Marysol & Lea Battle Over Phillippe Marrying Marysol For A Green Card! Plus- Marysol Reveals Why Her Marriage Ended!


The Real Housewives of Miami Reunion was spicy as the feuds continued after Season 2 aired. Ana Quincoces and Lea Black battled it out; most of which Bravo didn’t show, click here for more on that, and of course Joanna and Adrianna weren’t done with their ongoing feud. Now, in the previews for Part 2, it looks like it’s Marysol and Alexia’s turn to fight their battles!

First, Karent and Alexia battle it out over Karent bringing up Alexia’s son, Frankie, at the Venue party. Alexia calls Karent out for her inappropriate comment, and Karent defends herself saying she had reached out to Alexia about Frankie prior to the party. Watch below!

Next, Marysol and Lea hash out their ongoing feud involving Lea’s comments about Marysol’s ex-husband, Phillippe, using Marysol for a green card. Marysol insists Lea’s comment is why everyone thought her marriage was “fake,” and Lea adamantly insists it was a joke. Marysol reveals the REAL reason why her marriage ended. Watch below!

Tell Us- Where do you stand? Whose side are YOU on?

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6 Replies to “Marysol & Lea Battle Over Phillippe Marrying Marysol For A Green Card! Plus- Marysol Reveals Why Her Marriage Ended!”

  1. No comment at all. I won’t even watch it. I am so done with RHOM since watching the first half and seeing how DISGUSTING Adriana is. Something is seriously wrong with this woman mentally. Her behavior and meanness is nasty, abusive and so low, low, low life. She thinks she is so beautiful but her attitude and behavior make her the ugliest housewife ever. She is soooooo jealous of Joanna, its rediculous. So insecure. I really think she has mental problems. Pretends to be all that when really she is a miserable, ugly, mean girl. a Bully at its finest. Brazil should be ashamed of her. Adriana you need help. All your smarts have gotten you no where. You act like a “Gutter Girl”. Horrible!
    Joanna should get a restraining order cause this evil girl is not done. Her image is done!

  2. Watching this show I’ve come to realize that there is nothing more annoying than that southern Florida, hispanic accent. Most of these women were BORN IN THE us…so what’s with that bullshit? It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard.

  3. White southern trailer trash “accent” is just as bad tricia, or black ghetto compton slang…which one do you fit into….hunnnney

  4. Tricia I find your comment to be full of ignorance and bigotry! This is 2013 that comments is as abrasive as the “N” word.

  5. I love Marysol, Adriana and Lisa. Joanna is trash, so aggressive and clearly calls the paps herself for press. Karent sooooo annoying, although I felt sorry for her in Bimini.
    I think Lea is just mean and obviously can’t deal with anyone who challenges her. Her vendetta against Marysol with Elaine/James was just ridiculous, basically defamation or as Lea would scream “character assasination”.

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