Marysol Addresses Thomas Kramer’s Behavior Towards Mama Elsa & Ana!

Real Housewives of Miami’s Marysol Patton is taking to her Bravo Blog to talk about the dinner party from hell at Thomas Kramer’s home, including the way he treated Ana Quincoces and her mother, Mama Elsa. Marysol explains she wasn’t surprised by Thomas’ behavior as she has seen him lose his temper many times. She also talks about why she didn’t say anything to Thomas when he spoke to Ana with such disrespect. Marysol also reveals that she wasn’t inside to witness the way he spoke to Mama Elsa, and she hasn’t spoken to Thomas since the dinner party…

Marysol writes, “Dinner at Thomas Kramer’s, what can I say, another night of insults and people being thrown out. It is sad to admit, but this dinner scene was one I had witnessed pretty much every time I had been to his house for a gathering over the last 18 years. It was difficult for Ana to understand why I would not say something to Thomas for the way he spoke to her, but my actions (leaving the dinner with her) spoke louder than any words I could have uttered at that moment. I knew too well how any comments I could have made on her behalf would have escalated his anger.

I am very different than Ana and some of the other women on the show. I am soft spoken and non-confrontational -– it’s just who I am and I don’t apologize for it. If we were all the same, the world and the show would be without color, variety, and excitement. I know Ana feels the need to step in and defend me sometimes, but it is her nature and calling in life as an attorney. I love Ana and I appreciate when she steps in and feels the need to speak up on my behalf if I am not present, but this is something she does because it is her instinct. I do not ask her to do it nor is Ana one that can be told what to say or how to act and I respect that about her.

Since I had left with Ana, I did not witness the vulgarity of Thomas’ tone with my mother. I had seen him behave this way with countless people over the years, but never with my mother. I have never spoken to Thomas again after that dinner party and I really do not see myself getting over his behavior towards my mother and friend. Mom was not surprised by the way Thomas spoke to her because she too had seen him act this way before over the years. I think we both have grown too old and tired to put up with that kind of behavior anymore.”

Tell Us- What would you have done if you would have witnessed Thomas’ behavior?

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  1. Ok, well first off they were in his home, though! End of story, no matter what! Whether u or I disagree or agree its still his home and party.

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