Manzo’d With Children Ends After Three Seasons

After three seasons, we can confirm that former RHONJ star Caroline Manzo’s spin-off show Manzo’d With Children has come to an end. This comes as a surprise to most, as Caroline’s daughter Lauren just gave birth to her first child, Marchesa, earlier this month.

Caroline took to Instagram to announce the news. “After three Seasons of Manzo’d we out – Markie drops 🎤 – we are forever grateful to our viewers, we love you all! ❤#threefingersup #manzod #manzodwithmorechildren”

It is unclear if the show was cancelled or not. Stay with us for the latest.

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12 Replies to “Manzo’d With Children Ends After Three Seasons”

  1. Beautiful baby.

    I’m guessing Bravo cancelled show. Manzos know this is easy good money. I think Bravo overestimated the “Popularity” of this family when creating the show initially. More people than not were slamming the Manzos.

    (I personally liked Caroline and can’t figure out why she was “villanfied” during her last season of RHNJ by the Trehuggers. They didn’t like the truth exposed, I’m guessing. Either way, Teresa has paid her debts and continues to make money for her family and live an over-the-top lifestyle.

    1. Ya see….I too liked Caroline. I didn’t when she first came on the scene (I thought she was too maffia like and controlling) but my kids were shocked since they said I was her. DAMN! Mirror Mirror……..anyway, I grew to like and understand her (did I have a choice?) but I did think the show didn’t carry enough interest so I’m not totally surprised. Though I would have liked to have seen the interactions of the new babe…..Chris was very funny as usual.

  2. I am not surprised. I did watch the Manzos, since I always thought Chris Manzo was hilarious. It was not a super exciting show, yet it focused on family values and being a close knit family. It was not over the top crazy, and I liked that it wasn’t, but I believe it had nowhere else to go after three seasons. Family vacations with children in their 30s (Albie) is not what a lot of people want to see.
    I wish them well.

      1. I know about that. I know about Al’s father. I know the family is far from perfect too. Dwelling on the mistress is not what this show was about. It was about how even though it was not perfect, the children and their parents held it together at home. Maybe Mrs. Manzo turned a blind eye for a very long time, but she held her children close, very close, and she is a proud mother, thought not perfect and I am not saying she is either.
        I also know of more than one family where the hubby strayed, and yet they are still together. I am not here to judge them. I am not condoning it either. It is about the show ending. I wish all the best to Lauren and Vito. I know their grandmoms are happy…being the first grandchild and seeing them in Italy looking at the baby clothes in that episode…

  3. I love this show…but I know many didn’t. It kinda felt like a new perspective on the old sitcoms…like maybe Ozzie and Harriet. Nothing earth shattering happened each week, but I laughed out loud every single episode, and I really like these people….all of them.
    That said, I am glad they are moving on. I will miss them, but so much of social media is just cruel (Albie is gay, both boys are useless, Al has a mistress he hides in the upstairs apartment over the Brownstone, Lauren is fat…and a bitch, Caroline is fat…and ugly…and a bitch, they owe millions in back taxes….yadayadayada) and I hated to see them have to deal with all the nameless, faceless criticism out here.
    Markie is beautiful…Go forth Manzos….and be happy….

  4. Well, I stopped watching this family years ago, so if they stay on T.V it makes no difference to me. But what will the children do now? lol

  5. Albie never came out….in a few years he might, and have his own show…My Big Fat Italian Gay Wedding..

  6. Just so long as the Manzo’s don’t come back to RHONJ…I could barely tolerate having to FF thru their barely there storylines and I rejoiced when they got their own show that I made a point never to watch, so please DO NOT bring the Manzo’s (except Dina) back to RHONJ

  7. I am not surprised this show was axed. This family are the most boring indulged bunch of people ever. The kids have achieved nothing. The marriage was far from perfect in spite of Caroline’s constant bragging about her wonderful family. Lauren seemed OK but what happened to her beauty salon? She married a very obese man and she could lose some weight too. The boys seemed to have tried a number of ideas all of which have failed. Basically poor old Albie has to support the lot of them and his mistress, no wonder he works all hours day and night. Not the most pleasant people – all a bit dim, Caroline maintaining her usual arrogance at the same time being deceived by her fantastic husband whilst bragging about their perfect marriage – sad but true!

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