Manzo’d With Children Season 2 Preview


The Manzo family is back for another season of their Bravo spin-off show, Manzo’d With Children. This year brings change for Caroline’s children. Lauren Manzo will marry Vito Scalia, but Caroline admits that her husband Albert is in denial that his little girl is growing up.

Chris and Albie do not live together anymore. Albie is living back at home while he explores a new business venture in the “organic plant growth industry,” while Chris is all about his new apartment in Hoboken.

Watch the preview below.

Season 2 of Manzo’d premieres on Bravo Sunday, August 16 at 10:30p.m. ET/PT

Photo Credit: Bravo


6 Replies to “Manzo’d With Children Season 2 Preview”

    1. Just to add to my first comment it is obviously part scripted, more so than any other reality programme!! This to me makes it a no no as its not real!!!

  1. This is my favorite show, Bravo. I laugh, I cry, I laugh until I cry…and nobody flips a table. Love the Manzo’s…and I can’t wait to see Lauren’s wedding and my boyfriend (Albert) walk her down the aisle.

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