Marisa Zanuck Has Apologized To Brandi But Blames Yolanda For Stirring The Pot!


Marisa Zanuck is taking to her Bravo Blog to set the record straight about the text message from Brandi and the confrontation involving Yolanda on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Marisa admits she was wrong in showing the text to the women and explains she called Brandi to apologize, but Marisa feels like Yolanda stirred up the situation and tried to paint her into a mean person!

Marisa writes, “As you all know, I am the first to admit when I am wrong. I am not perfect and when I make mistakes I own them. I definitely made a mistake when I read Brandi’s text message in front of some of the girls, and I regret that. I spoke with Brandi before she came to the party and admitted what I did and apologized to her. In the end, we laughed about it, she forgave me and we moved on.

Yolanda didn’t know that I had spoken with Brandi, but at the same time I didn’t know that Yolanda called Brandi to talk about me. Yolanda continued to discuss my mistake with Brandi on the way to the party and re-ignited the issue. I must admit, I laughed at Yolanda’s rendition of how it all went down. It was hilarious because Yolanda had all of these distorted facial expressions when mimicking me and spoke with a very exaggerated intonation that reminded me of Cruella de Vil, not me at all. Yolanda was trying to be a good friend to Brandi, even if it meant throwing me under the bus for a mistake that I made. Lesson learned, it won’t happen again and I am truly and deeply sorry.

It is a bit upsetting because when I watched the episode I noticed that Yolanda is the one that said Brandi flirts with all the guys. Rewind your DVRs or watch the clip online. I am not the kind of person that would call Brandi and start shit between her and the other women. Did I call Brandi to apologize for what I did wrong? Yes. Did I call Brandi and tell her that Yolanda said she flirts with all the guys? No. Did Yolanda start off the season by telling everyone that Brandi has slept with all of the men in Beverly Hills? Yes.

Despite my mistake, I thought Yolanda and I were on the same page. When she said Brandi is not the type of girl who sleeps with married men, I agreed with her 100 percent and that is on camera. You will notice that Yolanda is doing most of the talking during the confrontation and half the things she said simply were not true. Brandi and I were just about to hug and make up and then Yolanda piped in to stop it.

According to Yolanda, I held up the text and screamed, “Look at the text Brandi sent! How dare she?” LOL! I am glad this is on film because I was smiling when I was reading the text, though I give Yolanda an A for effort in her attempt to frame me as a nasty bitch.

I love Brandi and we got past this a long time ago. In fact, we just hung out a few weeks ago and have built a really good friendship since shooting. I have learned a lot from my mistakes and I have learned a lot about all of the Housewives. I am sure I will make other mistakes in my life; I am only human and a Housewife. Just because I am on TV doesn’t mean I am perfect, it means that I have thousands of people reminding me when I am not.”

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6 Replies to “Marisa Zanuck Has Apologized To Brandi But Blames Yolanda For Stirring The Pot!”

  1. Sorry girl…but the viewers know what they saw! Own it, Marisa, and it will go away faster than if you try to deflect it back onto Yolanda. Come on…you live in BH…don’t you know anything about PR?!? It’s not the crime…it’s the cover up! Next.

  2. Marisa hasn’t got the hang of this “reality TV acting”. It will be interesting “if” she remains on the “show” to look back to her “first season” and see if she’s gotten the hang of this or not. Right now, she’s all over the place. She has not cultivated her charachter enough. We shall see…… I’m sure the ladies will continue to teach her exactly what she is doing right or wrong. This “IS” a reality of reality TV.

  3. Seems to me that Marisa managed to stir the pot all on her on, and then Faye the She Devil involved herself and made the situation worse.

  4. If I see Faye on the next season of rhobh, I just don’t think I could continue to watch…..that heffer makes my skin crawl!!!

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