Margaret Josephs Defends Herself Over Anti-Semi Accusation

Last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was explosive, as Siggy Flicker accused newcomer Margaret Josephs of being anti-semitic. Last week, Marge appeared on The Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM and spoke out about the accusation.

Jenny asked Marge why Siggy has so much anger towards her and Marge revealed she was never that close with Siggy before the show.

“It’s very high school, and it’s appalling,” Margaret told Jenny. “Our mutual friend, Jodie Goldberg, had introduced me to Siggy. And we were really just friendly acquaintances. So her idea of ‘rolling out the red carpet’ for me and introducing me to her friends? We never braided each other’s hair. We never cuddled up!”

Margaret also spoke about the Hitler comment. Margaret says she was trying to make an analogy between Kim DePaola being a bad person, despite whether she’s nice to “some people” in their group. This analogy quickly escalated into the accusations of Margaret being anti-Semitic, an accusation Marge thinks is way out of line.

“I made an extreme analogy,” Marge explained, “She could have said it was in poor taste… I mean, how do you describe someone being evil if you cannot reference an evil person?”

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m Jewish,” Josephs continued. “I raised a Jewish family, I belong to a temple, I celebrate Jewish holidays – and Christian holidays. So, I was very taken aback.”

Now, Margaret is totally done with Siggy, saying this is “character assassination and a slanderous thing to say. It’s disgusting, and even Dolores [Catania] had to say that this has gone too far. I can see why she [Siggy] is friends with Kim D. That’s all I can say.”

And it doesn’t seem likely these two will make amends. “When you pull a stunt like that, I can’t. I’m done. You will see later in the season that I think an apology was forced out of her. I think none of her apologies are genuine – or maybe as genuine as her extensions and eye shadow.”

Whose side are you on in this debacle?

Thank you to RealityTea for the transcript of this interview.

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9 Replies to “Margaret Josephs Defends Herself Over Anti-Semi Accusation”

  1. Marge was 100% out of line. She could have inserted any number of evil names in her “analogy” but she chose Hitler. She seems to know exactly what she was doing and how it was going to be received. She’s either very ignorant or very mean. I suspect both.

  2. I completely agree with Margaret! Siggy’s a nut anyway.

    My Jewish friends AND Jewish SISTER were not the least bit offended. Siggy is just trying to stir up fake drama.

  3. Team Siggy all the way!! NoGoMarge is so crass and in my opinion, not a nice person at all. Plus, who talks with their 70+ year old mother about men and sex the way she does and no, I am not a prude!! I just don’t think you should try to be hip and cool just because the cameras are rolling! Especially, when NoGoMarge is anything but hip and cool!

  4. I am Team Marge. Siggy is out of control this season, even if, as she claims, she was edited to be the villain. She said it — how do you call someone anti-Semitic for referencing Hitler. She needs to get over herself. She’s not the most important person in a room and her feelings don’t come before anyone else’s. I’m with Margaret – I’m done with Siggy.

  5. Siggy expected Marge to be led by her nose when she came on the show. Just because Sig brought her on through a mutual friend does not make her her guru to show her the ropes. I believe Siggy didn’t expect a strong independent woman of Marges nature and capable of taking her own reigns and plowing her own way. I think Siggy fast learned Marge was a spitfire in her own right and hoped to have her as a power member for team Sig & Doris. And Sig ever since has been having a freaking school girl meltdown over it. What a petty little child this woman has shown herself to be, I almost feel sorry for her.

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