Manzo’d With Children Season 3 Trailer


Season three of Manzo’d with Children is back and Bravo has just released the trailer. In the new season, the Manzo kids are facing adulthood. After getting married last season, Lauren and Vito will find out where they’re going to make their home and when they’ll be able to start a family.

Albie is already living on his own in an apartment in Hoboken, where he’ll be working on his goals before his impending 30th birthday. His younger brother Chris is hoping to do the same now that he’s got a career as an author. But, that might mean he’ll be saying goodbye to New Jersey in the future.

Now that Caroline’s kids are focusing on themselves, she will has goals for herself which includes working on a talk show, but will a health scare ruin her plans?

The season three premiere is Sunday, September 11th.

Watch the trailer below!

Will you be watching Manzo’d this year?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I love the short haircut..

Wait… WHAT? Albie is 30 years old and “working on his goals.” What does this mean? Her kids are really pampered prima-donna’s.

30 years old and “facing adulthood”? Really? All three of them have been adults for some time now. Too bad they don’t act the part. Good thing Mommy & Daddy have a ton of money!

Seriously I didn’t even know this show was on past the first season… Guess people watch it. Nothing entertaining to me about adult children that have their parents support them. No interest

I like the Manzos. Do t know them personally, but it looks like a family that is close and loves each other.

On the dark side, wife has turned the other cheek or holding her husband’s balls in her hand cause of his mistress; all three kids are spoiled rotten and agree too pampered–facing adulthood? Aren’t they already adults and have been for some time?

I didn’t even know this was still going! We don’t get it in UK but if we did I wouldn’t waste my time watching Caroline. Never have liked her!

I didn’t know it was still on either. This whole family is such a bore. Be glad to don’t have it in the UK. 🙂

I sure am! I avoid ATL and OC so would do same but I would sooner have a tooth extracted without pain killers than watch this show! Xxxooo

Oh sweet SusieQ you get the LOL AWARD today. Love you

Sorry Bee I know you like Caroline ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I like the show more so because I like Caroline and was sad when she left HWONJ.

One Rotten Egg….an affair? Who? What? When?

Affair was mentioned about Albert having mistress on RHNJ several times. Then was addressed on Manzo’d show, but Carolyn simply stated she refused to talk about it and was no one’s business.

Mistress name was even mentioned but was completely cut out andcarolyn went ballistic during some charity event on a NJ episode. They cut entire scene out but later showed it in the “lost footage”…this was the last season she was on RHNJ.

Article about this in allthingsrh back in 2014

Just google dearie……Albert manzo affair or mistress…..her name is Jill

Okay it’s official….I live under a rock! Wow….did not know all this about Albert nor that Caroline made a comment that after 32 years of marriage, it would be foolish to think he was faithful……all I can say is wow. I remember that scene where Albert bit her head off quite viciously which was really nasty and now the whole cheating thing upsets me. I’m in a 35+ year marriage so I feel I can relate somewhat with Caroline and her family closeness is not too dissimilar to mine. I’ve been disillusioned!

I am so surprised. Albert never struck me as the type at all. Sorry to hear that. Caroline & her daughter were both never favourites of mine though.

LOL Suze….

Are you back home or still in my country?

Just flew back to Londin a few hours ago. Here just overnight then back home to MIA in the midday. It’s been really nice. We loved the weather and are not looking forward to the blanket of heat and humidity. Inverness is really lovely even with all the damnded tourists.

I’m so pleased you had a good time! I love my country even the tourists! Xoxoxox

I’d so love to visit your country and visit my dear Suze. We have old friends there too I’d love to see. Love you Miss Suze xoxoxo ♥♥♥

I am Not a fan of this family at all they are just annoying..and Caroline , her daughter ,and her sons are way too much for me
Caroline acts like she is Above Everyone else like she is the Mob Queen of New Jersey..

Caroline must know all of Andy’s dirty little secrets, otherwise this show wouldn’t have lasted one season, let alone three.

This is a late post, but I just watched the preview, and Caroline finding a lump in her breast was heartwrenching. I do hope she is well. I do watch the show, and I know the adult children are spoiled. I still like to see some family TV at times, and dome of the very wealthy do spoil their kids a bit much. I have seen it. Honestly, Chris is the most fun to watch, and if he leaves, it will not be the same. I do love the family bond. I don’t love Caroline or Albert, but I have… Read more »

I really hate the dyke haircut. Is Caroline trying to look dowdy?

PS I so hope she’s okay with the lump thingy. Its awful.

Christopher Manzo is so nice. He’s funny and always makes me laugh! 🙂