Marysol Patton Reveals It Took 17 Doctors To Revive Mama Elsa


Marysol Patton is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to relive Elsa’s code blue situation. Marysol reveals that right before she went to visit Adriana to lend her Elsa’s mantilla, she and her family almost watched Elsa die right in front of their eyes. Marysol reveals it took 17 doctors in the room to revive Elsa.

Marysol writes, “This episode was a difficult one to watch, since the day before I went to see Adriana my mother almost passed on before my eyes. I had gone to visit my mother at the hospital as I did every day. When I arrived my brother was crying and said something is wrong with mom she’s not responding, she won’t look in any direction or acknowledge that anyone is in front of her. We continued to look at her and say, “Mom it’s me, can you see me or hear me?” and there was no response. We called her doctor who then called a code blue and one after another doctors and machines came running into her room until 17 people were inside trying to revive her. My family and I cried and prayed for 40 minutes as we feared the worst was occurring. Those 40 minutes felt like an eternity, but all of our prayers were answered and mom came to.

This year has been an extremely emotional time in my life, I try so hard to be strong and tell myself, “Everyone loses a parent(s) and they get through it and you can to.”  I have run the gamut of emotions feeling positive, negative, angry, sad, irrational, and unable to eat or sleep. What I have practiced the most is visualizing my mother happy, talking, dancing, and laughing in hopes that these positive thoughts will heal her. I just don’t know what to do anymore, but to stay positive and pray.

I went to Adriana’s house to take her my mother’s wedding mantilla, which she told me before she fell ill that she wanted Adriana to use during her ceremony. My mother had used that same mantilla at her wedding 56 years earlier. Anything and everything my mother ever wanted has now become so important to me to see that it happens. These are the things that make me feel as though she with me and a part of my life while she is absent.”

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  1. Dear Lord please do not take Elsa with you yet! she brings us so much Joy and Laughter to so many . She shines a Ray of light in our hearts!

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