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Caroline Manzo Opens Up About Struggle With Weight and Eating Healthy

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo is getting candid about her weight and the struggles of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Manzo opened up about the topic on Instagram. “What you put in your body counts. Exactly One year ago today I was down 30+ pounds by exercising

Manzo’d With Children Ends After Three Seasons

After three seasons, we can confirm that former RHONJ star Caroline Manzo’s spin-off show Manzo’d With Children has come to an end. This comes as a surprise to most, as Caroline’s daughter Lauren just gave birth to her first child, Marchesa, earlier this month. Caroline took to Instagram to announce

Caroline Manzo Reacts To Teresa Giudice’s Allegations She Tipped Off the IRS

Caroline Manzo is no longer part of the cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, but her name was mentioned during part one of the reunion. Teresa Giudice dropped a major bomb when she accused Caroline and Jacqueline Laurita of setting her up and calling the IRS, which would

Lauren Manzo Scalia Is Having a Baby Girl

Lauren Manzo Scalia, daughter of Caroline Manzo, is confirming that she and her husband Vito are expecting a baby girl. “I’m due February 26, so there’s only 28 days in February and it’s a first pregnancy,” she told The Daily Dish. “So I’m kind of saying it’s going to be

Is Chris Manzo Moving Out Of New Jersey?

In the trailer for this season of Manzo’d, we see Chris Manzo contemplating leaving New Jersey to further his career as an author, and at a recent event, the Daily Dish caught up with Chris to see if he is serious about leaving the state where is family lives. “Yeah,

Caroline Manzo Gushes Over Becoming a Grandma

Caroline Manzo is reacting to the news that she is going to be a grandma for the first time! That’s right, her daughter Lauren just announced the news that she is pregnant with her first child. So does Caroline think her daughter is ready? “You’re never ready to be a

Lauren Manzo Scalia Pregnant With Her First Baby

Lauren Manzo Scalia has confirmed to the Daily Dish that she and husband Vito Scalia are expecting their first child together. “We’re both very excited about it,” Lauren told shared. “It kind of happened when we really least expected it. And everything kind of happened at the same time. The

Caroline Manzo Opens Up About Breast Cancer Scare

In the trailer for this season of Manzo’d With Children, we see a heartbreaking moment where Caroline Manzo finds a painful lump in her breast and has to tell her family the news. In April, the matriarch of the Manzo family was also dealing with a broken foot at the

Siggy Flicker and Caroline Manzo Talk RHONJ on WWHL

Caroline Manzo and Siggy Flicker appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night and the two dished on each of their respective shows with Andy Cohen. The poll question of the night was asking viewers whose side they were on between Teresa Giudice or her cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie

Caroline Manzo Reveals How Her Children Have Changed

Caroline Manzo and her family are officially back for their third season of Manzo’d With Children and Caroline is revealing she thinks it’s time to change the name of their show. “I think it’s a lot of milestones this year, a lot of turning points in everybody’s lives and a

Caroline Manzo Reveals Her Relationship With Her Sister Dina Is Over

Caroline Manzo appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week and made a shocking revelation that no one was expecting, not even host Andy Cohen. She shared that her relationship with her sister Dina Manzo “is over.” Andy mentioned during the show that Dina Manzo tweeted in and had a

Albie Manzo Addresses Mom Caroline’s Breast Cancer Scare

In the upcoming season of Manzo’d With Children, Caroline Manzo reveals those dreadful words, “I found a lump.” Now, her oldest son, Albie, is setting the record straight about his mom’s breast cancer scare. “Mom’s fine,” he reveals. “That was a really, really weird moment for us. I think we

Caroline Manzo Slams Teresa Giudice

In this sneak peek of tonight’s Manzo’d With Children, Caroline Manzo throws major shade at her former friend and RHONJ co-star Teresa Giudice. During the premiere, the matriarch and her family embark on an adventurous evening to an abandoned jail. The tour guide tells the group, “You’re going to be

Caroline Manzo Shares Her Thoughts On Jacqueline and Teresa’s Friendship

Caroline Manzo may no longer appear on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, but she previously told the Daily Dish that she watches the show “in spurts,” and of course, she supports her sister-in-law, Jacqueline Laurita, who returned to the show this season. So what does Manzo think of Jacqueline’s

Has Caroline Manzo Talked to Teresa Giudice Lately?

The last we saw Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo in the same room, they weren’t on friendly terms, but how are they now? Caroline Manzo is revealing the two haven’t spoken in awhile and they are just fine with things the way they are. “We could all sugarcoat it as

Caroline Manzo’s Husband Albert Owes More Money

According to a new report, Albert Manzo, husband of Caroline, owes Frank and Son Dynamic Elevator Services Inc. $6,132, because a case against the Brownstone House defaulted on July 25, 2016. A clerk from the Superior Count Special Civil Part in Passaic County, New Jersey confirmed that the elevator company

The Brownstone in Financial Trouble? Caroline Manzo’s Husband in Debt

The Brownstone which has been featured on the Real Housewives of New Jersey that is owned by Caroline Manzo’s husband Albert, is in financial trouble, according to a new report. A New Jersey state judiciary clerk confirmed that Albert owes $208,012.77 in state taxes from 2015. The Brownstone House Inc.

Would Caroline Manzo Return to RHONJ?

With the new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey underway, fans are thinking back to previous seasons and wondering about the Manzos, especially the fiery red-headed matriarch of the family, Caroline Manzo, who quit the show after season five. So would Caroline ever return to the show? During

Has Caroline Manzo Spoken to Teresa Giudice?

Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice used to be great friends… until they filmed seasons 4-5 of the show… so has Caroline talked to Teresa since she has been released from prison? No, Caroline tells US Weekly she hasn’t had contact with Teresa in over a

Chris Manzo’s Childrens Book Is Up For Pre-Order

On last night’s Manzo’d With Children, we got to see Caroline Manzo’s younger son Christopher reveal his new business venture- he’s writing a children’s book! In the episode we got to see Christopher do some research (even get kicked out of the children’s section), read a bit of his book

Lauren Manzo’s Cafface Beauty Bar To Open Second Location

Being a wife, TV personality on Manzo’d With Children, and managing a business can be a lot to handle for most but for Lauren Manzo Scalia things will be getting even busier! It was announced last week via social media that Lauren will be opening another location for Cafface Beauty

Caroline Manzo Explains Her Decision To Let Lauren’s Fiancè Vito Move In

Caroline Manzo is taking to her blog to dish about this week’s episode of Manzo’d With Children. During Sunday’s episode Caroline’s children wanted to give their mom a special Mother’s Day gift by recreating photos of themselves when they were children. Another big twist? Lauren’s fiancè Vito moved into the Manzo’s

Caroline Manzo Talks RHONJ, Dina Manzo And Teresa Giudice On WWHL

Caroline Manzo appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night after season 2 of her show Manzo’d with Children premiered on Sunday. She answered viewer questions and caught up with Andy Cohen. First, Andy showed a clip from the show where Caroline revealed that she has made up with her