Manzo Family To Film Pilot For Spin-Off Show, Manzo’d With Children


Caroline Manzo and her family will begin filming a pilot for Bravo for their spin-off show, Manzo’d With Children. RealityTea reports the synopsis of the show as; “It’s one crowded house filled with personality, laughter and ham… in both pig and honey-baked forms.” The show will follow Caroline, the “ringleader of the crazy circus that is her Italian family.”

Caroline’s sister Fran will also be featured on the show, because she is currently living in the Manzo’s Franklin Lakes home. If Bravo green lights the show after they’ve seen the pilot, the Manzo’s will officially have their own series on the network. Will you watch?

Photo Credit: Bravo


5 Replies to “Manzo Family To Film Pilot For Spin-Off Show, Manzo’d With Children”

  1. I might watch. Wish dear Caroline would do something with that hair of hers. I like her husband and her children but I think some of her siblings are weird.

  2. Hell no I won’t watch it. Sick of Caroline and her lazy ass kids. The one needs to just come out of the closet. Lauren is disgusting and “kwiss-toe-fur” with his mommy issues is creepy. Caroline always blowing up evrybody elses family drama but nobody is allowed to speak about hers. Andy must have her as a favored housewife because editing on her is sweet. Caroline will probably try to rip off Duck Dynasty plots and add some jesus moments with a NOW family routine of prayers at meals with Caroline preaching it. No thanks.

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