinky, I agree…he doesn’t mean one word of what he said on twitter to Brandi, he’s now worried about how he came off to possible ‘clients’! It started even before the morally corrupt Fay started it, he acted bad at his infomercial for his new business by completely putting the blame on Brandi for Paul and Adrienne’s actions by letting her know he’d rather she leave his party. Then before the bulldog Fay attacked her once more, Mo had the balls to say that he and his wife were ‘too classy’ for Brandi. I litterally can’t stand Mo or his hateful, gossiping, mean girl wife Kyle anymore. Both of them turn my stomach!

    1. Brandi is the one who turns my stomach:( Mauricio and Kyle ARE too classy for Brandi, which obviously does not take much. Mauricio is a respected businessman and Brandi has no credibility in Bev Hills………at all.

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