Marysol Patton Explains Cuban Magic And Talks About The Card Reader


Marysol Patton is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss whys he chose to see the card reader for answers about her mother’s health. Marysol explains she wanted hope and had already seen a priest. Marysol also talks about seeing Lea at the Venue party and how comfortable she felt when Lea grabbed her face.

Marysol writes, “Everyone at some point in their lives turns to guidance and insight from therapists, priests, rabbis, psychiatrists, etc. In my case I had spent time speaking with a priest to strengthen my faith and it helped tremendously. There were still questions I had such as “will mom make it?” “If mom makes it, will she have the quality of life that she would want?” The only person that I knew that might be able to see what my mother’s condition and fate was the Buddhist card reader.

I asked Alexia to join me just in case the news was grim or too hard for me to handle. The reading was a long one, and she touched on so many things that were very accurate at that moment in my life and that of my father’s. You only see a tiny snippet of the reading, which eludes to a negative energy that has put my mother in her condition. At this point I choose to reject this information and focus on sending as much positive energy to mom as I can. If you believe that negative energies exist, they will manifest, so I negate this information I have been given. It’s very hard for me to believe that anyone would wish for my mother to be in this state. The reader advises Alexia and I to not focus on anything negative she may have said and to wish everyone well even if we believe they do not wish us well. She advised us to buy holy water, incense, and fresh flowers to clean mom’s house and rid it of any negativity that could be lingering and to pray for her safe return home.

After leaving the hospital, I arrived late to Alexia’s Venue Magazine cover party to find chaos, drama, insincerity, and posturing all taking place amongst our microcosm of a group. Lea who has not acknowledged the fact that my mom is in the hospital clinging to life for over two weeks now walks by me and grabs my face as she exits the club. I’ve never experienced anyone touching me in such sarcastic manner, and yet she still does not ask about my mother. No one in the family has received a call, text, or a get well card from Lea. I remember rationalizing the behavior and thinking, “OK well she doesn’t want to communicate with me,” yet sending flowers directly to the hospital would completely bypass any communication with me. Even my father would ask me off and on as the girls would visit the hospital, “Nothing from that so called friend of your mother’s, Lea?”  I know if something grave were to happen to her husband or son (who I have never had a friendship with) I would send my sympathies, thoughts, and prayers via text or a card. In fact I remember last year after everything that she said about me, I sent her a text to say how sorry I was her dog had passed away.  After all we didn’t agree on several issues, but at some point you have to move on and realize that harboring ill feelings only drags you down and makes you eternally miserable.

On a final note did I just witness Lea denying to Frederic that she has been talking badly about Adriana? Did she also say she does not like confrontation? Didn’t she accuse me of not confronting issues last year when her friend Elaine was chasing me around a ladies luncheon? I would like to make something very clear, Lea’s friend just a few nights before the luncheon was at Lisa’s lingerie party fighting and pushing one of Lisa’s guests until he shoved him into the pool. When he confronted me I was mortified and frightened and yes I ran away from him (wouldn’t you)?  I’m seeing a pattern of duplicitous behavior from the person who criticizes and judges the most.”

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