Marisa Zanuck Talks About Brandi’s Strength & How Taylor Seeks Attention!

Marisa Zaunck

Marisa writes, “Tonight we saw Brandi’s vulnerable side behind her strength. Brandi has been through a lot and it is great that she can be so open and honest with all of us. I think Brandi and Lisa are very cute together and it is nice to see this side of both of them.

Kyle and I decided to set up a dinner to break up the monotony of all the drama. I also wanted to get to know the ladies a bit more. It seemed like a good idea to make it a Moroccan themed dinner to add a fun element to it. Everyone was invited, including the men because the hope was that this would be a fun and easygoing evening. Little did I know that with this group, that is almost impossible. . .

In walks Brandi looking so damn gorgeous as always, I cant stand it! Brandi announces thatAdrienne is suing her! WTF! Kyle and I are shocked! I didn’t get into it because again, this issue doesn’t involve me, but that didn’t stop everyone else from jumping right in.

Let’s talk about Taylor; she seems to be a walking contradiction. Honestly, how does Taylor tell Lisa to find her a man in one breath and then in the other she starts playing the victim, talking about how she feels guilty dating, etc.? I think it B.S.

Yolanda then makes the mistake of asking Lisa about what’s going on with Brandi and Adrienne and the fire is now fueled. Brandi admitted that she shouldn’t have said it, but unfortunately Mauricio starts to ask questions and then all hell breaks loose. I don’t blame Brandi for yelling at Mauricio; I would have done the same LOL!

Then whom do we hear from again? You guessed it, none other than Taylor, who is so desperate to get some attention on herself that she starts sticking up for Brandi and starts yelling that they are both are single women and need to stick together, and how her husband is dead and she’s left with a mountain of finances, etc. . .yada, yada, yada. Who cares??? So over her!

What the hell! After all the yelling has subsided, my husband, like always has to make a joke! So he asks what we want for desert. I think that sums this up.”

Photo Credit: Bravo