Marysol & Lea Battle Over Phillippe Marrying Marysol For A Green Card! Plus- Marysol Reveals Why Her Marriage Ended!


The Real Housewives of Miami Reunion was spicy as the feuds continued after Season 2 aired. Ana Quincoces and Lea Black battled it out; most of which Bravo didn’t show, click here for more on that, and of course Joanna and Adrianna weren’t done with their ongoing feud. Now, in the previews for Part 2, it looks like it’s Marysol and Alexia’s turn to fight their battles!

First, Karent and Alexia battle it out over Karent bringing up Alexia’s son, Frankie, at the Venue party. Alexia calls Karent out for her inappropriate comment, and Karent defends herself saying she had reached out to Alexia about Frankie prior to the party. Watch below!

Next, Marysol and Lea hash out their ongoing feud involving Lea’s comments about Marysol’s ex-husband, Phillippe, using Marysol for a green card. Marysol insists Lea’s comment is why everyone thought her marriage was “fake,” and Lea adamantly insists it was a joke. Marysol reveals the REAL reason why her marriage ended. Watch below!

Tell Us- Where do you stand? Whose side are YOU on?

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo