Mauricio Umansky Admits To Cheating On Kyle Richards?


Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio Umansky are known for their strong marriage on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but according to a new report by Star Magazine, Mauricio is one of the biggest flirts in Hollywood… Weeks after Kyle and Mauricio appeared on GMA revealing details on how they stay so happy together after seventeen years of marriage, an eyewitness tells Star that Mauricio hit on her friend in a hotel bar… and claims he admitted to cheating on Kyle.

A source also tells Star that rumors of Mauricio’s flirtations are nothing new, but claims Kyle remains blissfully ignorant on the subject. “There are tons of stories circulating about his extra-marital activities, it is common knowledge in their social circles,” the source reveals. “The only person who doesn’t know is Kyle, she is so proud of her sexy husband, but if she ever found out about his flings, it would destroy her.”

According to Tess Broussard of Comedy Central’s Kroll Show, Mauricio made no effort to conceal his flirtatious intentions with her friend, an escort named Cristina Schultz, when he set eyes on her at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel bar a few years ago. Wearing his wedding ring, “Mauricio just beelined for us,” Broussard tells Star, claiming he even told Schultz that she looked like his wife! Tess says after Mauricio asked her friend for her phone number and offering his in exchange, he left his black AmEx card on the table and told the women, “I’m married, but I stray once in a while.”

The magazine reports Kyle refuses to see the signs of Mauricio’s indiscretions. “Kyle won’t hear a word against him so people just talk about it behind her back,” a source says.

However, a rep for Umansky denies any wrongdoing on his client’s behalf, telling Star that Mauricio is “networking and being friendly and pleasant, and this is construed as flirting. He is a good looking guy.”

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*AllThingsRH can confirm that the following reports alleging Mauricio was unfaithful to Kyle were planted in the tabloids by people with malicious intent.

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36 Replies to “Mauricio Umansky Admits To Cheating On Kyle Richards?”

  1. And the flow continues, drip, drip, drip……..
    Most people understand the potential created by a constant dripping, leaking and what it potentially leads to.

      1. OR….Some people can just see the forest for the trees…Not everyone is “jealous” which is an extremely overused ad hominem attack that just doesn’t hold water. Sorry.

  2. Hahahahah…’networking and being FRIENDLY’… well, guess that’s now the Beverly Hills way of saying CHEATING! This was a blind item on the internet a couple of weeks ago and EVERYONE who read and responded to it, sited Mauricio Umansky as the slimmy husband, serial cheater. That’s gotta mean something.

  3. id like this season to go a little more into kyles life to be honest. season 1 we saw more of lisas life second season was totally taylors life season 3 was adrienne and we all know how that wen. 4rth season needs to go in deeper into kyles life because for some reaosn like ive always liked kyle but lately i feel shes a bit shady and i feels hiding something big!

  4. I detest Kyle, but I take no joy at the thought of her being cheated on. No one should be happy over the destruction of a marriage and family. I hope that the rumors are untrue and Kyle and Mauricio stay happily committed to one another.

  5. T.N….I AGREE WITH YOU! Camille had alluded to this in season 1. I don’t believe it and really think this is more of “Bernie’s” handy work. (Adrienne’s made that you didn’t back her).
    I refused to believe anything of the kind……I HATE KYLE, but I think she is a great mother and wife. I think the same of Mauricio (husband and father…lol) and I don’t like him either.

    1. I find it ironic that brandi always has “prove” of everything that goes array in BH. brandi must have wonderful informants & I bet they are costly $$$$, problem is, brandi is barely making money.. who else would she get all this info from? lisa that’s who. lisa is popular and knows many people especially in her line of work. kyle needs to leave the show while the getting is good. if mauricio is cheating, that should be kyle’s prob. not brandi’s,lisa,yoyo.

  6. Sighhhh…..Kyle’s childish, entitlement attitude wears on my nerves….he’s cheating they say??? Who knows – who cares.

  7. I believe he cheats. As long as Kyle remains in denial, no biggie. As long as he doesn’t bring them gone. Was he leaving his card on purpose, suggesting–I can pay you.

  8. There is no way someone would leave their black amex card on a table

    To be a good realtor, one has to a control type of person, and Maur is. This goes with the job,and Kyle must also be part of it.

    Regarding Kyles’s new store, her mistake was she picked out all the clothes Kyle would wear, Unfortunately, if Kyle would look through books and what people are
    wearing, it’s definitely NOT Kyle’s type. Put a big SALE sign on her clothing. She should also make a nice spot for children, closed in, so moms can shop; kids can play.
    It can be done inexpensively and cute.She should also advertise NEW designers. This way, Kyle pays for what she sells.

  9. He is a very good looking man. Doesn’t mean he cheats though my god consider the source…an escort! Super reliable there. I’m happy for both him and Kyle!

  10. I was curious about what the two ladies (Tess and Cristina) looked like so I googled them. Got a good laugh. Tess’ wiki page says she was born in ’78, making her 35. Then I saw a picture of her. I thought “If she is 35, she needs to shoot her plastic surgeon”. Then on several other sites, it says she is 47. She still looks a mess for 47. Her face is butchered. Then I saw Cristina. She looks yucky, as well. If Mauricio did stray with either of these two, he needs to be shot, too. Kyle is filet mignon. These two are bologna. No comparison. I pray the rumors aren’t true. He needs to be setting an example to his beautiful daughters on how a man should treat his wife. They have a lovely family. I hope he isn’t doing anything to destroy that!

    1. A cheater doesn’t concern himself with his wife and kids when he is in the act of cheating….duh. Otherwise most wouldn’t cheat in the first place. They momentarily justify their actions or just plain are willing to take the risk to allow them self that freedom to cheat.

  11. Why are these know-bodies so………… desperate for attention?
    they REALLY are looking more and more like desperate housewives!!!

  12. I read this article out of sheer boredom. Who cares?? More than likely he IS cheating. That’s what most men do especially the good looking ones. Has nothing to do with how hot the wife is, they just want something different. Kyle isn’t anymore special than any other wife who finds her husband is stepping out. She still has a fairy tale life. So, for the poster who stated that they “pray” that it isn’t true, please save your prayer for world hunger or peace not for Kyle’s ridiculous marriage.

    1. Sara, your comment saying most good looking men do cheat? And who do they cheat with? Other women! Ya know if Kyle was giving it to him at home, he wouldn’t have to get it elsewhere! Moron!

      1. How do you know what goes on in a marital bedroom?? Studies have shown that men, when tempted by opportunity, WILL jump on the (adulterous) bandwagon. Sex between two married couples, is a gift from God. A man who chooses to say “no” to God is selfish, worldly and sinful. And Jim, name-calling is unnecessary.

        God sees everything.

  13. I think they’re all just a bunch of whores who have use their pussies their entire life to get men that have money and the money makes them feel like they are proper people The only one who is real on that show is Brandy

  14. I think Kyle knows she just doesn’t want any one else to know otherwise she would not be so defensive and hurt over the mag issue and Lisa. While Kyle is Beautiful and quite the woman I don’t care for her jealous, low self esteem. Apparently she knows and this has cause her to not feel as good about herself as she should as she always seems to down someone else to feel better about herself of deflect stuff away from her when bad. No man no matter how handsome deserves a fine woman as Kyle is and not be totally faithful. I am sure she could do better and he would end up with some bimbo if something happens between them. Sad situation he is bringing her down but she’s allowing it. We will find out!

  15. Many married people flirt. That’s no big deal. But having relations is crossing the line. The only one who will ever know the real truth is M.U.

    1. So, because a human being suffers from the disease of alcoholism and has been through many sad incident’s in her life, that makes Kim a “plant from I have a screw looses”? Wow, I hope no one in your circle of friends and family is absolutely perfect! God sees everything.

  16. the thing that makes kyle ugly is an old fight seeded in childhood. she was jealous of her sister’s acting roles and it left her with a desire to have it all. although her life turned out pretty good those deep seated resentments never leave. it must be nice to have kyle feel that she can stick it to her sister now as an adult.

    1. Wow. That rumor BG started flew all the way to here. Oh, yeah, at 8eight years old I am sure Kyle was so jealous that her sister had to work harder than her. They both acted, and like most childhood acting, the “star” wasn’t made ’till years later. They lived in a household where fights were normal, and to want to get out was instilled in them. Kyle and Kathy got out, and Kim just got further and further in. By 25 Kyle was a successful adult with an alcoholic sister with lots of problems, lots of husbands shortly after, and kids that Kyle was frequently in charge of according to the neighbors. But hey, lets believe the gossip rags and bags that Kyle was jealous of Kim’s Disney Girl status, that is much more fun for the mean in us.

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