Mario Singer’s Text Messages To Kasey Dexter Revealed After He Reconciles With Ramona


Ramona Singer is making headlines again, and not because of her brother this time. In Touch has obtained text messages between Ramona’s husband Mario and his mistress Kasey Dexter that may have Ramona re-thinking her rumored reconciliation. The magazine reports that Kasey forwarded Ramona almost 40 text messages from Mario and that Dexter could be pregnant with his baby!

In one of the texts, Mario tells Dexter, “I’m missing your lips and eyes and laugh and…[expletive]” Another message, seemingly betrayed by Kasey, Mario confesses his love for her, “I must be the biggest idiot on the [expletive] planet to care so much about a girl like you.”

When Ramona finally allowed Mario to move home to their Manhattan home, sources reveal, “he was texting Kasey the whole time. He thinks he can have them both.”

Kasey Dexter
Kasey Dexter

Now, the insider that revealed Mario got Kasey pregnant last summer, which ended in an abortion, is revealing that Dexter could be pregnant again! Kasey and Mario spent a weekend together in Boca Raton, Flordia before he “reconciled” with Ramona. “When she and Mario were in Boca, they didn’t use condoms,” the source says. “She’s made it clear that if she’s pregnant again, she won’t get an abortion. She loves him and believes they should be together.”


Photo Credit: Bravo/Twitter/InTouch