Margaret Josephs On Her Feud with Siggy Flicker and Andy Cohen Taking Her Side in Anti-Semi Allegation

RHONJ star Margaret Josephs is opening up about her relationship with Siggy Flicker over this past season of the show.

In a new interview, Josephs was asked if she had spoken to Flicker since the reunion taping.

“Umm, who?” Josephs replied. “I think she was desperate to discredit me but she’s never ran a business or had a career so she knows nothing of the real world and business.”

The Marge continued, “She’s never ran a business, had a business. She’s not a licensed professional, nor has she ever had a business, so I could never expect her to understand anything regarding business. I have nothing to hide.”

The two also feuded over an anti-semi accusation, and Margaret was happy that Andy Cohen took her side.

Andy shared that he even spoke to his parents about the issue and addressed Siggy’s allegation. Andy said, “Siggy, I got to tell you something. I am so on the other side of this, and I’m not taking away from your feelings. But as a Jew, and I discussed it as you asked me to when we spoke about this yesterday. I called my parents, they were not offended.”

“I love that Andy took my side considering he normally doesn’t get in the middle of any housewives drama. He stays impartial,” the Bravo star told US Weekly. ‘I felt great that he came to my defense. I felt validated. He did what he thought was right.” 

This year, Margaret also had issues with Siggy’s BFF, Dolores Catania. “I was very upset the way she treated Danielle [Staub],” Josephs said about Catania. “I was devastated, I would never treat anyone that way. I haven’t spoken to Dolores, but I’m hoping we can seek and work out our differences now that Siggy — the unmentionable — is out of the picture.”

She added, “I don’t have any regrets. I usually regret what I haven’t done, not what I’ve done.  think it’s quite clear who came out on top … and it certainly wasn’t the cake.”

Marge also commented on the rumors of Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita returning to the show. “I don’t know them,” Josephs said about Manzo and Laurita. “I’m sure they are lovely, but I hope we get someone new and spunky. New is always fun.” 

Thoughts on what Margaret had to say?


11 Replies to “Margaret Josephs On Her Feud with Siggy Flicker and Andy Cohen Taking Her Side in Anti-Semi Allegation”

  1. Anybody else get the sense that The Marge thinks she’s running the show with one season under her belt? She’d better watch herself. I love her, but she’s taking liberties, IMO, but her sophomore season will tell the tale.

    1. Keep in mind, they can write a story and give it any tone they want; we’re only seeing Margaret’s responses to the interviewer’s questions. For example, the interviewer could ask “If you were on a ship and could only save Dolores or Siggy from drowning, which one would you save?”. If Margaret says “Dolores”, then they could write Margaret says she wouldn’t save Siggy if she were drowning.

  2. Siggy needs to talk to someone professionally. Sometimes being a drama queen proves there is more going on with her then we see. However, being
    rude to Andy was uncalled for. It’s best she leaves and perhaps the NJ cast think about closing the series. Bringing back former cast mates appears as the they are looking for a life preserver to stay a float.

  3. Hasn’t Jac been fired twice on RHONJ? If she comes back Teresa should sit Jacqueline down and discuss Chris Laurita’s bankruptcy fraud conviction in front of the cameras. Just like what Jacqueline and Caroline did to Teresa a few seasons back while they were all sitting outside and Jac was ranting and raving waving tabloid magazines around. My guess is if Jac does come back she will say she doesn’t want their court matters discussed on tv.

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