Marisa Zanuck Says Adrienne Maloof Lied About Not Suing Brandi Glanville & Reveals She Really Likes Lisa Vanderpump!

Marisa Zanuck

Marisa Zanuck gave an interview with RealityTea in December, where she shared that Lisa Vanderpump acted differently towards her on camera than off. Now, Marisa is retracting her statement about Lisa, and revealing she actually really likes Lisa! Marisa explains that her initial impression of Lisa was wrong, and Brandi played a part in getting the two to be friends. In a new exclusive interview with AllAboutTRH, Marisa explains her friendship with Lisa! Read more below!

In one of your early interviews you said that Lisa was fake on-camera because she would ignore you off-camera. Since then you tweeted Brandi saying she was right about Lisa being a great woman. What caused the change in opinion?
I am the type of person that says what I feel at the moment. I will say I was wrong about Lisa. In my early interactions with Lisa, I felt that maybe she didn’t like me or was a bit standoffish with me. She carries herself so elegantly and is so beautiful, but then she acts so crazy and cute which is adorable to me.

I really like her now, but at the time I did feel that she would only talk to me when we were shooting but not when we weren’t shooting. I took it the wrong way possibly. I don’t think we knew each other very well but I will say I do like Lisa. I had an event here in Beverly Hills for David Webb and they wanted me to host it. A lot of the women said they were coming because I was originally going to co-host with Kyle but she got another job so she had to be out of town that day. I was left alone, and Brandi was going to come but she had just had surgery so she couldn’t come.

Brandi was very instrumental in getting Lisa there for me and it was very nice. I told Brandi I was so bummed that a lot of the ladies cancelled or didn’t show, and Brandi said ‘I’m going to call Lisa for you.’ I told her not to because I felt she didn’t like me and it was last minute and didn’t want to bother her. Brandi said ‘that’s not true!’ so while I’m at the event already, Brandi tells me Lisa is coming. So Lisa and Ken came and it was really, really nice of her to support me and be there. For her to show up was a really big deal.

Marisa also speaks out about Adrienne lying about suing Brandi! Marisa explains she thinks Adrienne lied in tonight’s episode so she wouldn’t look bad, and thinks that something with Adrienne is “off.”

Why do you think Adrienne is adamant that she is NOT suing Brandi?
I think she doesn’t want to look bad possibly. Adrienne is nice but I think she has a little something missing. She’s a very nice woman, but something is a little off. Maybe she doesn’t believe she’s really suing Brandi. Some people are like that – they don’t believe they’re doing something and talk themselves out of it. But I like Adrienne, but something is a little miffed there.

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Photo Credit: Bravo