Mario Singer And Kasey Dexter Go Public In NYC


Just days after Ramona Singer announced her split from her husband of 27 years, Mario, he was seen gallivanting around New York City with his on-again, off-again mistress Kasey Dexter. Apparently, Mario feels no need to hide his girlfriend, as they were photographed with Kasey’s hands all over Ramona’s husband.


And according to a new report, Ramona singer tried to cash in on her split!

“Ramona personally called several reporters, offering to sell the exclusive announcement about the split. She was seeking $2,500, but no one bit. Even reducing the price to $500 didn’t generate any interest,” an insider tells RadarOnline.

The source continues, “It’s just bizarre that after shutting down any discussion of Mario’s alleged cheating on the Real Housewives of New York reunion, Ramona was now willing to talk… for a price.”

Finally, last Thursday, Ramona took to Twitter to share the news.

“I have decided to move on with my life without Mario,” she wrote. “I tried my best to make my marriage work. I am excited for the new chapter in my life.”

Mario has been linked to Kasey Dexter since 2013.

“Ramona is attempting to pitch her side of the story as the victim, and wants to do a full feature with a friendly celebrity magazine,” the insider claims.

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13 Replies to “Mario Singer And Kasey Dexter Go Public In NYC”

  1. Haha@ no one interested in hearing crazy- eyes side of the story, I think we’ve heard it all.

    Maybe Andy Cohen can now get an exclusive with crazy-eyes.

  2. Hopefully Ramona had a prenup or Kasey will be spending her hard earned cash.and hopefully Mario didn’t already scamper off with a big chunk of change. He seems like the type to steal as well as cheat.

  3. These two scums deserve each other. No one would care to take their pic or write about them if it were’t for Ramona. Stupid wannabes.

  4. Is that a mike on her back? Please don’t tell me the idiots are getting a spin-off. Husband stealing should not be rewarded with attention and paparazzi.

  5. Wow Mario is trashier than I thought. And his little chippie can probably quit her job at the grocery store now. Good for her!

  6. hahhaha let that skank have him he will do the same thing to her that he has to ramona 🙂 once a cheater always a cheater. hope she enjoys ramonas sloppy seconds lol dont care much for ramona but on a level of woman to woman we should defend her honor. i was cheated on and it is not a good feeling. so to the 2 losers may the world give you all that you deserve – you will never be able to trust one another therefore you will never know true happiness just as you deserve

  7. O crap. poor ramona can’t get big bucks for her sob story.
    i will never buy a ramona-the-victim fairy tale. there’s nothing wrong with her IQ or her eyes or ears. nobody forced her to stay married to mario.
    what we do know abt her is that she’s a miserable person who delights in hurting others at any opportunity.

  8. If i remember correctly mario inherited a good business so my guess is ramona’s initial capitol for her business came from him. my point is mario probably isn’t going to rob her. if any money fighting in divorce it will be greedy ramona.
    my sympathy is with avery.

  9. I wonder what’s going to the Hampton house and the fab apartment in NYC. That apartment has
    to be worth a bunch. You don’t find those size rooms everyday and she has it decorated
    very nicely.

  10. If they rented the house in the Hampton’s out for financial reasons then there is some sort of financial issue going on here. Maybe they both wanted it so the fair thing to do at this point is rent it out. After all the dust has cleared Im sure he will be happy to find his own place and get away from Ramona for good. Avery is an adult now Im sure he worked it that way so there would be no custody issues. The New York apartment is a nice piece of property but Mona might want to get out, too many memories, or she could play the “this is our family home card” She raised her daughter there”.
    The same situation is going to happen to this Kasey girl. She is a child in maturity anyway. She thinks she has hooked this guy with a lot of money and he is going to marry her and live happily ever after. He is going to do that same thing. He will sleep with her for a while try to show everyone how happy he is without Mona and then he will move on. Kasey has many issues but at this point she see’s an older man fawning over her she cannot see what lies ahead. Open your eyes kids. Mario Grow UP.

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