Mauricio Responds To Comments He Made About Brandi Glanville!

Mauricio Umansky

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Husband, Mauricio Umansky took a lot of heat from viewers for the comments he made about Brandi Glanville on a recent episode. Mauricio took a stand on the fight that happened between Adrienne & Paul with Brandi at his event, as he clearly sided with Paul & Adrienne. He told his wife, Kyle Richards, that he was sick of dealing with Brandi’s lies, and that she was nothing but a gossip girl.

Brandi responded to Mauricio’s comments in her Bravo Blog, writing, “That being said I have always liked and respected Mauricio for not getting involved in the childish drama his wife and we ladies seem to be surrounded by. He has always been very kind to me, but I now see that he clearly does not like me. I am aware of this now. But two things I am definitely not are liar or a gossip girl. There are a lot of things about me that are not perfect and I wish that I could change, especially my temper, but I haven’t been able to thus far in life.”

After all the feedback Mauricio received on Twitter, he decided to Tweet a response to viewers that didn’t understand where he was coming from. “A lot of opinions. Basically I was upset because Brandi decided to make something public that was private to another family. That’s all,” he wrote.


Tell Us- Do YOU agree with Mauricio?

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  • Pam

    A little late. Does he even watch this show and see what his does and says????

  • Michelle

    Just like Kyle made Kim’s demons public. Something much darker. Sorry I don’t buy it.

  • Denny

    Very dissapointing! #teambrandi. Once Kyle realized that most ppl are Team Brandi,she will backpeddle for her husband I’m sure. I guess he doesn’t even watch the show he and his wife are on or is just in denial. I’m becoming more and more irritated with him and kyle,they don’t recognize how hypocrtical they are and that Brandi was and IS telling the truth. Kyle is losing fans as far as I can see and she is a #meangirl. I’m even enjoying her sister Kim more than Kyle at this point. Like I said its dissapointing. Maybe Brandi doesn’t always go about things in the right way but at least she is real and always honest(honest to a fault at times but honest nonetheless) and I presonally appreciate and respect that. Adrienne Maloof was obviously hiding something hence suing Bravo and Brandi in order to keep this truthful comment off the air and keeping everyone in the dark. (The case was dropped too btw) and I’m guessing Maloof might not be around much longer. Don’t sign up for a reality show and then expect to show nothing real and act fake. I use to adore A.Maloof but not anymore. She can go an slander/lie about Brandi(on air) but Brandi isn’t allowed to say one truthful comment. I’m calling BS and Maurico’s comments were ridiculous. Boo!!!

  • Samantha

    Look, Brandi is a hot mess and needs to clean up her act not just for her self, but for her children. And although I’m on team Brandi, I’m not at all surprised that Mauricio took sides with the Maloofs?

  • Victor

    I liked Mauricio, but clearly he favors the Maloof clan, they have money and properties!!! Como decimos en Latinoamérica!! Se le ve la costura desde lejos!!

  • kim

    I’m down for Mauricio

  • rose

    In season one I had moments of doubt about kyle but mauricio seemed level headed and kind–Ha!!! Now I see they are two birds of the same feather and what an ugly birdie that is. So money hungry, fake, hypocritical and just a little bit, can you say self-absorbed? But I was a chuckling when I watched that scene of them on the couch trying oh so hard to show everyone that they DONT like gossip and our above being rude, but there they are gossiping away and newsflash –you dont say “we are above that”, if you really are. If you were you wouldnt say anything your actions would do the talking, but they dont..well at least not what you hope for them yo say. So see through. So yuck. But haha mauricios facial expressions! Can you say gossiping girl? NEXT!

  • keosha

    Are these ppl on these blogs stupid or what. Brandi lies and spreads rumors. That was a private matter she had no right to air someone else’s personal business. I can see why Eddie moved on. What man is attracted to a gossipy witch.

  • Tired Of Hypocrites

    keosha – Brandi left Eddie, not the other way around. It isn’t cool to call people stupid either. I think you’re wrong about Brandi telling lies. Maybe she shouldn’t have said what she said, but it obviously wasn’t a lie since Adrienne couldn’t sue her for it. Can’t sue for slander if what was said is the truth.

  • stev

    He is a little bitch, and so are the Maloofs.

  • mmm

    I think Brandi needs to get a check on her temper and saying whatever she feels at the moment. When she made the comment originally she was not doing it to make Adriene look “good”, it was done to be mean, she did it to make her look bad and that one was not done in a moment of heat. Mauricio is sticking up for his friends, end of story. And for the record, I generally like them ALL, we as we all have our good sides and our bad.

  • Art

    Mauricio took a lot of heat because, as usual, you Yanks can’t handle the truth and you can dish it out, but you can’t take it. Brandi runs her mouth nonstop. She has no class, no filter, and no sense of decency or privacy. Cibrian is no prince, but what man would want a woman like Brandi? There is a reason she is alone. Can you blame Cibrian for cheating on her? I don’t condone cheating at all. But I’ve got to tell you, there is no way I would have had children with someone like her. Maybe Rimes is lot less of a drama queen. Used to understand how Brandi felt, but now I am leaning towards LeAnn’s side of the story. Brandi is the psycho. LeAnn should do herself a favor and just laugh @ her when she goes crazy. Don’t even acknowledge all the drama in a serious way. There’s a saying, when you see crazy coming, cross the street!

    And trust me, men got the 411 on Brandi and you won’t find a man wanting her any time soon. It’ll most likely be a FHAFH type situation. But long-term Brandi is going to be alone unless some desperate Hugh Hefner type decides he wants a shot at that hag.