Mauricio Umansky Admits To Cheating On Kyle Richards?


Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio Umansky are known for their strong marriage on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but according to a new report by Star Magazine, Mauricio is one of the biggest flirts in Hollywood… Weeks after Kyle and Mauricio appeared on GMA revealing details on how they stay so happy together after seventeen years of marriage, an eyewitness tells Star that Mauricio hit on her friend in a hotel bar… and claims he admitted to cheating on Kyle.

A source also tells Star that rumors of Mauricio’s flirtations are nothing new, but claims Kyle remains blissfully ignorant on the subject. “There are tons of stories circulating about his extra-marital activities, it is common knowledge in their social circles,” the source reveals. “The only person who doesn’t know is Kyle, she is so proud of her sexy husband, but if she ever found out about his flings, it would destroy her.”

According to Tess Broussard of Comedy Central’s Kroll Show, Mauricio made no effort to conceal his flirtatious intentions with her friend, an escort named Cristina Schultz, when he set eyes on her at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel bar a few years ago. Wearing his wedding ring, “Mauricio just beelined for us,” Broussard tells Star, claiming he even told Schultz that she looked like his wife! Tess says after Mauricio asked her friend for her phone number and offering his in exchange, he left his black AmEx card on the table and told the women, “I’m married, but I stray once in a while.”

The magazine reports Kyle refuses to see the signs of Mauricio’s indiscretions. “Kyle won’t hear a word against him so people just talk about it behind her back,” a source says.

However, a rep for Umansky denies any wrongdoing on his client’s behalf, telling Star that Mauricio is “networking and being friendly and pleasant, and this is construed as flirting. He is a good looking guy.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo