Mauricio Responds To Comments He Made About Brandi Glanville!

Mauricio Umansky

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Husband, Mauricio Umansky took a lot of heat from viewers for the comments he made about Brandi Glanville on a recent episode. Mauricio took a stand on the fight that happened between Adrienne & Paul with Brandi at his event, as he clearly sided with Paul & Adrienne. He told his wife, Kyle Richards, that he was sick of dealing with Brandi’s lies, and that she was nothing but a gossip girl.

Brandi responded to Mauricio’s comments in her Bravo Blog, writing, “That being said I have always liked and respected Mauricio for not getting involved in the childish drama his wife and we ladies seem to be surrounded by. He has always been very kind to me, but I now see that he clearly does not like me. I am aware of this now. But two things I am definitely not are liar or a gossip girl. There are a lot of things about me that are not perfect and I wish that I could change, especially my temper, but I haven’t been able to thus far in life.”

After all the feedback Mauricio received on Twitter, he decided to Tweet a response to viewers that didn’t understand where he was coming from. “A lot of opinions. Basically I was upset because Brandi decided to make something public that was private to another family. That’s all,” he wrote.


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Photo Credit: Bravo