Mario Singer Dumps Mistress Kasey Dexter


After his wife of 27 years, Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer filed for divorce, we have learned that Mario has dumped his young mistress, Kasey Dexter. “Mario had been seeing Kasey behind Ramona’s back for eight months and was giving her the usual line that he’d marry her after he left his wife,” an insider revealed to Star Magazine. “But after the affair blew up in public, he blindsided Kasey by cutting off all communication with her.”

According to the insider, Dexter is heartbroken. “She really does love Mario, but now he won’t give her the time of day,” the insider said.

Kasey took to Facebook to write that she needed to “blow off some steam!” And told a friend, “It’s been a sad couple of days.”

Photo Credit: Bravo





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  • Jodi

    It amazes me that these mistresses actually profess to be devastated. Kasey, how the hell is his wife supposed to feel? Karma…..

    Mario better hope she doesn’t go Glenn Close on his arse.

  • Bob

    Again, Ramona and Mario have not been married for 27 years. Please stop saying that. They celebrated their 17th anniversary on the season 3 finale of RHONY. That was probably filmed in 2009 or 2010. So they’ve probably been married like 22 years.

  • Sara

    Remember it takes two, she didn’t put a gun to his head. He obviously was an active participant so where is his share of the blame ? Its both their faults and this girl was probably feed a pack of lies along with Ramona. But it’s probably not the first time, just the first time being caught. Mario should apologize to this girl also, she too has been hurt. Be a man Mario, not a wimp. Own up to the hurt you caused both women, you wouldn’t like it if it happened to your daughter.

  • Debred

    I am so sorry for Bethany who decided to tell Luann the truth as she was supposedly a friend. The name calling and talking over other people is Lemans’ way of trying to come off as a victim and a lady! Sorry, had to stop while I get my breath back from thinking of Luman as ‘lady’ Ha Ha
    Good luck with Tom, doesn’t he have $ himself? Did Luman pay for her own engagement ring? You know she would if she felt she needed a bigger one than Tom gave her.