Mario Singer Claims RHONY Ruined His Marriage To Ramona


Mario Singer has not publicly spoken about his divorce from Ramona or his affair with Kasey Dexter. But when Mario and Ramona vacationed to St. Barth’s in June they ran into American couple, Michelle Nowell and her husband at club Le Ti St. Barth on June 19th.

Now, Nowell is speaking out about her conversation with a “miserable” Mario while Ramona downed cocktails and danced alone on the other side of the bar.

“We approached him and told him we’re fans of the show,” Nowell tells RadarOnline. After chatting about things like their hometowns and their children, Mario allegedly opened up about his martial problems. “He said it’s been really tough, and that the show ruined Ramona,” Nowell continues. “It consumed her.”

“He was very friendly, but looked totally miserable,” she explains. “He and Ramona didn’t say a word to each other all night. My husband said he could tell that Mario just wasn’t into her.”

And according to Michelle, Ramona ignored Mario all night.

“She was dancing by herself and running up to the owner trying to get special treatment,” Nowell says. “The thing is, nobody there knew who she was!”

Earlier that day, Nowell spotted Ramona and Mario dining at lounge Nikki Beach.

“They didn’t exchange a single word the entire time,” she says. “They were just so miserable together.”

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9 Replies to “Mario Singer Claims RHONY Ruined His Marriage To Ramona”

  1. Funny how some of the women on these shows think they are A-list celebs and the fame gets to their head. Not so much… some of them are so delusional it’s hard to watch. Reality check!

  2. This ostrich kept her head buried deep in the pit of denial regarding her marriage until the very end. It’s almost impossible to feel sorry for her when she was always so cruel towards her fellow cast mates. Besides didn’t a witch tell her that Mario was cheating on her years ago, during one of their trips? I’m sure she knew something was amidst.

  3. Your right @Starzdaze I completely forgot about that , yes a psychic did tell her that Mario was and will be cheating and need to let him go, they should have replayed that back at the reunion, you could tell that Ramona knew, it was obvious.

  4. To me, Mario always had that sneaky cheater glint in his eye. I think he catted out on Ramona long before this latest ‘flavor of the month’ chickie. I think she really believed for a few seasons anyway that they did have a great marriage, but a happy husband or happy wife never cheats, so apparently they were not as happy as she thought. I feel for Avery.

  5. I think romona has cheated on Mario too. She isn’t miss innocent. I have had enough of aviva and her dad. Makes me sick. I just wonder if louan did do something with Harry? Sonja and romona may have something going on. I just can’t blame Mario for anything.

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